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Thursday, 14 July 2022

Coronation Street Episode Review;Wednesday 13th of July 8 pm

Would it be even a Wednesday without a Platt family meal? It would appear not, going off these past few weeks, and tonight the Audrey family trust fund continues to grate with certain parties. With Stephen as a mediator, David is the agitator, and even though Gail is paying, Audrey’s finances are the main focal point - the meal ends before it even begins. Nick sends apologies but Max is not in attendance either and hasn't been seen for a bit. The lad had a gripe with Maria recently, and he's skilled with social media visuals. Isn't this all a bit obvious? It’s not to Maria though, whose heightened sense of paranoia seems to be correct. We learn tonight that she’s being stalked, but by whom? Jimmy the random refuse collector, or the street’s resident online orchestrator? 

Maria and Kelly attend some council event at chariot square, and Jimmy threatens Maria. She’s then propositioned by some sleazy councillor about the deep-fake video. Sleazy lecherous councillors? It would seem that the writers probably watch Newsnight! Either way, it would seem Maria is being dangerously hounded on and off-line. We later learn that her mobile phone is being tracked anonymously by some tik-tok gimmick - a tracker was posted in her bag. Gary takes her to the cop shop and the police promise to chat with Jimmy. As it’s Weatherfield police, I imagine they won't be solving this anytime soon. I think I've solved it already, actually. It's Max, isn't it?? Later, David decides on a positive plan to cheer Audrey up. 

Reunited at last, Fiz and Ty's conscious re-coupling sees them telling the girls all about it, but they must keep it a secret from Phill. I’m all for guinea pigs and chocolate fountains for bribery purposes too, but Hope to keep schtum? Not a chance! Speaking of which, Tyrone has booked them into a couples therapy session. Admirable, but aren't they ignoring Hope’s obvious counselling needs? 

Meanwhile, Phill’s still clinging to the idea of getting back with Fiz and tries some sort of romcom guff, in full view of the street and factory staff. Fiz's mortified (she isn't the only one). I like how Kirk was involved, I just wished he’d have done his Classic Corrie Eminem impression -  that was actually funny and far less excruciating to watch than this was. Elsewhere, Phill asks Tyrone to go with him on the mini-moon holiday break. 


Steve's N0.1 problem may be about to go through the roof if Ed has anything to do with it? The warring neighbours have sparred a bit over this already, and with Aggie getting involved, Steve's directionless repair ideas (he used to be a builder and led the team that built Victoria St shops & the medical centre, but yeah, whatever) lead him to cross swords with the street’s other builder. Aggie forces Ed to take the job on at mates rates, but I doubt Steve and Ed will be pals anytime soon. Meanwhile, Ed is given a new business proposition by Ronnie. A new set of Weatherfield houses or will they be off-screen, I wonder?  


Elsewhere tonight - Micheal Bailey reappears with baby Glory. Paul also returns. Tim and Sally talk tantric sex (rank!). Tim privately confides in Aggie and decided to try some self-care (ranker!) I can only wonder where their confidential little chats are heading. Stephen decides to return to Milan. I agree with David on that one. Bye!

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Anonymous said...

Steve built those set more than 20 years ago, which I think is understandable if he is very rusty and do not want to build?

What is your opinion of having Gemma to integrate British Sign Language into the scenes? I am not sure as I feel it is good for her to practice, to encourage neighbours to learn and I found the scene between her and Paul was very sweet, but I still feel that there should be a deaf character or more. So, that it is authentic and see the purpose behind the need to integrate the sign language.

I am loving the Platt scenes, but find Audrey's behaviour very weird, I reckon something sinister is happening, but is clouded by the drinking and finance fight.

Anonymous said...

I am a Canadian viewer and must say I am not looking forward to Stephen's return. I remember him well when he was in the show in the past and he had an awful Canadian accent.
I found him incredibly boring. Can't believe Tim and Sally's love life problems are still continuing who cares.
If I were Audrey I wouldn't leave a dime to my ungrateful children.

Bobby Dazzler said...

How much money does Audrey actually have....did she not acquire Gail's home and give it to David, and does not Maria have a share of the barbers. How much is Grasmere worth?
Stephen is sooooooo boring to watch, his voice makes me crazy...with disbelief that he's supposed to be Canadian.
I can hear Percy Sugden now...." That's not a Canadian accent.I was in the war and the Canadians didn't sound like that" Back to Milan with you imposter!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if stevens really Canadian, sounds like a duff accent to me

Anonymous said...

Predictable storyline, Stephen is so going to steal all the money and do a runner

coconno196 said...

Sure that's the plan but hope he does get away with it. Like others, I also question Audrey's wealth. Hasn't she been robbed several times already ?

Charles said...

As far as I can recall, Maria doesn't own any of the barber's. Maria owned half of the salon and Claudia owned the other half after she bought it from Audrey. The salon was then sold as part of Ray Crosby's plan to buy up and demolish that half of the street.

Debbie Webster then took control of Ray's businesses and assets and she currently owns the old salon property, with the flat above belonging to Tyrone with Faye and Craig as tenants

The barber's was owned by Nick and David but as they used money stolen from Audrey to fund it, it was signed over to her when they were caught out. Maria was installed as manager because Audrey understandably didn't trust David, but I don't think Maria actually owns a stake in the business.

Bobby Dazzler said...

Thankyou Charles.

Anonymous said...

Stephen isn't Canadian. Bud was born in Ohio, but his family moved around the world it seems and eventually landed in Australia when he was 16. He was born on July 1st, so there's that. As a Canadian it is very frustrating to see how little effort actors put into having a genuine Canadian accent.

Anonymous said...

That's how I feel about the use of the Mancunian accent. Not many genuine one's around

coconno196 said...

True. Most Corrie actors come from Yorkshire.


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