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Sunday 18 February 2024

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 17 February 2024

At breakfast Maria agrees to return the borrowed laptop to the school and tells Liam to spend the day resting.  Liam unexpectedly turns up at the salon to tell Maria that she is an excellent mother   Once returned by Maria a random teacher (Houmi Miura) checks the search history of the laptop and finds out that Liam has been researching how he might die which she reports to Orla Crawshaw.  The school get hold of Gary and immediately he and Maria head back to the flat where we are all pleased to see that Liam has thought better of it.  Whilst he does not want to be a grass he is given little opportunity as the search history is conclusive proof and has been seen by Mrs Crawshaw.  Mrs Crawshaw promises an investigation and that they will create a safe space for Liam at the school, plus some form of warning for Mason and Dylan if following an investigation there is evidence to support Liam's claims.  Maria considers this inadequate and wants the bullies expelled.  However nothing is ever that simple and of course no evidence exists.  Liam also forgets to repeat the story about Mason threatening him with a knife which we know Dylan has stashed somewhere at Eileen's.  Maria and Gary agree to alternate sleeping on Liam's floor.

With an oversized absolutely final demand for payment from her gas supplier Lauren knows she is up against it.  Alongside this she takes a phone call and tells the caller she does not want money or a present and she is doing fine and the individual should get lost. She decides to return to O-Vidz the online platform from which Ryan had her banned for being underage some months ago.  She gets all dressed up so when Max and Sabrina arrive unexpectedly then she has to admit what she was intending to do - but does not proceed as Bobby arrives.  I might have to admit to an error of judgement.  I was not that struck by Bobby (Bozza) on his first arrival and I am not entirely convinced he has reformed, however he makes a move on Lauren (Lozza) this evening and they kiss and she seems keen - but he makes an error in slipping her top of her shoulder to find that the top of her arm has been heavily and extensively bruised.  She refuses to discuss it and denies it is her "ex-boyfriend".  Bobby meets Max and Sabrina on the Street and they exchange what each knows - but cannot work out what is going on with Lauren.

R'Leanne and R'Toyota rope in R'Gail to start planning the wedding of the millennium - all sorts of exotic locations are considered with all concerned expecting Nick to cough up the air fares.  I have a suggestion that Nick should simply drive Leanne up to Gretna Green and marry her.  It would of course be a repeat of an earlier story involving a young couple with disapproving parents ... hang on a minute that was Nick and Leanne the first time around, this is the third time around!  Perhaps not such a good idea.  Anyway Nick keeps discussing his reluctance to marry Leanne with David - and he will let the moggy out of the sack eventually.  Plattchat is also highly entertaining with regular updates on the discussions and a gif of Daniel O'Donnell.

Tommy Orpington is decorating Preston's Petals and there is banter back and forth with Mary and Tracyluv until Mary observes to Amy that Tracy has been like a bear with a sore head this morning and Mary has no idea what has got into her.  Tommy O pipes up that "It's me". Collapse in laughter for all in this house, followed by a rewind to see that he added "I have been stressing her out with all my questions about her interiors" - which led to further laughs!  She sends Mary off on a 30+ minute walk to get her a poke bowl from the place on Miller Street.  Mary departs and Tracy offers Mr Orpington a visit to her inner sanctum in the back room but he declines the poking opportunity.

Dee Dee has not heard from Joel for about 20 minutes so tells Alya that it is probably all over.  Joel turns up with flowers and later still with a Chicken Caesar salad and Dee Dee realises here fears are baseless.  Alya turns up with a calorie laden taken away, bad mouths Joel and then realises he is hiding out of her eyeshot but in camera shot listening!  Alya makes herself scarce.  Joel and Dee Dee start kissing but unlike Bobby he makes no attempt to undress her and announces he is off.  Clarity then strikes us all.  Apparently Dee Dee is saving herself for her wedding night having given up on carnal relations since discovering God and there will no sex please - we're British.  Eventually he agrees to stay the night on the sofa.  No sign of the woman who has been pestering him for the last week or two to sort out her "legal" problem.

Steve, Tim and Tommy O end up in the Rovers and Amy has to remind Steve that he is supposed to be spending more time with Tracy when he has an afternoon off and not with his male mates - and Amy only knows because Steve tried to use his social media account on SendPX.  

In a move with inevitable hilarious consequences Gav has started a window cleaning business.

Tonight in the "you could not make it up department" Mason demonstrated he needs an English teacher referring to Counsellor Connor rather Councillor Windass.  Two wrongs do make a right!  Although I have a feeling she has not actually taken Gary's surname (she remains Maria Connor in the credits) - but would Mason know that?

So Charlie Wrenshall (Liam) played a blinder tonight - well done to him.  Lozza needs help - can Bozza deliver?  Some lovely scripting around Tommy and Tracy, similarly the Plattchat reports were good.  I am not 100% sure about Dee Dee's newly reported faith in God - if this has been mentioned previously it has passed me by.  However as there were no gangster moments I will say it felt much better than last week.

Written by David Proud and Nessah Muthy.  Directed by Marianna Dean.



Bobby Dazzler said...

I think DeeDee has mentioned her love for God earlier on...didn't go on about it but she is friends with Billy, so that's a start. Wish Joel turns out to be normal, but it's Corrie so no go I suppose. Hate the storyline of Bethany, she's a plank...errr a platt. Same thing I suppose.
Who hates Mason? We all do? Who does he belong to on the street? Well...who's the most violent? Another son of Les Battersby maybe? Another kid of Steve's coming out of the woodwork? Another Conner?????? We'll have to stay tuned to see.
Can't wait for Violet to rock up and set Mason and her son Dylan straight!!

Anonymous said...

I quite like that Deedee, a strong professional woman, believes in no sex before marriage. A nice change from the usual bed-hopping.
Must say, I hadn't thought that Mason might be a regular's secret son!
I do hope Violet takes no nonsense from Dylan. Maybe she can also explain why he has a Lancashire accent despite having lived in that London since he was a baby!

Bobby Dazzler said...

@anon...I read that somewhere a month or so ago about Mason and have been wracking my brain...however...maybe it was Bobby that I read about. His father certainly qualifies as violent. Still can't think who would be Mason's father? Tim? Peter?????

Rachel said...

I remember a conversation between Dee-Dee and Paul about her religion. Google suggests it was around the time Paul was thinking about being baptised - I think before he and Billy married?


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