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Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Ian Bartholomew interview: Geoff and the truth about Tim's mum

Geoff has felt more back in control recently after the phone calls from Yasmeen. How important is it for him to be in control?

It is very important for him to be in control of the situation but what he has been worried about recently is that the doubts have been moving into the greater community of the street and that is where he is losing control. To get control back of Yasmeen is part of it because if she is back on side it shuts all the stuff that is going on outside. He wants to protect Tim from knowing what has been going on and he wants to protect his own reputation. He is still in that place in his head that he doesn't think he has done anything wrong. He likes to be liked, he is Mr happy, cheeky chappy Geoff the sort of bloke you want to have a pint with in the pub, he wants that to continue.

Is he worried at all about Sally being on Yasmeen’s side?

It bothers him that she is a constant buzz in Tim’s ear. He is trying to manage that attack and that is where he is worried about losing control. I have to try and get in Geoff’s head, and try and work out what he would do in any given situation and at the moment he is worried so he is struggling to hold it together sometimes.

Is he rattled by Alya or does he truly believe he has the upper hand against her?

It very much depends on what she is doing or saying. Sometimes when she is letting out information that she should be keeping to herself she is actually inadvertently helping Geoff to decide what move he should be making next. Occasionally she will come in under his guard and she gets a jab in and that gets him rattled and he will go home and smash something, he never wants to let her know she has affected him in any way. Most of the time he thinks he thinks he can control her, he just sees her as ‘a girl’ and he is the man so he feels he has the upper hand and that he is cleverer than her.

Unaware of Elaine’s visit, just how shocked was Geoff when Yasmeen tells him she hates him and that she has met one of his ex partners?

That is a big one for him, that turns everything on its head for him. He didn't know who had gone to visit her but what it did was it turned him from being ‘it’s ok I will be lovely and almost apologetic’ to turning really nasty which is his defence mechanism, to become aggressive because he is losing control. He reverted to being mean and cruel.

How did he feel when he heard about Yasmeen’s heart attack? Was he relieved the trial was going to be postponed or does he want his day in court?

It is double edged for him, he wanted his day in court to be able to stand up and tell everyone his version of events, he wanted the opportunity to set the record straight with the story according to Geoff. He even went back and started telling everyone that she is putting it on and playing for sympathy, it is another part of him trying to turn it round to make him look better. It is all part of the gospel according to Geoff and to try and undermine her in the wider community again. So yes he does want his day in court, he wants it done and dusted and her in prison and to be able to get back on with his life and be seen as nice Geoff ‘the victim’ again.

We have just found out from Elaine that she is Tim’s mum, and Geoff let Tim think Tessa, Geoff’s second wife, was his mum. How is Geoff going to weedle his way out of this one?

That is going to be a tricky one for Geoff, he has been lying for years to his son and has concocted this whole story about someone else being his mother and the fact that his real mother suddenly turns up and what is more she has been to see Yasmeen, that is a game changer for him. His immediate reaction is to deny it, he thinks that it is such an extreme story that people couldn't possibly believe it to be true. He feels very threatened and is having to think on his feet, he never imagined she would resurface. At first he doesn't know if it is a hoax, he has a bad feeling in his gut that it is true, but he doesn’t know for sure and there is a moment when he sees her in the street for the first time and he realises that it is really her. It absolutely throws him completely, he gets a grip quickly because he is very manipulative and resourceful in that way. It is his anger that fuels him to do something about it. How dare this woman come back and ruin his life. He threatens her and we have to believe that he will stop at nothing to get this woman, this problem, out of his life. She is a real problem she knows the truth and if other people find out it is game over.

Do you think he has any remorse about letting Tim think his mum was dead, all the while knowing his real mum was out there somewhere?

I think if you tell yourself a story enough times you can start to believe it, you can change your history by changing the narrative. We all do it, if we get into an argument with someone we will say we said one thing when in fact we said another. It makes it sound better for you and you actually start believing that version of events yourself, your story becomes the truth of what happens rather than what actually did. He has told himself time and time again that it is the truth and what he has told Tim is true. In the back of his mind he knows it is not true so when it finally hits and we finally find out that he has been lying to Tim all his life and Tim discovers that his whole life is based on a lie it will be a real kick in the gut. Geoff is facing losing the one person he does not want to lose from his life.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

"Mr happy, cheeky, chappy Geoff" - I have never thought of Geoff in those terms. When I read it, the first character I thought of was Eddie Yeats! We've heard other characters talk about Geoff like that, but the actor has always been far too creepy. I know in these pandemic days it has been a problem for the writers to get this story into shape but Tim's mum arriving in the nick of time feels contrived. Leaving Geoff was evidently the best thing she ever did because she (Paula Wilcox) looks absolutely fantastic.


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