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Saturday 19 September 2009

Compulsive Scumbag: Thu Sept 17, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Martin Allen, directed by John Anderson.

Leanne stays the night at Peter's, and even has breakfast with him and Simon in the morning. Well, at breakfast, Simon mentions that Leanne was nicer than Naomi and Michelle. Er, Michelle? Now Leanne's suspicious. She sees Michelle in the street and fools her into thinking that she already knows about the two of them, so Michelle divulges. Only, Peter never told Leanne anything, and Michelle ended up confirming Leanne's suspicions. Leanne confronts Peter later and calls him a compulsive lair, compulsive cheater and a compulsive scumbag.

Blanche finds out about what happened from Peter and has a talk with Leanne. She says she can't blame Leanne for dumping Peter, but if she is going to leave him, make sure it's final. Since, there is little Simon to think about and it's not healthy for him to have Leanne in and out of his life all the time. Oh, that Blanche and her pearls of wisdom.

Michelle's back and stirring up even more trouble. This time for Rosie and Luke. Well, really Rosie. Rosie's not happy to see Michelle back and keeps Luke firmly under her thumb. Luke seems more than happy to see Michelle back, however. We know how this will end!

Sally's dusting off the suitcases and making preparations for her and Kevin's two-week holiday. Kevin tries to squeeze in a quickie with Molly at a motel before his holiday begins. Molly isn't too happy about only getting one hour of his time whilst Sally gets two weeks. Molly isn't happy with being just a "bit-on-the-side" but Kevin talks her into meeting him at the hotel. Unfortunately for these torrid lovers, their rendez-vous coincides with Jack's going-away drinks at the Rovers. How will they ever keep themselves together?

Good news, Jesse's van has been found, plus John returned! Jesse thinks it's a "miracle." Eileen doesn't agree. She'd rather have her tele back.

Finally, Norris and Emily are making preparations for Ramsay's funeral and wake. Emily mentions that they don't have anyone to give the eulogy and suggests that Norris give it, since he is Ramsay's brother after all. After some prodding, Norris says that he can "knock something together" after all.
- Little Simon's face at the sight of Leanne back on the street. So precious.
- Leanne throwing at egg at Peter that cracks on his forehead, and Janice's snickering in the background.
- Blanche determining that "Yoghurt" is the most revolting name for a pudding she's ever heard.
- Blanche's good advice that she's doled out to Leanne regarding Simon's welfare.
- John finding his way back into Jesse's arms! "Reunited and it feels so goooood."

- Peter Barlow getting himself in a jamb with his lies again! When WILL he ever learn?
- Kevin treating Sally like crap and ruining her pre-holiday joy.
- More conflict between Rosie and Michelle. Vapid vs. Insipid. Let the fight begin!
- Luke as a wet-hanky of a man. Using Rosie, but not enough guts to go after Michelle. 'Eck, he needs to grow a pair, IMHO.
- Norris's lack of enthusiasm over delivering Ramsay's eulogy. I didn't even want to waste a bullet point on him, but alas, I did.

For those who enjoy the scenic route, check out the full review scene-by-scene here.


John said...

Exactly when did Janice move flats? I am sure she didn't live above the butchers shop before now, but behind the taxi firm. Also, isn't it strange that as she does I don't think we've ever seen her in the shop.

Tvor said...

Janice has always lived over the Victoria Street shops. The flat hse lives is was originally occupied by Duggie Fergusson. Martin lived over the kebab shop (though it was the DIY shop and then bakery back then). Roy and Hayley of course live over the cafe. Lloyd lives over the Taxi office and has for quite awhile.

John said...

I never realised that. We've seen the street level entrance to her flat, which presumably is meant to be at the back of the shops. I always thought that was somewhere else.

Unknown said...

I was actually wondering the same thing too, John. I thought she'd lived over the kebab shop for some reason actually.

Thanks for clearing it up TVOR!


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