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Sunday 5 March 2023

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 3 March 2023

Can I mention I have a, probably irrational, dislike of Summer? This tends to influence my view of the stories told about her and has some relevance to tonight.  So when the row between Summer and Aaron over his contact with an ex - Mia - escalates from a minor bump to a complete split, I do start thinking that he can do better.  But there are limits.  And Amy is single and adjacent.  Alcohol was involved as there was a cocktail evening in the Bistro following Aaron's promotion to mechanic which needed celebrating, following which there were shots and Amy downing much of a bottle of vodka!  

However it went creepy when, after a mutually enthusiastic snogging session between Aaron and Amy back at the flat, Amy rolls over and goes to sleep. Following which we see her underwear lying on the floor

Stephen and Elaine are keeping the engagement to themselves for now - well you would, wouldn't you, if you had proposed whilst under the influence of self-administered drugs!  Stephen is feeling the pain of working for Carla, drinking heavily at lunchtime and then feels that further doping is needed so heads in the direction of the Precinct and the local drug dealers who spot a man with "mug" tattooed on his forehead initially ripping him for a lot of cash as they need to invent a time machine to go back to the Sixties to obtain LSD!  Stephen exhibits some pugilistic skills to convince the lads that he means business.  He later joins Sarah's business discussion over Nippersnapper and convinces the US distributor to up the offer by 5%.

Daisy has submitted all the papers for the Stalking Protection Order and asks if Adam will represent her at the court next week, although he counsels that the standard to obtain an Order are very high involving proof of potential harm.  Daisy's real stalker turns up - yes her mother returns.  Christina seems to believe that the stalker is completely harmless - it is only a few flowers and chocolates after all - what harm is there in that?  Christina gets Daisy to agree to lunch tomorrow.  

In a barely noted moment Hope admits that Beth smacked her a couple of weeks ago to Sam and inevitably this means that retribution will be sought.  Sam's mind is clearly trying to work out how to restore Hope's normal demeanour.

Paul is lucky to be in "full time work" so can get a payday loan to bridge until his compo arrives and can hand a wodge over to Chesney to pay the bills.  Meanwhile Ed is not having him back until the doctor signs him off.  Paul is confident that the compo will pay up.  Later in the kebab shop Chesney tells Billy that he is grateful for the financial help Paul is providing.  Chesney looks like he realises he has dropped Paul in the smelly stuff.  Billy tries to convince Paul to return the cash - but he cannot - and the fall back is the £15k from Peter (I suspect that boat has sailed).   In the face of Paul's determined opposition Billy drops the matter.

I fear that the Amy story is not exactly going to appeal to me - so if I am not here next week please accept my apologies in advance.  I felt tonight was lacking comedy - just having Brian being an irritant was obviously intended to fill the gap but it felt a bit flat.

Written by Emily Gascoyne and Nessah Muthy, directed by Neil Alderton.



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Artemis said...

You are so right about Summer -- she is an annoying hypocrite who is always yelling, "Get out!" at people. I feel badly for the actress having to play such an uninteresting role. I watch Corrie for the intentional and unintentional comedy, and Steven kicking the butts of two teenagers is absurd. First he murders with a hole-puncher, and now this! Steven was waving his fist like a cartoon villian and might as well been twirling an overgrown mustache. I look forward to something horrible happening this character soon.

Anonymous said...

I have always found Summer insufferable. I find her extremely self-centered and immature. I really hope she goes off to school and does not return. As for Stephen terrible character played by a not very talented actor, time for him to go.

Bobby Dazzler said...

I don't think Paul will get any compo...he wasn't licensed to drive the bike I am guessing. Was the registration changed over..blah blah blah...He'll probably get the wages he's missed.
Summer is such a whinging, rain on the parage kind of gal..yawn.
Stephen is the most unlikeable character that Corrie's ever had...even Pat Phelan had more charm.
Bulldozing his way into Sarah's meeting.Slap! Back off uncle stephen you pip!

Anonymous said...

In actual fact, Peter offered to take Paul for a ride on his motorcycle. After Paul accepted the offer, Peter went back to the flat to pick up his helmet and just before Peter was about to take Paul for a spin on the motorcycle, the Underworld van (with a drugged and disoriented Carla behind the wheel) came careering through Rosamund Street and crashed into Paul.

Kosmo said...

Looks like I am not alone in my feelings over Summer. I will say that I don't think Dee Dee will win the compo case either. As for Stephen I think the more we consider him an accident waiting to happen the better - the drug dealers down by the precinct would not have given up that easily - there were two of them!


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