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Tuesday 27 September 2022

Stephen Reid - the new Richard Hillman of Coronation Street

Well, I never saw Leo's death coming (and I get the spoilers weeks in advance from ITV!). Well played, ITV for keeping it quiet.  In fact, I was nodding off on the sofa while watching Coronation Street last night and when I opened my eyes, I saw Stephen killing off wet-lettuce Leo and snapped back into wide-awake mode. I loved it. Leo's gone, so that's a plus and Stephen's turned interesting so it's win-win all around. 

It's like having Richard Hillman back all over again. 

As our blogger Merseytart said in this week's Five Things, he likened Stephen Reid to serial killer Richard Hillman - who was in turns, part scary, part hilarious...."You know who else had a meddling ex-wife who turned up at an inopportune moment to demand money?  You know who else started telling people that Audrey was confused and possibly had dementia as a way of concealing his shifty property shenanigans?  Let's keep an eye out for any purchases of black leather gloves, and encourage Maria to start wearing a crash helmet at all times in case Stephen decides to kill a local hairdresser.

This Coronation Street fan waits with bated breath to see what Stephen's next move is. If I was his ex-wife Gabrielle, I'd be on the first tram out of Weatherfield NOW.

And if you'd like to remind yourself of Richard Hillman's reign of terror in Coronation Street, it's all here in this little book with a foreword from Brian Capron, who played Richard.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I am excited too. I believe it must be 21st anniversary since Richard first terrorised Weatherfield. I am looking forward to see his story unfolding in the coming winter months.

My prediction is that he will kill off Gabrielle, one of the factory staff, and someone who is a long serving character. Toyah, perhaps.

Charles said...

Unfortunately Todd Boyce leaked this twist in an interview several weeks ago, so it wasn't exactly surprising for me.

He also indicated that Stephen may kill again, which I can't say I'm looking forward to. We really don't need a new serial killer every couple of years, this isn't Hollyoaks. Richard Hillman worked because it was unusual, seeing a seemingly normal man driven to murder. Another serial killer in the same family just seems like lazy writing.

coconno196 said...

Spoiler alert! My own fault for reading blog before watching last night's episode. Certainly an unexpected way of keeping Jenny at the Rover's.

Anonymous said...

Im glad its not just me thinking steven is the new hillman. His type generally bump off guest characters or minor characters at first before moving onto someone else who either wants to leave or the producers wanr shot of. Lets hope steven is not on screen as long we richard who was played by a far better actor and was a more likeable character, his motivation was more for his family than money

Jeanie said...

Jeanie: I think the story is being set up so that he draws Max into things, as an unwitting accomplice. We already see that being set up with David's lack of support for Max's bullying ordeal and also the way Stephen and Max bonded over the website. One more Hillman parallel to add-a traumatized young Platt! And of course Sarah will be pulled into it, just as Gail was with Hillman. Carla will be the ultimate target.....but of course she will escape (too bad in my opinion)

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see how the storyline unfolds ,especially Audrey's and Gail's reaction once the truth comes out about Stephen.
I don't think Stephen will kill Toyah but more likely Carla to enable his niece Sarah to take over the factory.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I wondered why Leo had suddenly reappeared and obviously he was a plot device in Stephen's story. It means Jenny stays which is a good thing, it gets rid of boring Leo which is another good thing. I don't agree it makes Stephen interesting. It might work in the scriptwriters' room but the actor has to make it come to life and I find him very dreary. What next? Stephen might try his charms on Jenny again to stop her asking awkward questions about Leo. Then the body will be found and there will another false conviction. Shona has to leave the Street for a while as the actress is pregnant so I wonder if her exit story is linked in some way. She could go to prison until the real murderer is revealed. I hope they don't kill her off.

Anonymous said...

I really don't remember any scenes between Leo and Shona, so I can't see how she could be accused, even wrongly, of Leo's murder

C in Canada said...

What did Stephen do with the body??


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