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Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Coronation Street Weekly Update, October 6 2008

Hello, it’s me, I’m back. A million thanks go to John Dean and Richard Whitbread for writing the updates while I was on my jollies. I had a wonderful break but as you can tell by the lateness of this weekly update, I’m not yet back to routine. All that will change next week when the updates will come out again, as usual, each Monday evening. And now, without any further ado, here we go with this week’s Coronation Street update.

Janice, as they say, is bricking it. She and Leanne set up a bank account in the name of Rosie Webster to deposit the factory girls’ twenty five grand lottery win. Just what can go wrong? First off, Darryl spots a bank statement addressed to Rosie in Janice’s letterbox so he takes it and pops it into the Webster’s instead, and that’s when Janice’s troubles begin. Leanne’s brazing it out, as she does, desperate to get her hands on the cash to hand over to Dan to buy the bookie shop so he’ll stay on the Street and not leave her. Janice was hoping to splash her half on a chip supper and a new shell suit but it looks like neither of them will spend a penny now. The police are called in, questions are asked and Sally sheds tears at Kevin who isn’t too fussed that his daughter’s disappeared and Rosie’s disappearance is top chat on the cobbles. No one knows where the Weatherfield Barbie has gone, she would be in Moscow or Magaluf but she’s probably in the chippy on Rosamund Street. Best line of the week went to Sally Webster, apropos of nowt when she said to her Kev: “You think I’m a trophy wife, don’t you?”

Not that Tony’s giving much thought to Rosie’s whereabouts as he takes Carla, Liam and Maria away for a weekend. As the girls stay at th’otel for their spa experience (aka reading cheap magazines, feet up on a foot stool wearing towels on their heads) Tony drags Liam to stare at stalactites (tights might come down) and stalacmites (and they might go up again) in a cave. He’s frightened of heights, is Liam, but he should be more scared of Tony Gordon, who’s out for revenge at Liam and Carla after finding out about their little fling via the video on Rosie’s mobile phone. Inside the cave, Liam’s holding on for dear life in a damp, wet cavern while Tony asks him to be his best man at the wedding. Liam can’t think of anything he’d like less but agrees because he doesn’t want to seem rude. Tony then rings his brother to tell him he won’t need him as his best man as Liam the schmuck will now do the job.

News reaches Jason that Sarah might be coming back from Italy soon. He’s all excited and starts making plans, forgetting that he’s moving into a new flat with Becky. Poor Becky. She paints her hopes and dreams into the fabric of that flat, it’s all she’s ever wanted, a proper home of her own with a postcode she remembers off by heart, living with a fella she loves. But when she finds out that Jason wants to get back with Sarah, she leaps at him across the bar of the Rovers and gives him what for. He deserves it, mind you. “You’re a waste of paint,” Becky yells at Jason, flinging a jasmine candle after him as he leaves the flat through the newly decorated door. Eileen’s not happy when she finds out the news. “I’m a married man,” Jason protests to his mum as he packs to save his marriage in Milan. “You’re a dimwitted fool,” she replies. Ooh, she’s good, is Eileen. Becky then goes on a rampage, smashing a window of a travel agent offering cheap Italian deals before she gets bladdered in a pub and nicks some girl’s purse. Steve McDonald finds her later, lying drunk on the pavement, and he takes her to Roy’s where Mr Cropper practises first aid as best as he can.

Elsewhere this week, Gail’s got more on her mind than the possible return of her daughter when she canoodles with Tina’s dad, Joe in a van on the Street. Joe offers David a job, helping him fit kitchens. David accepts and Gail gets a warm glow.

And finally, Molly’s Aunty Pam helps Tyrone raise cash for the wedding fund when she flogs some cheap watches in a pub. Tyrone’s her stooge for the act, pretending he’s interested in buying a watch so that the lads in the pub will all buy one too. And that’s when their wrists turn green.

And that’s just about that for this week.

Coronation Street writers this week were Peter Whalley, David Lane, Simon Crowther, Carmel Morgan and Joe Turner.

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