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Saturday 26 September 2009

Corrie - 25 Sept 09: Catfights and spotlights

Last night's Coronation Street was by far the best I've seen in a very, very long time. Parties usually throw up the opportunity for the writers to really shine and last night was no exception.

Graeme Proctor's cack-handed (not to mention, cack-shoed!) pursuit of the seldom-seen-kid, Natasha Blakeman, was hilarious - and she gave as good as she got. For crying out loud, let's see those two sharing more scenes soon!

Catfights are a contractual obligation when scripting a Corrie party and these days, it's usually Rosie Webster who manages to end up on her backside in the gutter. Whilst Teresa Morton did the honours last time around, last night it was Michelle Connor's turn to drag her out onto the cobbles. Rosie may have knocked her... er ahem... knockers ("two fried eggs" - haha!), but Michelle at least proved she's got balls. Nice to see her refrain from moaning/crying/being the victim since her return.

But it was Teresa Morton who delighted. Her random dance moves and sharp banter stole the show. Referring to Piers Morgan, she stated, "I'm not racist, but... red faces make me heave!" More please and thank you. [Sky Clearbrook]


Llifon said...

I prefered the first installment, rather than the second. I believe it was due to the majority of the cast being under 30 from 8.30 to 9.

Anonymous said...

Completely agree. Loved last night's eps! Sore point for me was the fight between Michelle & Rosie, and Michelle's snogging Luke in front of her son - what's happened to her? Otherwise thoroughly enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

Thoroughly enjoyed it - especially the scenes where the slapper got slapped :)

Walzing Matilda said...

Enjoyed it but thought the "catfight" a bit staged especilaly with Rosie being "thrown" onto the cobbles. Why didnt Gary Windass go to the party rather than his mother, he is more their age group? Thought Tina is turning into a right old nag. Disagee about Theresa, find her pointless and embarrasing. The dancing at the party was hilarious!

Raymonda said...

I loved last night episode. Graeme was the star for me with his awful banter, but I was rather hoping that Rosie had won the fight as she has developed the habit of losing them all too often.

Are they setting up Michelle to be the new Liz with her mutton dressed as lamb act?

Sky Clearbrook said...

I think the thing about Teresa is that I've never been particularly enamoured by her, but it was the pointlessness and randomness of her conversation/behaviour that I found refreshingly enjoyable.

I think the writers simply wanted to have a bit of fun with her in last night's episode and, for me, it worked. I just really liked the fact that it was a little more "off the wall" than recent Corrie fayre.

For some reason, Teresa Morton is endlessly compared to Cliia Battersby-Brown. I really felt she was embarrassing and pointless; I was delighted when I heard she was leaving a couple of years back.

Roxanne said...

I loved last night's episode- perfect corrie for me. More understated brilliance from eileen derbyshire and malcolm hebden. I love the scene in which eileen revealed how much she knew about ramsay when she explained the provenance of the watch. Graeme was as brill as ever- and i enjoyed theresa for once too. Rosie Webster. Oh for gods sake, confine her to Hollyoaks. Helen can't act, and the character is awful. Oh, it's the get dressed up in tarty clothes to pull a man storyline is it again? Ho hum. I especially loved the Smiths reference when fizz was talking to kirk, and the whole wedding stresses were going on: "I Started Something I Couldn't finish" from the album 'Strangeways Here we Come'.. very apt.

Tvor said...

I always enjoy Teresa. She's a horrible person but the actress is absolutely top shelf. I've enjoyed the sister act between Rosie and Sophie this week too.


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