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Saturday, 25 July 2020

Five Things We Learned In Corrie This Week

Spot the difference.  I have a confession: I've loved Corona-Corrie.  Firstly, three episodes a week is so much better.  There's room for the stories to breathe, the cliffhangers are more exciting when you have that two day wait, and it doesn't feel like a chore when you have to slog your way through a massive chunk of soap opera before you can watch some proper telly.  Six episodes is three hours of drama; that's like watching The Wolf of Wall Street every single week. 

Secondly, Friday's socially distant episode was the most fun I've had watching this show in ages.  A one-way system in the Kabin (which Gary promptly ignored, but never mind)!  Takeaways only in the cafe (incidentally, Adam got a full English to takeaway; imagine what a state that's going to be in by the time he's carried it home - there'll be beans everywhere)!  Ryan being forced to disinfect the Rovers!  And that was just the bits of it in the plot - more fun was watching them jump through hoops to keep everyone two metres distant.  We'd already seen bits of this in previous episodes, of course, but it reached a true high point with Yasmeen collapsing in agony and Imran responding by... standing on the other side of the room and pointing.  Brilliant.

Of course I have the utmost sympathy for the writers and producers who've been dealt this bum hand.  Having to make any kind of drama in these circumstances must be an absolute nightmare - I assume Tim and Abi are going to have an affair quite soon because they're literally the only actors in the show who can get within snogging distance.  The jump from before lockdown happening to the aftermath suddenly was a bit jarring as well - I was hoping for an explanatory scene of what had been happening in the past three months, a bit like when there was the ITV strike and they filmed a special segment with Bet and Len to get everyone up to speed.  Still, I'm looking forward to spotting all the details going forward, by which I mean I am moist with anticipation for Sarah-Louise's dummy being saved from a speeding car.

Hugs cost.  A Dutch Angle is when a director films a shot with the camera off from the horizontal.  It's commonly used to denote a descent into craziness, that something disquieting and disturbing is going on.  Suri Krishnamma used a Dutch angle to introduce Nicky meeting Daniel in his hotel room so that we'd understand things are about to get weird.

On the one hand, Daniel getting a woman to wear a cardigan and douse herself in Britney Spears' Midnight Fantasy is deeply sad and indicates he is in an extremely fragile state.  On the other hand, get over yourself, man.  He's a single father spending £150 an hour to indulge himself with a prostitute - admittedly this is the PG-certificate version of that scenario, but still, I'm sure there are better things he could be spending that money on.  Like the rent, instead of making Ken pay it, or giving it to Claudia to pay her back for that expensive residential grief counselling course he went on for months and which seems to have been a massive waste of time.  Or perhaps he could splash out (not a euphemism) on one of those Japanese body pillows and then he can continue this tragic behaviour at home without having to dump his son on a relative for the afternoon.

Nigella can sleep easy.  I really enjoyed Abi's first reaction to an unsupervised shop being "let's ransack it!"  Who hasn't dreamed of going wild in the aisles when you're in a store without any staff?  She was in there buying the food for that night's big celebration meal: pasta, pesto and tuna.  No wonder Seb took so long to come round to the idea of sharing dinner with her.  It was nothing to do with his emotional torment, he just had to nip to the chemist's first to stock up on milk of magnesia.  Jack gobbled it down then immediately went to his room, presumably to lie down in the dark and wait for the nausea to stop.  (Incidentally, should Kevin be casually using the phrase "legged it" when referring to his amputee son?)

Ready, aim, fire.  Can we just kill Laura now?  I mean, that's obviously what's going to happen, isn't it?  She's being incredibly inconvenient to Gary's career as a budding psychopath.  She's already run off and left her daughter once, so if she suddenly vanished, nobody would be that surprised.  We learned that she is violent to Kelly, so if she does get killed, we won't be too sorry to see her go.  And she wore that awful brown jumpsuit so frankly she's asking for it.  Her disappearance would admittedly mean that Adam and Gary's feud would ramp up to the next level, but it's recently acquired a veneer of homo-eroticism so that's okay.  The only problem is, with coronavirus cancelling any location shooting, how will Gary get rid of the body?  We've already had corpses hidden under the factory and Gail's house.  Hopefully he's got a very large trunk in that lockup.

There's a Woman About The House.  Yasmeen received an unexpected prison visitor in the form of Dame Paula Wilcox, Sitcom Icon.  Paula had previously been in Corrie as Ray Langton's sister, but now she turned up as another of Geoff's victims, and what a welcome sight she was.  The thing about Paula Wilcox is she's so inherently likeable you're immediately on her side; no wonder Yas promptly changed her story and told Geoff to get stuffed.  With any luck she's Tim's real mum and she'll stick around in the show for a while; she can move in with Yasmeen, and then they can get Richard O'Sullivan in the third bedroom, and hilarious hi-jinks can ensue.

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Sharon boothroyd said...

Yes, it was fun spotting the difference!Fab post, Scott.
I'm surprised that The Kabin was open - weren't newsagents deemed non- essential shops during lockdown?
I can't remember now, but I do remember that I couldn't buy a greetings card anywhere. I should have popped to The Kabin - they're stuffed full of 'em!
I'm getting fed- up of the Gary/Laura/ Adam plot - it's been dragging on for months now. Gary smashing up Brian's metal detector was OTT.
I hope Gary doesn't kill Adam Barlow because, well, he's a Barlow and part of the show's history.
I'd rather he killed flirty 'couldn't care less about my daughter', Laura.
I'm looking forward to seeing new/ old faces - Archie's son - Eileen's new love interest? and Nick's ex from ten years ago.

Anonymous said...

It’s going to be weird seeing couples stood two metres apart, especially ones like Carla and Peter who rely a lot on physical chemistry. Still, what can be done?
One positive is that maybe this romance ban will force an end to the Seb/Alina/Emma love triangle? Every cloud!
The highlight of the week was watching Yasmeen collapse in pain and Imran just stand there, pointing at her.
All joking aside, Corrie is doing the best it can given the circumstances. It’s a miracle it stayed on the air, to be honest.
Totally agree Scott, Kelly’s mum is super annoying, the sooner she’s killed off the better. She’s always hanging around like a bad smell. And like you said, that awful outfit was a crime in itself! Sadly I think she’s going to be around for a while yet, along with that awful daughter of hers, just to drag this tedious story out even more. I am counting down the days for the end of Gangster Gary!
All in all, a jarring, but decent week of Corrie. Loved that creepy opening scene with multiple Geoff’s! Terrifying but kinda cool too.
Thanks for another entertaining weekly round up!

Anonymous said...

Sarah had a go at Adam for bothering about Gary, next thing she’s all ‘are you Ok Gary?’, ‘what’s wrong Gary’, simper simper. What a hypocrite.

Rapunzel said...

I’m with you Scott, on loving just 3 episodes per week. I savour them, either individually or as a 2/3 episode binge. I would gladly stay at 3 episodes permanently; or 4, tops.

CK said...

So were the episodes with Daniel and Nicky filmed pre-Covid?

Anonymous said...

There were so many explosive ways Rick’s body could’ve been found and instead what we got was Brian and Bernie - two random characters who’ve had no connection to this story so far- spontaneously decide to go metal detecting in the woods. Is this really the best they could come up with? Talk about scraping the barrel…
This Gangster storyline keeps sinking to new lows. How many more pointless characters are they going to drag into it? Next they’ll find a way to involve Gemma and the quads because she’s always shoehorned into everything.
Gary’s never made a believable villain, and the longer this story goes on for, the more convoluted and ridiculous it gets. To prove my point, next week we have Gangster Gary saving mannequin Sarah from a speeding car…. God damn it, just end already.
The other storylines aren’t much better either.
Emma/Alina/ Seb –what utter drivel. Does anyone actually enjoy this? What is the point of Alina’s character? Why is she back on the street? Is it purely for the sake of having more younger characters on the show? I’m a young person and I don’t find her character, or Seb’s for that matter, engaging in the slightest. Get rid, I say.
And as for Norman Bates, sorry, I mean Daniel… he really needs to get a grip of himself and stop this creepy obsession of having poor Nicky dress up as his dead wife. He’ll be knifing people in showers next, mark my words.
The only reason I’m watching the show right now is for the Geoff and Yasmeen storyline. And I really enjoyed what we saw of it this week. I love seeing Geoff expose his true self in moments of rage. I’m not usually a fan of dream sequences in soaps, like at all, but I really enjoyed this one. It was a great way of showing how Geoff’s gotten inside Yasmeen’s head and messed with her psyche.
And I agree, having three episodes a week is much more enjoyable. I'd possibly stretch to four, but certainly no more than that.
Cheers for another entertaining post, Scott.

Nina said...

I would like 3 episodes if they were a little longer, just over 20 minutes of the actual programme is not enough, I always want a bit more.

Gav said...

As someone who spends time writing notes for a podcast, the idea of going back to six episodes a week is giving me panic attacks. I can write notes for one 22 minute episode in 30 - 45 minutes. Thinking of going back to spending 1 to 1.5 hours and a weekly commitment of perhaps 4.5 hours is pretty deflating.

And broadly speaking, the three episode covid weeks have felt more enjoyable and we've got some value out of those first episode cliffhangers. For example, the breath that Yasmeen took before making a plea on a Monday that would normally have been resolved a couple of minutes later, we had to wait to Wednesday and there was real anticipation. I find myself looking forward to Corrie more.

Anyway, great post as usual, Scott. Glad I now know about the Dutch Angle. But not like that.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of moaning minnies, I am grateful that they are adapting to this distratous condition.

20 minutes x 3 = 1 hour, so in reality, it is 2 hours, maybe just tad bit over 2 hours a week of Corrie. One thing I have noticed about the numbers of episodes, how quickly the story moved along, so if it goes back to 3 episodes a week, we might face the repeat of Derek's gnomes that went on forever. :)

Anonymous said...

I felt the same way about Daniel. My goodness has he even returned to work? How can he afford to pay for a prostitute like that. Good gravy! Ridiculous self indulgent, that character irritates me on every level.
And yes! When Nick and Leanne cannot hug during these horrible times with can the show have us watch Daniel clinging on to a stranger like that. So much for social distancing.
I love that Sally is not taken in by Geoff.
I love Alya and her relationship with Ryan is very enjoyable. I did not care for either, but together they have grown on me.
Enjoying Corrie whether it is 3 times or 6 times a week.
Question....does anyone find it strange, or maybe I missed something...why has Fizz never helped with Chesney's babies not even once! I can't recall one scene where she was with the babies.

Anonymous said...

The scenes with Daniel and Nicky were obviously allfall pre lockdown. Corrie would've done the filming in one block, so as not to keep going back to the hotel. I'm sure they'll have to change things when all these scenes have been used up.
And I agree with Anon 23.06 about people moaning. I'm just grateful that Corrie managed to do it this way and keep the show on air and should be commended for this and not continually slated

Chrissy said...

I have been watching Coronation Street since the 1970’s and have loved watching Coronation Street evolve into what it is today. However, as a seasoned Coronation follower, I have to say that I am so sick and tired of this whole Covid-19 false narrative and very disappointed that Corrie would feed into this whole contrived heinous crime against humanity. I would have hoped that Corrie and its’ cohorts would stand up to this propaganda machine, therefore, this will be the end of an era for this “seasoned Corrie supporter”. Very sad indeed!

Bobby Dazzler said...

Yeah, I've been watching since the early seventies as well, and it isn't the incorporating Covid into the program (as well as being able to work while social distancing & acting..hard to get it just right)
The program is mirroring society as it is right now....the way people are actually having to live.
Propoganda you say? You may not believe that the virus is real, but it's certainly affected day to day life, which is being reflected on the program. Art imitating life..
Bug off then..................


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