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Tuesday 20 February 2024

Charlotte Jordan interview: Daisy, Daniel, Ryan and the Rovers


Are you loving being a co-owner of the iconic Rovers? 

Daisy is loving it. I think she’s actually enjoying the distraction that it’s bringing because she’s not having to think about everything that’s happened over the last 12 months. In a way she’s brushed her own issues under the rug and is powering through with her main focus being trying to make the Rovers a thriving business. 

Daisy has been splashing the cash but still managing to keep her cover. This week she slips up when Carla overhears her pointing out that she’s the co-owner of the pub. Is Daisy scared that Carla could be getting closer to the truth? 

Oh, absolutely! She’s terrified of Carla finding out that she’s committed fraud in order to get the Rovers. It’s very high stakes so she is scared of Carla finding out the truth and obviously Daisy does not want to go to prison! 

It doesn’t seem like Daisy feels any guilt about the money she stole, do you think she does deep down? 

I think she’s not thinking about her actions that deeply. Daisy is viewing the money as Stephen’s money instead of Carla’s money, otherwise it’s a bit too personal and a bit too close to home. So, if she looks at it as Stephen’s money that she’s stolen, then she thinks he was a bad guy who didn’t deserve it anyway and at least Daisy can put it to good use which is ultimately going to help herself as well as the community. 

It’s clear that Daisy and Daniel still have a spark between them. Do you think the fact that Daniel asks Daisy to look after Bertie means there’s still a chance for them? 

I think she’s taking advantage of free child care! It’s either me, Beth or Ken who are always just looking after Bertie. I think she’s always hopeful that eventually he will forgive her and they can pick up where they left off. She’s giving him some space and time to feel out this relationship with Bethany, but I don’t think she’s taking it that seriously. 

Will Daisy’s affair on the front page of Chit Chat Magazine give her a push to move on from Daniel now that the truth is out there for everyone to see? 

No, I don’t know if she’s ever really going to properly move on. I think she can distract herself and throw herself into other things and other relationships, hoping that eventually the whole broken heart will mend. I think she will always be wondering “what if I didn’t cheat?” and “what if we did get married?” and just always thinking about the life they could have had together and what could have been. 

Obviously what happened to Daisy was traumatising enough, how will she cope with having to almost live through it again since Bethany published a front cover story about it in Chit Chat magazine? 

I think living through what she’s had to go through once was enough for Daisy. Even though she’s been forced to relive it, she didn’t really deal with her trauma the first time around so I can’t imagine she will deal with it now. I think she will continue to deflect and just try to move on as quickly as she can. 

The scenes between Daisy and Bethany have been a great watch. What does Daisy actually think of Bethany? 

Well after this article is written it validates all of Daisy’s assumptions about Bethany in the first place and all of her opinions have been proven right. She thinks that she is a little snake who is only out for herself and doesn’t really care who she hurts in the process - which actually sounds like Daisy describing herself so maybe they have a lot more in common than they think… 

Daisy calls up Bethany’s boss at Chit Chat and this leads to her getting sacked, which feels like a full circle from Daniel getting Ryan sacked from the gym, is that what she intended to do? 

I think if the seed was planted from Daniel then that was a subconscious choice that she’s made but I don’t think she actually intended for her to be sacked. I think Daisy just wanted to be as spiteful as she could be to Bethany and try to get a bit of revenge. 

It seemed like Daisy was finally getting to a good place with her sole focus moving from Daniel and Ryan to the Rovers... Will Ryan’s return this week throw a spanner in the works? 

Yeah, definitely! Daisy fully assumes that Ryan is living his best life in Glasgow and is happy with Crystal, so I think this will be a real shock to her system. Daisy feels really isolated, especially from Daniel with Bethany coming back, so losing Ryan to Crystal also left her even more isolated. I definitely think Ryan will be welcomed back into Daisy’s life with open arms… 

Would you like to see Daisy and Ryan give it a go? 

I don’t know how healthy it is but I do think they need to make a go of it so that they can come to the realisation that it may not be that healthy, or maybe it will! So yeah, I would like to see them give it a go and see what happens. 

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Anonymous said...

I wonder how much of a chance will Daisy and Ryan have with rekindling their romance once it comes out how Jenny and Daisy stole Carla's money to buy the Rovers? Surely Ryan would be on Aunt Carla's side?


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