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Monday 13 March 2023

Coronation Street Episode review Friday 10 March 2023

Good evening.  Front and centre tonight are dolly day dream Daisy and her boyfriend Desperate Dan who for a bookish man seems too keen on fisticuffs.  So there is a lot of to do over the application in court for a Stalking Protection Order (SPO).  Now we all know what has been going happening and we know the truth.  

Initially Justin is not there to hear the accusations but when he turns up he is able to exhibit consummate charm, as well as a neck brace, to the three magistrates explaining his late arrival by his detention in Accident and Emergency courtesy of the ribs which Desperate Dan broke and explaining with great ease how there has been an extensive misunderstandings as his job requires him to regularly visit Daisy's home address and explaining away his alleged intrusion as well as the connection on social media.  

I have never been up before the beak, but I have always understood that they have a bit of  nous and do not believe the stories told in the courtroom - but this lot swallowed Justin's fishy stories - hook, line and stinker and refused to grant the SPO.  Firstly if the police were making the application why was it presented by Dee Dee and even more oddly why was Adam present rather than dealing with his own huge caseload (or is the practice going down?).  Mr Rutherford is told to make no attempt to contact Miss Midgeley.  

Hope has Ty twisted around her little finger getting him to tidy her room when Fiz complains that it is a complete mess as he is still trying to make up for failing to believe her over being slapped by Beth.  When Hope and Sam get off the bus from school he does not want to home - he is angry with Nick but also misses him.  They go to Roy's Rolls where Sam asks Summer how he would know if Hope was his girlfriend; she answers they really have to like each other but swerves answering what they should do next.  

Jackson Hodge, father of Miley, re-appears after six years and with some amazement Sally recognises him instantly - which seeing that he has had a new head screwed in place is almost amazing.  Tim is absolutely certain that Faye will want to reconnect with Jackson and more especially Miley so is a little surprised after Jackson departs that Sally explains that the reason Faye has been strange in the last few days is that she knew Miley as back in the country, does not want to see her and had not responded to Jackson's messages deliberately because she did not want to disturb her daughter's settled life.  Tim is instantly certain that Faye is wrong and he certainly wants to see his grandchild.  Tim is so distracted at work that he seems to have forgotten that Tommy O has retired.  Sal suggests that Tim and Faye need a proper discussion, but Faye does not want to know and refuses to eat her birthday dinner.  Tim later reveals to Sally that he is meeting Jackson and Miley soon.

Beth is drifting around the factory but things are still not good between her and Kirk.  Beth says that she has chucked the letter - but Kirk is still feeling bereft and Beth keeps looking at her phone and the picture of Marco.  She also continues to niggle Fiz - so stitching is almost stopped - oddly Fiz is drinking at her sewing machine which must be dangerous!  Beth is sent to working in packing where she starts bickering with Kirk and he offers to move out.  Kirk soon relents and they go to Roy's for lunch where they agree that they have both been sulking and Kirk they are reconciled - although Beth is still very interested in hearing from Marco in case he still has her Human League record!  In the Rovers Beth buys Ty a drink which he eventually accepts whilst Glenda quizzes Beth on her new-old lover.  Marco still has the vinyl and wants to meet Beth to return it in person.  Beth has not mentioned it to Kirk.  

Amy is trying to get Summer rethinking her university destination and suggests she looks further afield - Summer does not understand why Amy is not being more friendly.  Aaron once again asserts his belief that there was consent between them and asks her once again not to tell Summer.

Daisy is unhappy at the outcome and takes her anger out on Desperate Dan for partially undermining her case.  She calls it all off and finds Justin waiting for her in the Rovers bar.  She then tells Justin that she is marrying Daniel because she loves him and tells Justin he is a vile little man.  Justin departs but Daisy is not speaking and flinches when Desperate Dan touches her.  He lied and she is having none of it.  Whatever happens to her Desperate Dan makes it all about him and Daisy has had enough.  She is staying at the Rovers and asks Dan to depart and until she knows her own mind to stay away.

One reason Tim is so upset is that there was a rather nice scene with Ken and Bertie in Victoria Gardens spotting eagles amongst other items.  At least I am assuming it was Bertie as the youngster was not credited as far as I could see in the titles.  Unusual.

Unless the Amy story returns I hope to be here next week but almost certainly will be missing the following week.

Written by David Isaac, directed by Richard Lynn


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Fluttershy said...

I really don't understand Stalking Protection Orders - if the bloke genuinely isn't a stalker, then he's got nothing to lose by being told to not do something he wasn't doing anyway. The presumption should be with the alleged victim, and not with the alleged perpetrator.

Between this and the Amy date-r4pe story, Corrie's getting a bit unpleasant at the moment.

Sharon boothroyd said...

I like the Beth/Marco plot.
It'll be a will they/ wont they? romance. Either Beth runs off into the sunset with Marco - or not.
If not, Kirk (as he's a sensitive soul) will find out about her sneakiness and they'll split.
After a while, Kirk will realise that he can't live without her and they'll end marrying.
They could set up a grandad's club? Ken with Bertie, Stu with Eliza, Tim with Miley Eddie with Grace?
It was good to see Ryan in a very brief, 2 min chat with Daisy.


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