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Monday, 27 July 2020

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 27th July

Yasmeen wakes up in Kate Oates Memorial to find out that she had a heart attack and the trial is postponed until the end of social distancing. Tim's mum Elaine quizzes Cathy in the Kabin about the last few months' storyline (come on, Paula Wilcox, you can watch old eps on the ITV Hub) and asks if people supported Yas when they found out about Geoff's control. She says that no-one believed her when she told people. Later, Ryan rubs his two brain cells together and realises the woman who kicked over his bucket must be Elaine as she was flummoxed by seeing Geoff on t'Street. Get that man into Weatherfield police right now! He's go more nous than most of the D.I.s who've haunted the cobbles for the last few years. Alya quizzes Elaine and finds out that her real name is Philippa and she was married to Geoff and - der der der! Tim is her son. I think even D.S. McKinnon would have worked that 'un out by now. Elaine/Philippa gets upset and runs off.

Mary has set up a daily timetable for Sean of "improving but enjoyable activities" - come on Mary, everyone gave up their lockdown plans 6 weeks ago and are now just slumped in front of Netflix or pretending the whole thing is over and flipped off to Spain. Mary takes up Italian balcony singing, to everyone's amusement/disgust. Thing is about inserting Covid-related storylines into the story is that the writing is 2 months' old and street singing/animals roaming the streets/stockpiling toilet roll/clapping for the NHS is old hat now. Also, the mask wearing is unrealistic - everyone's got them over their nose and mouth, rather than 'round their chin as they do every time I've been on public transport recently.

Aggie (not in this episode as she is too busy at the KOM hospital) is working very hard. The Bailey-mobile has broken down and Abi says that she can borrow Kev's car because she's an NHS hero. Edison says he's going to organise a family Zoom party for their anniversary.

Meanwhile, Bernie finds out that Rick's watch is worth £400. Wasn't the watch attached to, like, Rick's skeletal wrist? Anyway, she tells Sarah it's worth £500 but she can have it for £100 £80 £50. I think Gumtree might be a better bet, chuck. She foolishly tells Brian that she didn't tell him that she found a watch and she's sold it on. Coincidentally, Gary comes into the Kabin and apologises to Brian (blaming the ol' PTSD) for smashing Brian's metal detector and he finds out about the watch and who has it now.

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coconno196 said...

Someone as greedy as Bernie would never sell the watch for 10% of its value! Think how useful the money would be to Gemma and the quads. And why does Sarah want it?

Anonymous said...

Why do you think? The Gary killed Rick theory. She doesn't really want it, but it's evidence

Anonymous said...

No wonder Nick needed Carla to run the factory,Sarah is never there!
She's too busy playing 'detective'.
As for Rick's watch,then surely Sarah would have the sense to give it to the police?Otherwise she could be arrested for tampering with evidence.
Then again this is Sarah who's not exactly the brains of the family and whom I think still has feelings for Gary.

coconno196 said...

Well, the soap police are pretty dim, but it is ridiculous for Adam and Sarah not to report finding this evidence. Plus, accusing Gary to his face only makes them potential victims.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I love Paula Wilcox and she's doing her best with her character. But I still can't believe that Elaine, who is clearly still terrified (she changed her name), would come in person to the Street to help Yasmeen, risking seeing Geoff and Tim. She'd contact the police and ask for the name of Yasmeen's solicitor. I wonder if Tim will start to wonder whether his father deliberately kept him semi-literate as a way of controlling him.

Sue said...

Bad move from Elaine/Phillipa telling Alya who she is. With Alya’s track record she is likely to go stomping up to Geoff and shout in his face everything she has just found out.

coconno196 said...

Some inconsistencies with social distancing. Alya and Ryan walking 2 metres apart, but don't they live together? Also, how can Bernie just walk into the factory? Even pre-lockdown, wouldn't the door be locked for security and health and safety reasons?

Jan said...

But the actors that play Ryan and Alya don’t live together (as far as I know) hence they have to socially distance when working together.
Things are bound to look a bit odd here and there but it can’t be helped.

Tilly Flop said...

I agree Jan. I think Corrie are doing a marvelous job. Surely everyone understands this had to be done this way? I think they've done really well up to now, all things considered

maggie muggins said...

I always enjoy your write-ups, Rachel! Insightful and funny!

I'm kind of enjoying the physical distancing. It seems to be allowing the actors to fill out their performance to a larger space, not relying so much on the reaction of the person next to them. Sure has a different feel, but not the disaster I expected.

I did giggle at the 'Katie Oates Memorial' dig. I remember all the complaints about how we'd now have constant hospital and police scenes. Which we are, but they feel less contrived now.

Rachel Stevenson said...

Thanks Maggie!


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