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Monday 4 July 2022

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 4th July

Fiz, Phill and Camilla - Coronation Street - ITV 

It's the battle of the battleaxes at number 9 as Evelyn accuses Mimi of faking her hip injury and wanting to sabotage the wedding. Fiz disagrees but Mimi has a point re: the dresses: Fiz is taking her life into her hands given that she hasn't let her 11 year old daughter choose her own bridesmaid dress, you know Hope is just going to set fire to it. She doesn't have to though as Mimi (or Cerberus) spills red wine over both frocks. Mimi says that she doesn't believe in "ruining good wine on cheap net", but she did send Evelyn outside to bring in the washing as she claimed it was going to rain ("like a poundshop Tomasz Schafernaker") just before the spillage. Phil(l) and Fiz have words about it and then Phill's ex-wife rocks up, She's called Camilla, so does that make Fiz the poundshop Diana? Evelyn continues the argument with Mimi and kicks away her crutches just as Phill and Fiz come into the house. Meanwhile, Kev tells Ty he needs to tell Fiz how he feels, and he tells her he still loves her, but Fiz is having none of it.

Spider and Toyah - Coronation Street - ITV 

Activist-agitator Spider questions Ed on his property portfolio although Ed turns out to be one of the rare nice landlords as he says Toyah can pay back rent when she has a new job. I suppose it makes sense that Spider is back since Swampy is also back, although protesting against railways (??) rather than roads this time. They go dumpster diving outside Dev's for out of date produce, although I can't believe Dev wouldn't just reduce the items by 20%.

Spider tells Toyah that he and his XR pals are going to occupy the old brewery as a base for an action that is in a "grey area" and he doesn't want Toyah involved as she's on bail. I have to say I'm liking New Toyah - no longer wafting around the streets trying to forcibly counsel people, instead she's stealing keys for the brewery from Debbie. Unfortunately, Kirk hears someone in the brewery and tells Debbie who discovers the activists moving in and kicks them out. Toyah says they can use the flat as a base, but then changes her mind as George rings to say Imran's ashes are ready.

Is Spider ever going to mention Aunty Em? And who exactly is running the juice bar in Streatham.

Ed and Steve - Coronation Street - ITV

Amy's jeans have been destroyed by a leaky roof and Ed claims that the cowboy builder Steve used to fix the tiles at number 1 has also ruined his roof. Surely it's rained in Manchester since the beginning of this storyline? Steve decides to learn how to fix roofs from youtube videos and ropes Jay-kub in. This isn't going to end well, is it.

As an aside, does anyone else think Jay-kub looks like he could be in an early 80s synthpop band? 

Aaron and Kevin - Coronation Street - ITV

Talking of lookalikes, Aaron (Paul Mescal without the chain) talks about car radiators, or something, to Kevin, so we can assume he'll have a job at the mechanics by 8.47 p.m. He tells Summer that they can do all her spenny Barcelona excursions now that he has a job. Can't Summer ask one of her three dads for some cash? Anyway, hopefully they will be so taken with the Catalonian lifestyle that they'll get jobs as tour-guides and never come back.

And finally (there's an awful lot going on in these episodes), Audrey is discharged from Kate Oates Memorial and wants to go to the Rovers to celebrate, although Gail puts a two G&T limit on her mum's drinking. In the pub, Elaine's obviously after a toy-boy as she flirts with Stephen whilst chatting about the Italian lakes.

Rachel Stevenson - on twitter

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Anonymous said...

Re Jacob. He looks nothing like Phil Oakey or Martyn Ware­čśŐ­čśŐ

Bobby Dazzler said...

What a disappointment Spider's return is. He just seems pathetic really, a professional activist...meaning he's a bum/user/non tax paying manchild. Think it was a mistake to bring him back, although you're right, Toyah is more like the Toyah we know and love.

Loving, absolutely loving the Evelyn/Mimi handbags at dawn vibe. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Stevens hardly elaines toyboy, if shes in her early 70s, he must be 60+

Fluttershy said...

A lot going on, sure, but episodes like this are how Corrie used to be before the big "event" storylines took over every episode - More please! Now they just need to give Jacob and Aaron personalities...

And yes, Spider's return was a bit of a disappointment, it would have been nice if he'd grown up a bit in the meantime, but he hasn't. Poor old Toyah, I felt really sorry for her here (for the first time).

Bobby Dazzler said...

Audrey had him when she was quite old is she? How old is Gail? He's older than Gail, and I believe Aud was young when she had Gail

Anonymous said...

Can we please end the stroppy Summer storylines? Surely we must be able to move on from the diabetic drama by now.

Abercrombie said...

Bobby Dazzler: I agree. For me Spider is dull and unconvincing. So often I read bring back Spider, Emily, Cilla, Janice Battersby, etc...As time passes , I think there comes a moment when it is pointless bringing back actors who are so much older and past the energy of the original depiction. Those who have stayed, Ken, Rita, Audrey are certainly older but they have grown into old age in their parts.

Anonymous said...

Surely it was Hope who poured the wine over the dresses whilst Evelyn was outside and Mimi went to check on her dog.

Sharon boothroyd said...

I believe Claudia and Sean's son Dylan are returning.
I'd like to see Jason return though.
At the same time I don't know why they want to hang on to characters such as Mary, Bernie, Roy, Gail, Brian and Rita, who only seem to support other characters.
They'll be no love interest for Roy, Mary, Bernie, Brian and Gail, so why not think about the purpose of the character and where they are going?
Roy isn't going anywhere, as he's stuck in the cafe, Gail is at the Platts, Bernie at the Brown's, Mary at the florists and Brian and Rita are at The Kabin.
So life is pretty limiting for them, really!

coconno196 said...

Audrey must be nearly 80. Had her 70th when Lewis first tried to scam her. Think she's meant to have had Stephen and then Gail a a teenager. Helen Worth is 72 but Gail is 10 years younger. Audrey was horrified when Alma fell for Stephen as she was old enough to me his mother. Paula Wilcox is mid-70s so only a few years older than Stephen. Exact dates will be somewhere online...

Is that it for Spider? Damp squib. And what does he actually live on? All very well being an activist when the state supports you financially!

Bobby Dazzler said...

Sorry Sharon, but I have to disagree. The beauty of the street is the longevity of the characters...Just like real people they get trapped (?) in a job on a grotty back street. Their stories are generally more interesting than the Criminal Minds who are writing the trope we've been fed lately. I agree, none of these people should be supporting characters, they're much loved and too good of a talent to waste.
IF I were to clean the cast out
Gemma, Ches and the Quads..gone
Baileys....whole clan with the exception of Ronnie
Summer and her three dads...I'd keep the dads..haha you go to military school..or reform school to military shcool


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