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Wednesday 7 September 2022

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Wednesday 7 September

Wednesday 7th September

THE MATCH ENDS WITH A HEART STOPPING FINALE As James puts the Rovers team through their paces, Dev gives a pre-match pep talk. But when Tim misconstrues his words and thinks Dev’s making a dig at his impotence, he accuses Peter of betraying his confidence and storms out. With little choice, James agrees to step in. As they set off,  Aggie spots a glum Tim and invites him for a brew. As Tim opens up to Aggie, the match kicks off. The Flying Horse take the lead but with only minutes remaining, James gives the game his all, putting the Rovers in front, but suddenly he collapses. Ed rushes across the pitch frantically calling an ambulance as Michael performs CPR on James. 

CARLA FEARS GRIFF IS BAD NEWS Carla’s unimpressed to see Griff chatting to Toyah. Griff lies and asserts that he wasn’t the one who threw the bottle and he doesn’t condone that sort of behaviour. Carla’s further worried when she finds Griff lecturing Peter about his conspiracy theory on big pharma companies. But when Carla makes it clear that she disapproves of him fraternising with Griff.

STEPHEN PREPARES TO BREAK AUDREY’S TRUST Stephen lets himself into No.8 and taking out the trust fund papers, practises Audrey’s signature. Suddenly Audrey appears, has she caught Stephen in the act? 

ELSEWHERE At Hope’s suggestion, Sam makes out he loves gaming and invites Jack and Liam round after school. But as the kids embark on a football computer game, Sam remarks that it’s pointless as it requires no skill or strategy, Liam and Jack look at him in disbelief. As Sam does his best to make conversation with Jack and Liam, it’s clear he finds it difficult and when they quiz him about the letters he writes, Sam’s quick to change the subject. Brian, Wendy and Mary discover they all have parts in the am dram production, whilst Ken and Evelyn failed to make the grade.

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Bobby Dazzler said...

I'd like to see a bit of the old "Cruella de Ville" in Carla again....she'd have eaten Griff for breakfast. Toyah is just annoying as hell, Spider is a ne'er do well and always has been...hasbeen..get it? Grow up eco-warrior

coconno196 said...

Tim is an idiot. All these months he never told his best friend Steve about his "problem" yet tells Peter who he barely knows. Then flies off the handle assuming Peter has blabbed to Dev. All contrived so he could talk to Aggie and make her miss James' collapse.

Sharon boothroyd said...

I reckon Spider is an undercover copper.
Toyah is, and always will be, very annoying. I don't think brining her back was a great success, as they don't seem to know what to do with her.
I hope she and Spider run off together!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Under cover copper........ Spider hates the police and everything to do with the establishment. Please explain your theory

Sharon boothroyd said...

If Spider hates the establishment, why is this eco warrior and free spirit married? Surely he'd hate any kind of legal tie to another person?
That doesn't make sense.
I read that in possible spoiler that Toyah confesses to murder to Spider, but that he isn't the right person to confess to... at the factory demo, he didn't seem that opposed to the police and why was he just given a caution?
He's matured, seen the light and got a proper job.
He's been placed there to try and stop dangerous rebels such as Griff. Why has Spider warned Toyah not get more involved? There must be a reason.
If he was a genuine eco warrior, he'd be encouraging her and pleased to find a new, dedicated recruit.
But he's not pleased at all about Toyah's interest - so why is that?

Anonymous said...

Because he cares for Toyah, possibly loves her, and he doesn't want to make a bad situation even worse for her. I agree with anon 22.21, I really don't think he's an undercover cop. Surely he's got a criminal record anyway?

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): Surely Spider could just have an ordinary life on the side, regular job, wife etc. Doesn't need to be a cop or a ne'er do well slacker who has never grown up. A lot of activists have day jobs like everyone else!

I don't find Toyah in her new activist role very convincing either. She's better as the crazed mother. The one thing I like about the activist plot line is how well Peter is being pulled into it, very convincing...The storyline with the arrogant surgeon set up his new radical sensitivities quite nicely! I forsee a lot of new problems between Peter and Carla; and perhaps a rekindling of his relationship with Toyah.

Bobby Dazzler said...

Sharon!! Genius, I think you may be right. I think he's meant to infiltrate Griff's "group"....he's probably going to turn out to be a good guy. We all grow up don't we. Very convincing theory

Sharon boothroyd said...

Ah yes. All I'll say is, I rest my case...


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