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Saturday 24 February 2024

Tina O'Brien interview: Sarah and Damon - heading for disaster?

Sarah doesn’t have the best track record with men does she, so are you worried about how fast she’s falling for Damon?

Yeah, she’s moving very fast, if I was her friend I’d be having strong words with her. She’s very impulsive, she thinks the feelings are love but maybe it’s more that she's swept up in the romance and the lust. So definitely I’m concerned for her.

She does seem to love a bad boy doesn’t she?!

She does tend to go for a bad boy but I can totally understand why she likes Damon. I think they just get each other and they click really easily so it’s very easy for her to think this is it, this is forever. Also Damon’s not messing her around, he’s saying I only want you, I want to be with you, I want to make this work and I think she likes that as well. Although he’s a bad boy he’s not picking her up and dropping her, he’s all for her. It has been very quick but also it’s not their first time if that makes sense. I feel they’ve hit the ground running because they’ve had this previous time together. 

Do you think Sarah is aware Damon’s still not always on the straight and narrow or does she really think he’s changed for her?

I think she’s totally thinking he’s changed, it’s a case of he’s told me this so therefore he is. 

Does she fully believe he’s the one for her or do you think there’s unfinished business with Adam?

I think she’s trying to believe he’s the one for her. On New Year’s Eve she ended up so nearly getting back with Adam. I think there is still something there and if Adam had said they could give it another chance after their last disastrous breakup I think she would have made the marriage work but the fact that he made it so clear it was over made her step away. I do think she still has feelings for him though but maybe she’s lying to herself.

Does she have any idea that Adam has been scheming against Damon? Would she be shocked to find out about his alliance with Harvey?

I think she’d be really shocked. She knows that he doesn’t like Damon but something like that could threaten his career, he could lose everything and I don’t think she’d believe he could behave like that.

Adam finally signs the divorce papers then has a change of heart and tells her he still loves her and wants them to try again, how does Sarah react?

It’s a massive mix of emotions, secretly deep down I think she might be having doubts herself, not because she hasn’t got feelings for Damon, I just think she’s just got such a strong connection with both of them. She’s really conflicted because she’s aware that yes she still loves him but so much has happened that she’s not sure they can ever come back from it. She’s not sure they can ever repair what they did to each other, how they treated each other, so although she still has feelings for him she doesn't think this is ever going to work. She’s scared of what it all means and she just doesn’t want to hear it so she runs out. 

As she runs out of the flat, a car comes flying towards her and Bethany, is Sarah’s life in danger? Should she be scared?

Absolutely she should be scared, she’s got her back to the car so she doesn’t see it coming but it’s flying towards her. As a viewer, knowing what Adam’s got himself involved in, you know this driver is coming right for her. 

Are you enjoying playing this storyline, seeing Sarah really going for what she wants?

I am it’s a lot of fun but at times I just want to shake her and say come on Sarah what are you doing, she’s almost having a bit of a mid life crisis herself and making these crazy choices.

What sort of reaction are you getting from the public?

It’s a really mixed bag, a lot of people think Sarah and Adam shouldn’t get back together because of what she did to him, then there’s another group who wants them to get back together, then there’s some others who are saying ooh stick with Damon and others just saying she is mental haha. It’s interesting how it’s divided opinion, usually it’s quite clear cut but this is a real mixed bag.

Are you worried she’s going to get heart broken all over again?

Yes I am, I’m really worried. I do truly believe that Damon’s got her best interests at heart, I believe he means what he says to her but unfortunately with the life he’s led and the people that he knows the temptations to get involved in something dodgy could be too great.

Do you think Sarah’s following in mum Gail’s footsteps and is always going to pick the wrong men for her? 

Ooh maybe yes, Gail’s had quite a few really dodgy relationships, it started off well with Martin after she lost Brian but then it descended into chaos or murder so maybe Sarah’s picked up on that. Apart from Martin growing up, Sarah’s not really had the best male role models in her life and she does seem to know how to be a wrong ‘un.

Do you like playing an unlucky in love Sarah or would you like to see her settled down?

I love it, I think it’s a lot more interesting as an actor. Sometimes for my character I do love the idea of her being settled and happy but for me it keeps me much busier and it’s much more fun to play. I loved the will they/won’t they elements of the story with Adam, I think sometimes that’s almost more powerful, two people who should probably be together but the universe has got in their way and they’ve never been able to resolve that. I like that unspoken love, that they might go off in their different directions but there’ll always be that pull, kind of like she was for a long time with Gary too.

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