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Friday 11 September 2009

Judgment Day: Thu Sept 10, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Martin Allen, directed by Alan Wareing.

It's Becky's day in court, and she bids her goodbyes to all. She finally finishes all on the menu at Roy's Rolls, gives a heartfelt goodbye to Amy, and even receives a genuine hug goodbye from Liz. Oh, and has a nasty word or two for Kelly. Steve takes her to the court, and when they arrive they are told that her case has been dropped. Later, back at home, they question why it was dropped. Becky figures Hooch is a dirty copper and must have something up his sleeve. But, for the time being, they drink to her freedom!

At the bookie's flat, Peter goes to feed Leanne (the rabbit) one morning and realizes quickly that Leanne (the rabbit) has gone to rabbit heaven. He wants to replace the rabbit before Simon notices, but Blanche convinces him to tell Simon the truth. Peter tells Simon the truth about Leanne (the rabbit), and Simon is understandably upset. Simon asks if Leanne (the rabbit) is in heaven with his mum. Peter realises that Simon is still very bereft over his mother, and needs a mother's love. Blanche tells him that Simon's got a father's love, and it's just as important. Very nice warm scenes, these were.

Pam helps Jesse advertise online for a new Hiyalowa. She's also been working on her "Bill the Builder" marketing campaign, which includes new Bob-the-Builder-esque dungarees and cap. Jason comes out modelling them doing a little show, when Leon stops by and takes this in with interest. How long is this going to go on before someone tells both of them the truth about the gay-interest-mix-up?

Amber comes into the kebab shop going on about a college going-away party for someone named "College Jeff" f.k.a. "Dandruff Jeff" - they don't call him that anymore, he's cool now. Darryl is intimidated by her brainy mates. Minnie encourages him to make Amber take him seriously about them living together in London. Darryl tries to do this, but to no avail. Amber is a woman with her mind set. They can visit each other on weekends - and they'll be fine. Will they?


- Liz putting down her distaste for Becky and giving her a heartfelt goodbye. She'd really do anything for her Stevey-boy!
- Becky and Steve and their romantic "till death do us part" moment before they signed in at the courts. Like Romeo and Juliet.
- Peter being an outstanding father to Simon, and Blanche warmly commending him for it. Peter and Blanche really do have a very close, loving relationship. As if she were really his Gran all his life. Nice to see Blanche's warm side every once in a while too!
- Jason dressed in those orange dungarees and yellow cap! Priceless -see image below.


- Becky having to tell poor little Amy about her predicament. It's really hard have to disappoint a child. Almost had to get out the box of tissues for this scene!
- Becky telling off Kelly. Kelly was rude to her, but still, it was too mean. Kelly WAS a good friend at one point, before Becky screwed her over. She should have just dropped it.
- Poor Leanne (the rabbit) having to pass away. So sad when pets die. Poor little Simon!
- Poor Darryl, who's clearly getting ousted from Amber's "new" University life plan. Ah, young love.

For those who enjoy the scenic route, check out the complete review, scene by scene here.


Tvor said...

ha! I took that exact screen shot of Jason too!

Tvor said...

Becky screwed over Kelly but has since apologized over and over. Yet Kelly never tires of getting a dig in, so i applauded Becky's putting Kelly firmly in her place. Kelly has always been a nasty piece of work and has always been a bit of a cheap tart, and not in a good way. Becky's insults about Kelly getting grope up the ginnel are pretty spot on since we've seen Kelly do just that (Tom was the last one, i think)

Yoork said...

@ Tvor - fantastic, isn't it? I loved his little strut/dance, reminded me of that Saturday Night Fever scene with the paint cans.

No, Kelly never tires, but I think Becky's words were really cutting. She could have just called her a tart and left it at that. Maybe I'm just sensitive!


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