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Thursday, 28 July 2022

Coronation Street Episode Review;Wednesday 27th of July 8 pm

Relations between Coronation Street and Canada go back 62 years. From Harry Elton to Steve Tanner, through to today's Stephen Reid, even in the real world, Corrie's Canadian fan base is well known, well-loved, and well respected. 

Tonight, Kev Webster risks it all by whacking a wrench through Stephen's flash car. Surely this is a culmination of the last few years rather than the past few weeks? I think Stephen’s obnoxiousness and moneyed entitlement ( not unlike Doctor Thorne) is the naked flame to Kev’s metaphorical tinderbox. He's had enough with Jack, Alfie's cot, social services visits, apprentice Aaron, and earache from Debbie, and he explodes in true Kev Webster fashion. I doubt Abi will relapse anytime soon, but nobody thought about Kev, did they? Paul calls Tyrone to the scene resulting in the police arriving too. Kev's then told he's facing criminal damage, which would put Abi’s parental rights in jeopardy. We even had a scene with Abi telling Wendy just how good things are now, which drove the point home. 

Aaron’s role in all this deserved a wrenching as well, I thought. The apprentice was more worried about Summer and got mugged, off-screen, which caused Summer more worry. Is it misplaced worry? Something seems off with this young chap doesn't it? Elsewhere, the new factory P.A took a familiar grilling from Beth and her first day was just loads of brewing up. Wasn’t Rosie Webster, another brainbox, a P.A at the factory, too? All very familiar isn't it? Elsewhere, Tyrone manages to smooth things over with Stephen, explaining Kev’s pressures, but will it get Kevin out of trouble? That final scene of Stephen looking angry sat at the cop shop, said it all. 

Kev’s sister, Debbie, is in similar trouble as she scrambles to get the money together for Aggie’s compo claim. Instead of resorting to literal violence, Debbie dabbled in verbal vitriol, grilling Leanne with ideas for Bistro theme nights. I doubt a few extra sold bottles of vino would raise £30k that quickly.  Also at the Bistro, Audrey tells Nick she's not signing the shop lease, so Debbie won't be getting that cash either! Audrey did look out of sorts tonight but failed to mention her hospital stay to Nick or Stephen. 

Meanwhile, Stu bumps into an old friend at Speed Daal and realising his friend is a bit skint, Stu buys the fella a meal, which gives him an idea for a local (not a) foodbank, also getting Roy's Rolls and Dev's chippy involved in selling discounted food. Following last week's ridiculous ransom malarkey (£24K, I'm still not over that) it was nice to see Corrie embrace today's real-world cost of living crisis. I miss Janice and Les in situations like this, maybe Ches and Gemma will be deserving recipients, instead? It did help push Stu and Yasmeen's romance along, which is blossoming, and it gave us a few lovely moments between them tonight. It was great seeing those two together, unlike our Canadian contingent, Stephen Reid, who I can't stand for some reason. I'm glad Kevin whacked his car, but will Kev live to regret it? 

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popcorn said...

I'm a Canadian fan, and just have to say that I HATE Stephen. Please send him back to Italy, or wherever he came from. Under no circumstances send him to Canada!

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon.): I'm not usually a fan of the preposterous story line but Kevin going beserk with his wrench was well worth the price of admission. You could just feel how good it was--after all these frustrations, especially Covid, but all the demands the crazy Abi has put on him--to smash everything up! Then to spin on the mirror and whack them off too.

I was laughing out loud as the glass went flying. Beautiful. And as a Canadian myself, I can say I have never heard anyone talking like Stephen! He sounds more midWestern American with that nasalized drawl. And, of course, we Canadians are famous for our apologetic and timid natures--we would not be throwing our weight around like Stephen!

Seeing Stephen wailing on about his missed business meeting was pretty funny too...Surely, he could have just hopped into a taxi if so much was at stake? Or don't Kevin or Ty have a loaner for him to drive.

Yes, clearly Aaron wasn't mugged...maybe he has abusive parent somewhere? He sounded scared and apologetic on his telephone call. I don't think he's going to be a bad 'un though, just some trouble he's not telling Summer about.

Bobby Dazzler said...

Naw, we're okay with Kevin smashing up Stephen's car...Cheers Kev!

coconno196 said...

Appalling behaviour from Stephen and Kevin. Firstly Stephen demands Kev drop everything and fix his car. Doesn't Kevin have other customers booked in? Kevin has set himself ridiculous targets of assembling a cot, painting the nursery and getting to Jack's school event, takes personal calls at work, then takes his stress out on Stephen's car.

Anonymous said...

Cant say i have any symphony with steven, what a obnoxious prat he is. Kept banging on about his lost deal due to the car, he not get a taxi

Anonymous said...

I don’t know how many times I shouted at the telly ‘just get a bloody taxi’. I actually had to turn the sound down when Stephen was shouting, he just kept on and on. What an obnoxious man.

Sharon boothroyd said...

I thought exactly the same - if this business meeting was so urgent, why couldn't Stephen get a taxi and leave Kev to it?
Streetcars is nearby. He could have tried to get a taxi but there wasn't one available so he became frustrated and blamed Kev.
That would have been more convincing.
Stephen doesn't seem to be a popular character.
I sympathised with Kev - I've certainly felt like that. But I haven't smashed up a car.
I think Aaron is in some sort of secret boxing or fight club.
I've heard rumours that Summer is to be killed off.
I reckon Claudia will buy Audrey's salon again.

Anonymous said...

Great get shot of summer, what w missery


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