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Tuesday 6 February 2024

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 5th February


Steve is back from gay Paree and wants to prepare un dejeuner romantique  for Tracy-luv, a sort of European smorgasbord of French things, Italian things and mostly vino collapso. Unbeknownst to him Tracy is having une heure d'amour avec Tommy O in the florist. Tommy is less interested in his football fanboys and more in the ladies of the street (and their colour charts); it can't be long until he and Sally are trysting in the hot tub. She is busy picking out colour schemes (please let her create a mood board) for the lounge: she wants "modern rustic with a bit of zhuzh and a touch of tropical spice" and thinks "Pulsating Ochre" (or "Drowning In Hotpot" as Tim renames it) will do the trick.

Meanwhile Steve turns up at Preston's Petals and has no suspicions re: the fact that Tracy and Tommy are in there alone with the door locked and in fact invites Tommy to join them as the dejeuner a deux turns into a love triangle. Edith Piaf is playing in the background but it seems Tommy and Tracy regret beaucoup.


I'm very much enjoying the Orpington storyline, not just Tracy's peccadillo, but his interactions with everyone on the street bring a much needed levity to an episode's proceedings. Plus the actor has a lot more range than I thought he had - the character's previous outings were a bit one-note. Also, he is very easy on the eye and since Imran (always in our hearts) departed and Peter sailed off into the sunset, there's been a bit of a dearth of age-appropriate males to look at.

It's Sarah's bday and Gail is still complaining about her daughter's relationship with Brylcreem baddie Damon. "You're going to have to get used to me and Damon being together," Sarah tells her, but I think that depends on how long his contract is for. As a special birthday gift, Damon is moving into Redbank, which Adam fumes at but he knows he has an ace, maybe a king and queen too, up his sleeve as super-sleuth Deedee comes up with something about gun residue which might release, and unleash, Harvey. She gets this idea from Joel banging on about the JFK assassination. I think being a Kennedy conspiracist is enough for her to dump him, never mind the upcoming storyline. Damon is still, shall we say, a rough diamond though as he attempts to get Ed more money from the insurance company by filling in the form with items that were actually removed by the bailiffs - until Deedee spots this.
Also, god knows I've been working from home for the last 4 years. but surely working from the sofa isn't a good look for a solicitors. Just hire a corner in a communal working space, Adam!
Coronation Street spoilers - Daisy faces heartbreak over Bethany's return

After attempting to get the goss from firstly Daniel, then Gail, Bethany chats up Lauren with the aim of finding out about the catfishing that Daisy pulled on Ryan so she can write up the story for Chit-Chat magazine. To be honest, I'd've thought the Stefan Brent House of Publishing would be camped out on the street given all the murders, arson, tram crashes, adulterous affairs and so forth that go on.
And finally, in chip off the old block news, Leanne tells Simon to go home after he turns up at the Bistro hungover, so he goes to his spiritual home, The Rovers, and causes a drunken nuisance until Leanne is called to take him home. I did like Glenda dressed as a Quality Street sweet in these scenes.

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Anonymous said...

The Tracy\Tommy affair storyline is pathetic!
This is the third time that the writers had a character have an affair with their interior decorator.First Sally then Deidre and now Tracy?!Is that the best the writers can do?

Anonymous said...

Great stuff from Steve, Tracy, Tommy O, Tim, Sally and even Ken and Amy. Clever puns, daft paint colours. At the same time I feel genuinely sorry for Steve. I hope Tracy appreciates his efforts and that the marriage survives. Tommy seems basically a nice bloke and I can't see him continuing the affair after Steve opened up his heart.

Bobby Dazzler said...

I don't understand why Bethany doesn't write about her uncle Stephen and his murders. Someone should profit from his crimes..she doesn't sound like she's above it.

Sharon Boothroyd said...

I agree that Tommy O is easy the eye!
I think Kate Ford has quite a following with male fans as well.
I'm pretty sure that Joel will turn out to be Lauren's mystery fella especially as the spoilers say that Dee Dee will be heartbroken.
I can't wait for Simon to exit and when are Amy and Addi going to get together?
Lee-anne and Nick are getting married again?
That's the fourth time for them two, isn't it?
Of course, there'll be drama with The Platts on the wedding day... there always is on wedding days, apart from on Gary and Maria's, when were in the mist of covid.


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