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Saturday, 8 March 2008

FAQ: How far behind is the show in Canada?

One of the frequently asked questions that's coming through at the minute is how far behind the episodes being show in Canada are.

I asked my Canadian Corrie counterpart and she's advised that Canada is approx. nine months behind the episodes shown in the UK. However, this will slip again by another couple of weeks when CBC starts to show the Summer Olympics.

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Anonymous said...

Its not how far behind we are that counts to me but "why this is so"?

Flaming Nora said...

I guess you need to ask the CBC about that one!

Luresearch said...

I have written to the CBC a couple times...I think the first time they listened to me and we got within 6 weeks of the UK!! They need to double up episodes (one hour every night). I don't mind being a bit behind but FLAMING NORA 9 months is a bit much don't you think??

Anonymous said...

Hello from Saskatoon!
The CBC had a very bad habit of taking Coronation Street right OFF the schedule instead of playing it at a different time of the day, whenever there was a special event on tv such as the Olympics or Stanley Cup playoffs or World Series Baseball (back when CBC actually aired baseball). So Corrie got further and further behind. The CBC tried doubling up the episodes a couple of years ago but stopped. I hope they start doing that again. I cheated and YouTubed the tram crash.
Hope that helps!
Ryan C, Saskatoon
Lapsed Corrie Watcher

Devils Advocate said...

Corrie is so far behind on CBC because there are just too many commercials on the CBC - funny that. It's taxpayer funded!

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