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Thursday 17 September 2009

Bounce Back: Mon Sept 14, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Joe Turner, directed by John Anderson.

Peter hears from Blanche that Leanne is back on the street, staying with Janice. He manages to bump into her and asks her to lunch - then dinner. Dinner at his, things go swimmingly as it's apparent that both of them still have a lot of feelings (and attraction) for each other. Curtains, drawn. Will this reunited bliss last for long? Michelle climbs out of a cab and back on the street. Oh, joy.

Eileen gets robbed by a gent that Sean had brought back to the house the night before from a club. Everything was taken including Jesse's van, and John, his parrot. Well, at least that's what Jesse thinks. Eileen opened John's cage to feed him when she realised she'd been robbed and didn't realise he'd sauntered off, nor did she come clean about it! Tsk, Eileen. Eileen looks to the heavens and asks "why me?" Don't we all want to know!

Jack decides to move to Connie's soon and he also decides that he's not taking anything from the Old Rectory with him. He's going to give all of his items to Molly and Tyrone, as Vera would have preferred it that way. Molly tears up at the thought of Jack moving out. So nice to see "nice" Molly. As opposed to "devious-adulterous-pouting" Molly! Whom we also get to see this episode. Molly and Kevin arrange a clandestine meeting, but it's halted when Sally announces that Rosie is paying for her and Kevin to go on a holiday and wants Kevin at home that night with a bottle of wine. Molly is NOT happy. Let's just say that she's added a new voodoo doll to her collection. One complete with a low-cut top, a short skirt and a hollow head.

Joe is on the up-and-up, working his part-time job, taking on spare jobs, and even getting back into his old kitchen-fitting turf. When is that loan going to come back to haunt him? Anyway, for now all is doing well. It's actually nice to see a confident and "zen" Gail. Even if she is borderline delusional.

Amber finds out that Darryl saw her kissing Mitch the night before. Darryl wants it over between the two of them, figuring there's no future anyway. Amber tries to fight for him, but loses. Ah, young love. This is the end of "Damber" as far as we know it, folks.


- Simon and Peter bouncing around their flat, "Barlow Men bounce back." Cute scene.
- Blanche soaking her feet in Deirdre's washing-up bucket. Lol. "My feet are clean."
- Sally referring to the holiday they got paid for by Rosie as a "refund" on the money they spent on her education. LOL.
- Gail's new confident "zen." I'm really liking it on her! Better than her whimpering worry-wart old self.
- Joe coming home, pulling out a wad of cash from his front pocket and telling Gail to "stick that in your kitty!" That was naughty, Mr. Turner!


- Leanne lying to Peter about having a boyfriend, and not coming back to the street for him, and the strong SUL (stiff-upper-lip) she's sporting. If you like him, just say so! What's with the games?
- Eileen not coming clean about her being the one who lost John the Parrot! She didn't even check outside to see if he'd gone far! Poor John!
- Eileen getting robbed. It really sucks to get robbed. I'd know - I just got robbed recently!
- Sean's self-deprecating about not having a boyfriend. He just had a relationship not too long ago. If he lowered his standards a bit, he'd do quite well.
- Ugh, Molly and Kevin's flirting. I still CANNOT believe the chemistry between them. After all this time now.
- The end of "Damber." Oh wells. Do you think Minnie and Darryl will get together now?
- Michelle's snotty arrival back on the street. Gawd....can't wait.

For those who prefer the scenic route, check out the full review scene-by-scene here.

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