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Saturday 18 March 2023

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 17 March 2023

We open with Carla who is feeling rather more normal this morning and cannot understand why she was not herself yesterday.  She insists to Peter that things are back to normal and of course she can go to work rather than resting.  When she gets there she offers apologies all round and offers to make tea for everyone - which Izzy says they now know she is not in her right mind.  Accidentally a cup smashes to the ground and in picking up the pieces Carla cuts herself.  The blood reminds her of previous events and she has a mini meltdown.  Peter is summoned and takes her off to see Dr Gaddas who prescribes pills and rest and due to the pandemic little else is available at present apart from private treatment. 

Peter goes out to collect the prescription and asks Roy to pop in a little later to keep an eye on Carla who is in bed asleep. Stephen however has found Carla's keys at work, lets himself into the flat and having checked Carla is asleep, puts some toast under the grill.  His carefully laid plan unravels slightly as Roy arrives and knows how to extinguish a small conflagration as a bleary-eyed Carla emerges from the bedroom denying that she wanted any toast or had tried to make any.

Wedding preparations are disrupted when Daisy hears from a florist saying the deal is off.  Plan B is that Daisy pops into Preston's Petals to ask Tracy-luv if she would consider doing the flowers at a family discount rate.  Tracy knows exactly what she wants.  If Daisy wants cheap flowers then Tracy wants to be a bridesmaid alongside R'Amy - wearing the same dress.  Looking at her you might think that Daisy was long-suffering, but after thinking about it she later tells Tracy that the deal is on - cheap flowers and she can be a bridesmaid.  

A little later the original florist rings to say that the deal is back on but Daisy cannot have two florists and agrees with Daniel that Tracy has to have the gig.  Having won, Tracy then tells Daisy that it was a complete wind-up, welcome to the family, and she is sure they will rub along together in the future, and asks for a glass of red on the house!

Evelyn is umpty-umm (77) years old and is looking forward to a little non-party with family and Roy this afternoon - but no candles, no icing, no baubles, nothing special, just a little gathering and definitely not a party, just an intimate little soiree.  Well and the Red Arrows will do a fly past at 16:30 whilst the Grimethorpe Colliery Band will play soothing music to serenade her procession along the Street and later a topless Sir Cliff Richard will add his "Congratulations" after popping out of a cake (a National Treasure's birthday should always be celebrated in this fashion).  

When the party happens, Fireman Roy is elsewhere when the non-party happens as he is saving Carla from the fiery doom planned by Stephen.  Evelyn is quite put out by Roy's non-appearance and the arrival of Dev (with some nearly out of date chocolates) is no real compensation.  Evelyn and Cerberus (we saw a lot of him tonight) catch Roy later and tells him that he could have sent a text and that he was not missed at all - whilst we can tell that he was really missed!

Faye is very concerned that she will not be what Miley is expecting but is clearly nervous before Miley and her father turn up.  An awkward silence descends until the bracelet reappears and Miley gives it to Faye.  Miley then starts talking about her photos and swimming and the thaw commences.  It all appears to go well and Jackson suggests that perhaps they can do it again next week.  Faye really does not want to upset Jackson's relationship with Miley

Adam has lost another client - apparently the fence will be staying where it is - the client has decided to give up.  The practice is in serious financial difficulties since Imran departed and new clients are not there.  So when Damon turns up looking for Dee Dee to apologise for standing him up, Adam's first thought, when Dee Dee reveals that he is a no good drug dealing guttersnipe who has been messing up Adam's brother in law's business, Adam is soon giving Damon the bum's rush out the door.  Except that a little later Adam's eyes light up with pound signs and Damon is recalled from the green room and told that not only will they drop all their other cases but Dee Dee is like magic in a courtroom and will ensure that any charges are made to walk off in the other direction (if she is so good why did Daisy not a SPO the last time we saw Dee Dee in a court room - oh yes it did not suit the scriptwriters for her to win - hope Damon does not check her recent appearances).  

Damon is made an offer he almost cannot refuse and sitting in his car looking along the Street he notices Nick who spends most of the episode wandering around looking like a little boy lost waiting for his mother to cook his dinner.

We return to the factory where a deputation of Sean and Izzy visit the office on the pretext of needing a replacement toaster but in reality the factory team have decided that they want Stephen and Sarah to run the factory reversing the vote taken a couple of weeks ago.  

Along the Street Carla has admitted she needs help so she and Peter are taking a taxi to a treatment centre where Carla can get treatment (and hopefully a blood test).  Back at the factory Stephen is able to celebrate his victory in gaining control and pours himself a very large whisky - has no-one missed the hole punch yet?

I feel that tonight I need to have our much-missed and much-loved blogger Tvor of blessed memory around to give me a stern reminder that this is Coronation Street and we have few greater loves than the programme.  As ever I am not sure what the cause of my unease actually is.  I struggle with Dee Dee being the greatest lawyer walking the earth and with Adam wanting Damon as a client.  I might even struggle with Damon being out on the Street again.  Given the difficulties I have in wanting to see a doctor I am jealous of the time Dr Gaddas can provide to residents; and in my local practice the first thing they always do is blood tests.  And frankly I am fed up with the scaffolding around Number One.  If Weatherfield has instant medical appointments it must have a few builders knocking around who can do the job.  The good lady wife waded in when Peter parked ON THE KERB AT THE BUS STOP - he is a taxi driver!  The other problem is the story rotation; we all know that Amy is going to go loopy at some point over the event with Aaron but that story was not on the list this week.  I cannot tell ITV what to do but we feel stuck between illegal activities, various issues (which to my mind includes Faye and Miley) and the telling the family stories along the Street seems a long way down the list.  Without Evelyn and the lines she was given tonight much of the rest did little to "entertain".

I will be away next week inspecting Hadrian's Wall and tucking into some bonza tucker but all being well (unless the editor has sacked me for the above comments) I will be back the following Friday.

Written by Chris Fewtrell and Joe Turner.  Directed by Lee Trevor.


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Fluttershy said...

When is someone going to twig that Carla is only ever ill when Stephen makes the tea?

Sue said...

I agree about DeeDee. If she is such a good lawyer and has had such a successful career in L.A. what is she doing working for a run down solicitors in a back street in Weatherfield? She could earn much more than she does now working for a big law firm in Manchester. (That nearby city that no one from Coronation Street can work in).
Maybe if Adam’s office didn’t look like some seedy 70’s joint he would get a few more clients.

fairycake said...

Regarding Dee Dee, surely family would come first over money! Bravo to her for leaving the mess that is Los Angeles behind. There are so many things that should be regarded as more important than pounds and pence...X

Anonymous said...

Family didn’t come first when she was in L.A.! There was no pressing reason for her to move near her family.

Anonymous said...

The Carla storyline is truly horrible. Can nobody see how shifty Stephen is? Then he tells the faktri staff not to gossip about her, when he does it all the time, spreading his nasty lies. What's more, nobody, not even Dr Gaddas, has noticed that Carla's symptoms ( hallucinations) are nothing like what she had before. Others have already pointed out the absence of a blood test and unquestioning prescription of diazepam.
On a lighter note, who makes toast under the grill these days? Toasters were evented to stop us from burning the toast.


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