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Friday 2 September 2022

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Friday 2 September 2022

Friday 2nd September 2022

JENNY REBOUNDS AT THE WORST POSSIBLE TIME As Jenny assures Rita it was fun while it lasted but she’ll get over Leo, Rita’s not taken in by her bravado. Meanwhile, Stephen and Sarah pour over their business plan. When Sarah reveals that Jenny is the sole owner of the pub, Stephen’s interest is piqued. Stephen turns on the charm and flirts with Jenny. A tipsy Jenny invites Stephen through to the back and handing him a drink, kisses him passionately. Having had a talking to from Rita and Gemma, Leo returns holding an engagement ring. But as Gemma heads through to the back room with Leo will they find Jenny and Stephen in a clinch? 

CARLA REJECTS TOYAH’S WARNING Toyah warns Carla that by doing business with Nadeem, she could damage her reputation. When Carla reveals it’s too late, the deal is done, Sarah’s furious to realise she’s been left out of the loop again. Toyah meets up with Spider and Griff and confirms she’d like to play a part when they ambush Nadeem. But Toyah’s shocked when Spider tells her to back off. 

WENDY GIVES KEN A SECOND CHANCE When Ken spots Wendy in the cafe, he invites her to see a musical with him but she gives him the cold shoulder leaving Ken bemused. As Wendy goes to settle up, she’s annoyed when Ken steps in and pays her bill. Ken assures her that he simply wants to be friends as he enjoyed her company the other evening and suggests they go for a drink. Will Wendy agree? 

ELSEWHERE A proud Nick wishes Sam luck for his first day at high school. Back home Hope watches Sam slip a letter in the postbox. What is he up to? Mary does her best to drum up interest in her am dram production.

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coconno196 said...

Actually, it should be "Stephen and Sarah pore over their business plan"!
Boring Leo proposing to Jenny is pointless. They still have nothing in common.

Anonymous said...

Please not boring, creepy Stephen and Jenny! She can do so much better.

Sharon boothroyd said...

I expect we're going to be treated to an Am dram panto this Xmas, instead of a nativity play in a school - hence Mary's recruitment drive.
I'm getting fed up Sarah's and Uncle Stephen's chats, either in The Rovers or at The bistro. Surely there's only so much they can plan and scheme?
Surely Stephen would have better things to do?
Leo working for Ed was silly when he's already got Daniel and Paul.
What happened to the houses plan, motivated by Ronnie? Why hasn't the house The Baileys let to Grace been given to Michael and the baby?
I don't think Jenny will go to Canada - or if she does, it'll be 3 month break and then she'll back after a split.
Sam is probably writing to his grandparents- Natasha's parents.
Jobs spare -Izzy's and Toyah's replacements at the factory, Adam needs a new legal partner and Audrey will need staff for her salon.
Roy is over- run with staff - Alex, Shona (Who is quite clearly pregnant) Nina and Bernie!


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