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Saturday 10 February 2024

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 9 February 2024

Welcome.  Well for various reasons I have not been around much recently and in the interim ITV have brought back "Wheel of Fortune" sadly without the incomparable Jenny Powell.  In Weatherfield the "Wheel of Four Tales" has turned again and there is not much good fortune around this evening.  Damon has moved in, Sarah has moved on and Adam has motivation coming out of his ears.  When Harvey hears the flimsy grounds for an appeal which Adam has concocted he makes it clear that Damon goes nowhere until he is free.  Adam concludes that the only way to ensure Harvey is a free man is for a straw man to admit to Natasha's murder.  Damon wants Adam's name off the title for the flat and the divorce finalised.  Adam and Sarah meet to discuss the divorce and splitting the assets - he wants to sell the flat and split the proceeds but Sarah does not want to lose her home and it goes downhill from there.

In one of my moments of disbelief it would appear that Nina has a new look - and has she run that promotion past Roy?  Adam still only wants the three hot drinks!

Simon appears to stink of booze once again this morning and Leanne decrees that he does not go to work and should stay out of Nick's way.  Leanne cannot get Simon to talk and he refuses to admit that he is drinking more than is allowed by the medical profession.  Simon assures Leanne that he is not Peter - but Leanne's face implies the complete opposite.  We are repeatedly told that Sam has a chess competition tomorrow.  Later Bobby arranges a small gathering of Summer, Lauren, Nina to have a few drinks in Carla's flat to cheer Simon up.  Bobby tries to chat up Lauren but gets nowhere and they look at a cocktail - Haymaker - but it all looks a bit dodgy.  The gathering does not go well- Lauren denies there is anyone else and Nina extols the upside of the single life as she breaks down in tears.  Simon settles down to drown his sorrows once they all leave.

Steve has prepared another romantic lunch for Tracy but Amy arrives and asks questions.  Steve explains and then receives a text message to say that Tracy is held up at the flower market and will not be making lunch.  Steve is disappointed.  And later Tim winds him up further in the Rovers by revealing that Tommy O will be arriving later to decorate the house.  Steve also reveals that Tracy is no longer interested in marital relations - which is depressing him but Tim reckons she will soon snap back to normal.

Joel arrives at the solicitors and Dee Dee is too busy for lunch and to meet a new client so he offers to take the meeting in her place.  As he takes details another lady - whom it appears is called Emily - appears and takes a seat at the table.  (In the photo Emily is on the left, Joel in the middle and the erstwhile client is on the right).  Emily scares off the client and Joel assures Emily repeatedly now and again on the phone later that he will "sort it".  However what "it" might be is not mentioned.  Dee Dee and Joel have a minor misunderstanding and she has not realised that he seems to be pre-occupied - he uses the chance to assure her they are not breaking up and that he is falling in love with her.  

Bethany pretends to assist Lauren with her essay and with her phone in secret record mode gets Lauren to spill the beans on Daisy, Ryan, catfishing and no doubt much else as Bethany loves gossip (and so does "Chit Chat" magazine).  Bethany promises not to reveal her sources.

Adam takes a call from John Perry - who turns out to be the person who killed Natasha and is also suffering from terminal cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy which is prolonging the agony.  Anyway he has agreed to this mad scheme because after a lifetime when he did not earn well he has no money, no pension or anything to leave Gaynor his wife and Harvey has offered to look after the fmaily financially.  Adam has his doubts - but seeing Damon playing with Harry in the Street makes up his mind - anything to get Damon gone.  Meeting later they agree to go to the police station tomorrow to enable John to confess to the murder.

I never take that kindly to stories of misbehaving gangsters.  For reasons I have forgotten Mary keeps offering Adam bear hugs - does she have a crush as I am not sure he resembles Ben Shepard.  And was Tracy really at the flower market, Tommy O did not start at Tim's until later?  Daniel is looking forward to reading Bethany's article when it appears; he will be less enamoured once he has read it; I did like Bethany confirming she would not reveal her sources - good journalists never reveal their sources.  No doubt Emily is merely a client or similar rather than being "something narsty in the woodshed" in Joel's past.  I wonder what he needs to sort.  All this and more will be revealed in future episodes - starting on Sunday.

Written by David Isaac and Emily Gascoyne.  Directed by Suri Krishnamma.


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