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Sunday 4 February 2024

Tommy O Scores With Tracy M : A Classic Corrie Affair Begins?

It’s been a while, I must admit. With work exams and Corrie's schedule changes, I've been using the weekend to get my Weatherfield fix via the ITV hub. I'm old enough to remember the Sunday morning omnibus, and in this digital age, I guess I'm retreating to old formats as I get a little older. That aside, I’ve been so busy that I don't see Corrie during the week, or on live TV, so my Wednesday episode reviews have stalled. In recent weeks, I've been loving the show, and unlike some online criticisms, I struggle to see any real issues with the drama/comedy/ storytelling balance. Resurrecting a few old characters and sweeping dead wood away is a classic soap trope, (it may be long overdue in some Corrie quarters, I agree that) but resurrecting a character or reintroducing one into the show is also a good start.

With Stephen Reid’s recent return and murderous demise, I think I may be a little offside in assuming the same thing will happen with Weatherfield County striker Tommy O, but it is a soap, so who knows?

Reappearing on Christmas day for a scene with Tracy McDonald, I was already aware of the footballer's return (from a 2023 press event), and that he was due to have an affair with a Weatherfield woman. Still, I had no idea who until I saw that scene. I've already seen some online whinging about another ‘affair’ but without character copulation, subterfuge, scandal, and stolen kisses - you've got no drama, and without the drama, you won't have a show - it's that simple. I would also refer the echo-chamber moaners to the classic corrie affairs of old - such as Mike and Deirdre, Peter and Carla, Kevin and Molly, and the recent Tyrone, Fiz, and Phill affair that prove these scenarios also provide the writers with some dramatic content to work with. 

Wednesday's snog between Tommy and Tracy is only the beginning (I'd guess). And as Steve returns from Paris this week, he'll surely be too blinded by his adoration for the Weathy County star striker status to realise his hero is also scoring with his wife! But for how long?

Can we envisage a classic Mike and Ken battle between Steve and Tommy, for Tracy’s affections, or will this be more comedic (like Tyrone and Phill), as is usually the tone with Steve Mcdonald of late, and what about Amy? Will she side with her mother (who also slept with Adi’s Dad, Dev) or her father? Will Steve react like Fiz (when she found out about Tyrone’s infidelity) and shack up with someone else? I think Steve would be great with Glenda! Will Steve and Tracy reunite after Tommy transfers to another Weatherfield woman? (Toyah, perhaps)? 

Either way, I'm happy to see Tracy get a meaty storyline again ( I adore Kate Ford) and I'd be interested to see how this affair pans out. We may have seen this kind of thing before, but like I say it creates storylines, which we need for the show. As the Corrie (terrestrial TV) schedule changes again this week (football, rugby, or summat), that's worth remembering. Speaking of which, I've got more revision to do.

Ta-ra for now!

I am @rybazoxo Cobbles Connoisseur & Corrie superfan  


Sharon boothroyd said...

Nice post.
I can't picture Steve with Glenda- she wouldn't give him a second glance!
I don't think many Corrie women would, really - he's no great catch.
This is the second affair she's had while married to Steve.
The last one was a lesbian affair with lawyer Paula.
I think Tommy and Tracey will make a good couple.
Unlike Steve, I reckon he isn't intimidated by her edgy personality.
Tim, Steve, Kirk and Kev's adoration of Tommy is OTT though.
He's a former footballer who played at local level.
He wouldn't have brought in mega bucks - hence his new decorating career!
The Corrie team said a while back that they were thinking about turning Daniel into the new baddie. I hope not.
Maybe it'll be Bobby? Or Lauren?
I expect there will be another one along soon!

Kosmo said...

I agree with Ryan over giving Kate Ford something to do - long overdue and if I ever manage that Star Tour I would welcome her being the star!

Steve told Tim ages ago that there was trouble in paradise so it was not a surprise and reinventing Tommy O has almost been a masterstroke. But I bet Amy will not make like easy for her mother.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that Tracy's 'new storyline is a meaty one,it's a recycled storyline!
Both Sally and Deirdre have had affairs with interior decorators and they did not end and yet the writers are going for a third time?!
That being said,I hope when the truth comes out that it's Tracy who gets thrown out of her father's house not Steve as it's getting tedious seeing male characters being thrown out of them homes when their wives or girlfriends cheat on them.


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