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Saturday 25 October 2008

Corrie writer profile: Martin Allen

Martin Allen's first Coronation Street episode was shown in December 1996.

He's also written for other telly shows including Bad Girls, Touch & Go and Resurrected. Bad Girls starred Debra Stephenson who went on to play Frankie Baldwin in Corrie. The show also starred Amanda Barrie who played Corrie's Alma Baldwin.

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Anonymous said...

Just a pity that the writers have left the real world and gone to cloud cuckoo land. One thing I hate is over contrived scripts let down by rubbish writing and poor research. Just to let you the writers no. Never! Never! would a prisoner on remand (Gail) be sharing a cell with a convicted prisoner (Tracy). So I suggest you as a team start getting it right or trust me I can see you losing lots of viewers who will move to the self confessed cuckoo land of Eastenders. For Christ's sake get your research right!

Anonymous said...

Get another person to play the role of Tina and have it that this baby could have been Tommy's baby, who knows, she could have been pregnant before she got paid to do this for Izzy & Gary. And please if you can make it that Karl is found out for this fire and killing Sunita, before he drives Dev crazy or even kills him...too much violence on Corrie Street and it wasn't a show like this in the was such a nice comical show with the everyday goings on...just keep the murder out of it!
And as far as Tracy, she can leave the show again, she is not one bit interesting to name a few...I have watched Corrie Street as a young lady and now the age of 52, never missed a show! But if some things don't start to change, I may switch to the other soaps, and I am in Nova Scotia Canada and want to see changes for the better!

Anonymous said...

Could Coronation Street scripts writers please concentrate on cheering us all up during this terrible pandemic

Anonymous said...

As a rule I am not a coronation street or other soaps follower or watch it but my wife watches the two soaps on ITV and from time to time I watch an episode.

To be perfectly frank from what I see the story lines and writing are total nonsense and way over the top, I think they like to over dramatise the stories and cover as many topics as possible to win ratings, the other thing that makes the programs even more stupid is the writers copy story lines from each other, for example if there is a huge fire in one of the soaps two weeks later the other soap happen to have a similar incident or if someone goes to prison then the same thing happens on the other program, i have not seen any neighbourhood, village or town to have as many characters to have affairs with each other or any weddings actually go to plan without someone dying or being killed and goodness knows how many children are born out of affaird.

For the sake of reality get a grip and stop writing so much nonsense these programs be it that they are drama they do have an affect on normal everyday lives of people as there are many young impressionable people watching these soaps.


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