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Tuesday 22 September 2009

Send Off: Fri Sept 18, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Jayne Hollinson (7:30) and Peter Whalley (8:30), directed by John Anderson.

Well, there's a few send-offs this double episode. Kevin and Sally get ready for their holiday, much to Molly's chagrin. Molly and Kevin manage to sneak in a last minute rendezvous almost causing Kevin to miss his flight. But alas, Kevin and Sally head off on their happy-couple holiday. Bon voyage!

It's Jack's moving day and he's not sure how comfortable Connie would feel about him bringing "Vera" (her ashes and urn) with him. Connie soothes his worries, and tells him that of course he can bring Vera. Jack is off, and Tyrone couldn't be more upset, the poor thing.

Tyrone isn't only upset with Jack's leaving, but also with Molly's miserable attitude as of late. He tells her that she needs to fix her attitude or Jack won't be the only one leaving. Wow, way to grow a pair, Tyrone! Although, he doesn't look too sure that he has.

Our next send-off is Ramsay. Yes, he's already passed, but we haven't quite sent him off proper yet, have we? Norris gets into a panic when it's time to go to the funeral, and makes a switch decision not to go. Rita convinces him that if he cannot go for Ramsay's sake, to at least go for Emily's. This works, and they're off.

Who was it that said that even the number of people who attend your funeral will depend on the weather? I can't remember, but it was a nice day for Ramsay's funeral, that's for sure. Norris' eulogy was nicely done, but the whole day was a bit much for Emily who retired early. Speaking of retiring, Ramsay's funeral got Rita thinking about her own life, and now she's decided to retire from her station at The Kabin. Will this be the end of an era?

Our last send-off is London-bound Amber, off to university. Dev, the proud parent, watches her leave the street in a cab through blurry eyes. As Amber rounds the corner of Victoria Street, she looks longingly at the Kebab Shop and sobs into a tissue.

Not only were there send-offs this double episode, but a few returns too. Leanne has decided to return to Peter. She's back in the bookies flat as though she'd been there all her life. There are only going to be more ups and downs for this couple, surely. But, as Peter would put it "we'll make it work." Good luck.

Another return, or replacement is in the cards for Eileen. Lloyd can see how down Eileen is after her burglary. Eileen's mostly upset about the burglar stealing her tele, hence interrupting her regularly scheduled programming. I feel your pain, Eileen. So, the cabbie crew play a gag joke on her by collecting and delivering to her a bunch of old electronic devices in hopes they'd replace those that were stolen from her. Well, Eileen's not having any of this and sends them away! Then they come back with the "real" gift. It's a plasma television! Eileen all the sudden couldn't be more grateful. But, Jesse, on the other hand asks if there's not a dvd player as well? Honestly, there's just no satisfying some.


- When Sally tells Sophie that Rosie will be keeping an eye on things when they are gone, Sophie spits back that the only thing Rosie keeps an eye on is her reflection. Zing!
- Jack Duckworth's good advice: Next time you think of storing something in the loft, just chuck it! So true, don't horde!
- Sally's pearl of wisdom to her daughter: "Sometimes the longer that you're with someone, the less you know what is going on inside their head." She rarely says anything profound, so I thought I'd highlight that.
- Tyrone growing a pair and giving Molly the talking back she deserves about her attitude! Go Tyrone! If only he knew...
- Blanche telling Norris that she had nothing bad to say about Ramsay, 'cept for the fact that he had Norris for a brother. That Blanche and I, cut from the same cloth, I tell ya.


- Molly so jealous of Kevin and Sally's vacation that she purposely makes Kevin late for his flight. Naughty girl!
- Norris trying to back out of Ramsay's funeral! What a despicable little man!
- Amber going off to university! Does this mean we won't see much of her? Oh well. I think I'm more torn than Darryl.
- Eileen unappreciative of her friend's gesture with the old electronics! It was the thought that counts. Oh well, at least she's not phony!

For those who enjoy the scenic route, check out the full review scene-by-scene here.


Tvor said...

Molly is really turnining into a bitch isn't she? So much for her being the victim that Fiz bullied in school. She's sure turned the other cheek!

Llifon said...

Nice touch to hear Hilda Ogden's name by Jack. Nice to see Emily in the limelight.

Walzing Matilda said...

Had enough of Norris's pinched sour little face, need to move on from this story now. Probate would take months and months, especially from a solicitor the other side of the world, but I am sure in soap land, this will be granted within days.


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