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Thursday, 30 July 2020

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 29th July 7.30 pm

Regular readers of this weekly Weatherfield write up will be familiar with my storyline predictions. Sometimes it's just for a laugh, sometimes quite serious, but they are Always! spectacularly wrong. So, it's with a humble brag that I predicted last week ( and with zero spoiler knowledge) that Elaine is Tim's Mum! Hurray for me, it's rare so let me revel in it! Less revelling in it, however, is Elaine’s rather reluctant but soft promise to Alya that she’ll testify against Geoff. I was almost convinced until she introduced herself to her son, Tim, and of course, being his Dad’s defender, it was never going to go well, was it?

Is Geoff going to get away with it, after all?

Corrie's corona-based cacophony of drama has also had me wondering. Do you think they shifted any plots or storylines around? I think they've done well, and conveniently Aggie and Ed’s wedding anniversary has fallen just as the nurse is preoccupied with this perilous pandemic. Her sudden change in the occupation is a gift to the writers in this art mirroring real-life story arc.

As the expression goes 'time waits for no man' and it looks like villainous gangster Gary is vastly running out of it. Using an engraved timepiece to move this Rick murder plot forward, has certainly been an enjoyable watch. Will this lead to Gary doing time? Hotly on his case, Supersleuth Sarah has suddenly realised his murderous act. With suggestive tension still simmering between Adam and Laura, and with Rick's watch racking up old feelings between Gary and Sarah, could all this turn into a double passionate affair?

I also think we are going to get a body dug up but probably not for some time. I'm going to say Christmas for that. Let's see if I can throw another humble brag in around December time! But before that, our villain just has time to play the hero in some sort of plot paradox.

A corrie corona hit and run, or a hit and miss? Being a big fan of Gary, it's a hit from me!

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Fair play to the writers, they're doing their best but one or two things jar. Tim's mum turning up out of the blue is so unlikely that I was really hoping Elaine would turn out to be someone else: maybe Tim's aunt who helped Elaine escape or a journalist but not someone still terrified after 50 years. As for Geoff's down-fall, they say they want to do justice to real life experiences but we've gone beyond that point. We're now into *drama* and, like Phelan's storyline, Geoff's will hang on until the writers have a suitable one to replace it. The other thing that jarred was the plot device of Sarah phoning the police right in front of Gary.

Anonymous said...

I was disgusted with Sarah. Didn't she remember the terror that Rick put into her and her family? Didn't Gary find out about Callum's death and keep that secret for her?
As for Tim...oh my goodness! I know it would have been a shock, but his reaction to his mother showed that the apple does not fall far from the tree.
I agree with Humpty....Corrie declares it is bringing awareness to a real situation in society, but once again, we are reminded ...this is a soap opera and the bottom line is the drama and the viewers.
Corrie...stop trying to be a social justice warrior and admit to what you are...storytellers. :-)Nothing wrong with that...just be honest.....
There used to be a time there were a couple of affairs happening at once...which was irritating...but now how many 'villains' do they have at one time! Good grief....think up something original.
And leave the kids alone....each child on the street now has a special needs situation.
Corrie is an inch from EastEnders now in that no one is allowed to be happy.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous [13;49]Gary is no saint as he did steal Rick's money that should've gone to his family, lied that Rick sabotaged the factory roof which led to Rana's death to save his own skin and egged on a mentally unstable Derek to shoot the antique gun which led to her sister-in law Shona to be shot and lose her memory.
Sarah is a fool to keep quiet to protect Gary as he knows once the truth comes out about Rick's death,questions could be raised about him sabotaging the factory roof.
Gary cares only about himself and yet Sarah is willing to destroy her marriage to Adam[who I don't think would cheat on her with Laura] for him just so she can be the center of attention with two men.

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping that Elaine isn't who she says she is at all - but she's working for Geoff to get in there and twist them all against Yaz.

Louby said...

I also agree with Humpty. If they were genuine about tackling issues surely the best thing to do would have been to show Yasmeen eventually seeking help.

Anon at 2125, that's an interesting theory and Paula Wilcox did promise an unexpected twist when she was interviewed.

Anonymous said...

Not every person gets caught for their crimes. This is not the real world but it is not a 30 minute everything fixed happy ending in 30 minutes show either.
There are people in your own neighbourhoods who are up to no good and are never caught.
In Eastenders Phil is pretty much a gangster, yet also a successful businessman. lol He is a powerful character and his son is very much like Gary. I think in this show there is room for a permanant villain. I think Gary and Adam could be the modern day Ken and Mike.
I love how complicated Gary is. And while you all hate on him....I remember the son who hugged his mother when she cried and told of her horrible experience with Pat Phelan. Owen had made her feel like dirt. Gary was there for his mom.
Before you argue all the bad things he has done.....I am not saying he is an angel. I am saying he is a good actor (micky north) and the character is multidimensional and interesting and charming. And that is my opinion regardless of what anyone else thinks.

Bernie Fan said...

I really like Bernie. So glad she came back and the character got developed further.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous[19;02]I would like to say that it's Gary's fault that Anna went through her trauma with Phelan.
Gary assaulted Phelan and Phelan blackmailed Anna to sleep with him or else he would press charges of assault against Gary.
Unfortunately she complied and Gary who was engaged to Alya at the time showed no remorse for his actions or his mother being 'raped' to save his life just as he shown no remorse for Rana's death after he sabotaged the factory roof.
Gary is not a hero or a tragic character,he is a self centered thug who brings everyone in his life down with him.


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