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Tuesday 4 March 2008

Coronation Street Weekly Update, March 3 2008

Greetings and welcome to another weekly update. The update's a little late this week as I've been away on me spring jollies. And so, without any further ado, here we go with this week’s Coronation Street update.

This was the week when Jamie and Violet did a runner with the lickle baby, leaving their flat empty and Sean in tears. Violet even chucked her mobile phone out of the car window on the motorway when Sean wouldn’t stop calling her to find out why they’d cut and run. Poor Sean, I really felt for him this week and tears sprung to my eyes when Sean broke down in the flat and in tears at losing his son. I never thought I’d say this, but for once, voting for Antony Cotton as Best Actor in the British Soap Awards could be justified as he really pulled a blinder. Marcus does his best and presents Sean with a framed photo of him with his new baby son, while Ken dishes up strong coffee and sage advice in Roy’s Rolls. And Ken should know about such things. Between Ken and Dev, the two of them must have fathered half of Weatherfield between them. And just because I should mention it, I will - with Jamie Baldwin having left Corrie, it’s the first time Coronation Street has been Baldwin-free for very many long years.

Over at the Rovers, Ryan moves out to live with uncle Liam and his new bride Maria, her that’s got th’bun in th’oven and not much going on in t’head. Alex moves in to the pub, takes Ryan’s place at the tea table and in Michelle’s heart while Steve continues to roll his eyes and tut. Why he doesn’t put his foot down I’ll never know. I know I would have done so by now. Michelle won’t hand Alex back to Wendy his real mum just yet and it looks like she might never do so.

David’s teenage hormones all over the place, one minute he’s madly in love with Tina and the next he’s sulking in the shed with Darryl Morton. I like Darryl a lot, he’s as quirky as Kirky and almost as loveable as a certain Mr Watts was. Curleh-Kirkeh, if you like. Anyone who lives in a shed is all right by me, anyway, and those of you who know me, know that I’d love to get into that shed and hang red checky curtains at the window. But somehow I don’t see Darryl as a red checky curtains sort of a boy. Anyway, back to David. He gets Tina’s name tattooed on his arm, which was painful and a relief she wasn’t called Elizabeth. Darryl also gets tattooed but the pain of it prevents him from having the word England engraved onto his back and he has to make do with the embarrassment of an E that turns out looking like an L because that’s all he could stand before the pain proved too much. Tina’s not fussed about the tattoo and puts it down to David being tattoo immature for words. So as David’s in the shed with Darryl, moaning about Tina, Tina’s at Gail’s house with Gail, moaning about being pregnant with David’s devil child. Oh yes, you read that bit right. Tina, played by cracking young actress Michelle Keegan, is pregnant by Platt. Gail tells Audrey and they gossip and whisper and decide not to tell David that he’s going to be a dad, not until Tina decides what she’s going to do. And who’s this mysterious Matt, her ex-boyfriend, who’s taken to driving her around in his jam jar?

Over at Underworld, Wiki catches Kelly nicking knickers. They’re rejects anyway and Kelly sees nowt wrong, in fact, she calls it recycling to save the planet. But Wiki warns her that if Mrs Connor catches her she’ll stamp her carbon footprint on Kelly’s behind as she boots her out of the factory door.

And in the pizza place in the precinct, Leanne’s feeling down as the place isn’t making much cash and Paul’s none too happy either. He’s got Dan Mason breathing down his neck wanting his cash back that he paid out to Paul on Jack’s betting slip win. Mind you, Dan’s got other things on his mind when his date with Kelly goes awry after she goes off with Harry the boss bookie. He’s older, wiser, more sophisticated and as he reminds Kelly, he’s the organ grinder not the monkey. And there’s a lot to be said for not going out with a monkey.

And that’s just about that for this week.

Coronation Street writers this week were Mark Wardlow, Jayne Hollinson, Lucy Gannon and Carmel Morgan.

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