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Saturday, 16 July 2022

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 15 July 2022

Greetings Corrie fans, it’s Kelly here with your Friday night review.

Over at Chez Windass, Gary finds Kelly counting out some cash from her dad’s ill-gotten stash. She tells him it’s for ‘a project’ but doesn’t reveal her daft Robin Hood plan to return the money to all of Rick’s clients. I feel she may live to regret this decision when she realises how much it costs to maintain those eyelash extensions! Lovely Aadi offers to be her bodyguard on the mission and they agree to go on a date later in Speed Daal. So that will definitely all go off without a hitch then.

In other romance/bromance news, Tyrone and Fizz still haven’t fessed up that they’re back together. As he attempts to cover up his dirty deeds, Ty ends up agreeing to stay with Phill in his rose-petal strewn honeymoon suite.  Surely a lovely man like Phill must have other/better friends than Tyrone to share this with? I thought I noticed Bernie giving him the glad eye as he belted out ‘Build Me Up Buttercup’ at the wedding? As this is a family blog, I won’t go into what she’d be likely to get up to after half a bottle of bubbly, but afterwards I doubt he’d even be able to spell ‘Fiz’! But no, instead poor Phill’s stuck with singing ‘All By Myself’ in the shower with a hairy mechanic in a face pack in the next room! 

Back on the Street, Steve manages to rile Ed so much that he leaves the roofing job to do a handyman stint at Debbie’s horrible hotel. As he works on a radiator, he’s suddenly electrocuted and after being propelled backwards, lands unconscious. Aggie, Ronnie and Debbie all rush to the hospital where Debs confides to Ronnie that she has no idea when the last safety inspection was  carried out. Aggie tells her she’ll be hearing from their solicitor. Better get in quick Aggs, there’s only one left in Weatherfield now. And let’s face it Adam was never the smart party in the Baldwin/Habeeb partnership.

Speaking of inept officials, PC Tinker tells Maria that while Jimmy is guilty of posting malicious messages, he doesn’t think that planting a tracking device on her is a crime. I’m not sure we should completely trust Craig-y on this. I mean, he still hasn’t managed to track down that tin of tartan paint that his colleagues told him to get for the mess room. As Maria heads out of the flat, Jimmy approaches and threatens her in broad daylight telling her she’ll live to regret blabbing about him to the police. So Weatherfield’s finest are totally on the case there.

Meanwhile Wendy Crozier is still making notes about Abi, which seems to infuriate Mrs Webster despite it being the poor woman’s actual job. As Wendy nips out to get some bread, Abi sneaks a look at her computer and throws a massive tantrum when she reads the words over-sensitive and struggling. Wendy has to prove to her that she’s actually written a load of positive stuff too and tells her that she will recommend that she gets to keep Alfie. She’s clearly a better woman than me as I was finding Abi really annoying by this point and would have been tempted to write: ‘Paranoid, disaster-magnet. Ruins everything she touches. Nice nails though.’

In other news, Frank is being funny about meeting Dylan. I hope this is just because he’s a standard selfish rotter and not that he’s on a register or something.

Finally, as Aadi sits in Speed Daal munching sadly through some poppadoms it’s clear that Kelly is not going to turn up. But fear not young Alahan, the lady has not stood you up. She has merely been kidnapped and imprisoned in one of those Weatherfield dungeons that always seem to crop up on these occasions. Maybe Pat Phelan bought a job lot of them?

And that’s it for this week? Will Gaz-man and Aad-in be able to rescue Kelly? Will Phill give up chasing Fiz and try for a role in musical theatre and will PC Tinker ever cotton on to what a long weight is? 

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coconno196 said...

In the real world, if Phill wanted company, he would have invited an old friend - his best man? - on his minimoon.

Anonymous said...

Craig might also be looking for a tin of elbow grease and a long stand :)

Anonymous said...

Considering that Kelly works for two hairstylists, you'd think she would get her roots touched up...just saying


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