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Monday 20 March 2023

Corrie Blog Interviews Charlotte Jordan - Justin’s Acid Attack On Daisy’s Wedding Day!

Since Daisy's cancer scare, the Instagram influencing, Rovers barmaid, and stepdaughter of Jenny Bradley has had quite the journey. The on/off relationship with Daniel has slipped to the sidelines as her social media stalker Justin, who she met in the hospital, has taken over her life. From merely following her online, to the persistent messaging, to following her onto Coronation Street itself, inside N0.1, and now the pub, Daisy's wedding build-up has very much become an issue-based story; social media influencing, poor policing, incel-type male misogyny, stalking, and now... an acid attack!!! 

We joined the ITV Corrie press team on Zoom to chat with actor Charlotte Jordan who plays Daisy Midgeley, to learn more about Justin's acid attack on Daisy! 

Hi Charlotte, Thanks for chatting with us! Can you tell how Daisy feels, when she seems to be doing all she can to stop Justin, yet nothing seems to be working?

She’s doing all the things she’s been told to do and trying to stop him from making her life miserable, but the law isn't on her side. I'm glad this storyline has shown that, and hopefully some laws can be changed, as it's horrendous for women that go through this. 

It does appear that Justin has the upper hand in all of this! How's it affecting her as the wedding draws nearer? 

The wedding is the light at the end of the tunnel for her, the one thing keeping her going, but it's been tough for her and Daniel. She was scared, tried hiding away, and then went against Justin. She's felt a myriad of emotions, but overall she just tried to stay positive 

In those early days, when Justin was sending her flowers and chocolate, did Daisy ever feel that it would become so extreme and dangerous? 

No, not at all. I think everyone thought this was just a harmless crush, and those kinds of words were used. She's used to male attention but I don't think she would have understood how possessed he'd become. 

Just before the acid attack, we see Daisy winning her battle against her stalker. After goading Justin, he attacks her in Victoria Gardens and gets arrested. How does she feel when he’s locked up? 

She tries to take things into her own hands, and take control of the situation. It's probably not the smartest thing to do, but that's the kind of person she is, to fight her corner when she feels like her back is against the wall. She plans to get him arrested and it works. Even though it was scary and a stupid thing to do, she feels like the ends justified the means; it was worth it to try and get control back. Daisy feels let down when Justin is released on bail and has managed to wriggle free. She hopes Justin takes the hint from the judge's words at the hearing and will stay away from the wedding. 

What is Daisy’s state of mind on the morning of the wedding? Does she think Justin will stay away from the proceedings? 

In the episodes before this, Justin has stayed away so on the morning of the wedding she’s quite optimistic and thinks that he’s finally got the message to stay away. She is feeling very positive, and although she may have some PTSD to deal with, she’s looking forward to marrying Daniel as she loves him very much. The wedding is kind of another message to Justin, to say that she can't control him and that love will win. Ian Kershaw (who wrote the wedding episode) has made this a classic corrie episode in the will they / won't they kind of way with some comedy in there too. It is a lovely way to start the episode, contrasting what happens later on! She starts in a very bridezilla manner, with little things going wrong that she thinks are quite a big deal. Her Mum tells her the Midgeley women are cursed, she’s woken up with red eye, the wedding cake has got the wrong name on it, the wedding car gets stolen, and her dress is ill-fitting. Although you would think these are small things, a lot has gone into planning it and she’s devastated by all of the hard work that has gone into her baby and the influencing things behind it. The wedding dress is surprising and aesthetically pleasing but practical for what’s to come later on 

As Daisy is readying to leave the pub and head to her venue, Justin turns up at the Rovers. Can you describe her reaction when she first lays eyes on her stalker? Does she think he will turn nasty? 

Yeah, I think that fear will be lurking in the back of her mind since he got released on bail. She did play a bit dirty to get him arrested so she does wonder if he will retaliate in some way. There are so many layers with Justin; she faced a myriad of emotions, and then to see him again after he's been warned away from her - she will be scared. 

Justins intend to destroy something so fundamental to her, which is her image and her looks. How does Daisy feel about this?

It's just so evil and heinous. To do something like that with acid is so evil, and take away someone's identity like that, to even think about it, and maybe someone having that intention for you. When it happens, she has to think about how she is going to get through it. How is she going to get to the hospital, how is she going to stop things from getting worse? The deeper mental worry about it all will come a bit later in future episodes. 

How do you get into the mindset of filming something so dark? 

I have to go the other way and contrast the feelings, to snap in and out of it, and then be happy and talk about other things otherwise, it would be very draining at home. I like to leave those feelings at work, and then listen to happy music, have some snacks, and look after the dog. You've done all the research, all you can to prep, and leave it all on the studio floor and see how it goes

Can you remember your reaction when you were told about the acid attack element of the storyline, and how did you feel about it? 

I was shocked when I found out they were taking that route with it. It’s not something you in television, so I was caught by surprise...

Thank you, Charlotte! 

On the importance of tackling this storyline Coronation Street Producer Iain MacLeod said: “We were keen to show the long-term reality for people who are subjected to this kind of attack. It is something we might often read about in the papers but perhaps don’t fully understand, in terms of the depth and variety of effects it can have. As well as the medical impacts, we explore the social fallout of having your appearance profoundly changed, both in terms of your own ability to process that and how the wider world reacts to you. The story will at times be heartbreaking but we felt it was an important one to tell.”

Every year thousands of people across the world are subjected to deliberate attacks with acid. The root causes of attacks are often extremely complex, however, a common factor in the vast majority of acid violence cases across the world is gender. Women and girls are overwhelmingly the targets of attacks and men are most commonly the perpetrators.

Coronation Street has worked with The Katie Piper Foundation. and Acid Survivors Trust International ASTI in telling this story. Click the clicks to learn more about their important work. 

My POV; Some Corrie fans, and the usual naysayers (who don’t have a TV remote, it seems) will discredit this as being too dark and not like Corrie of old - but I'd disagree. This is about men being bad, women’s rights, misogyny, and coercive control. Although a modern story, the roots of this story lay right at the heart of what Coronation Street is all about - fierce northern women and feckless men. 

Keep your eyes peeled for more exclusive cast interviews from this incredible storyline over the next week. 

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Anonymous said...

How my heart sank when I read this headline. I have to disagree Ryan, this is not about fierce northern women and feckless men. It is about shoving every social and medical issue possible into what I once regarded as a good drama programme that was a bit of escapism from all the doom and gloom we see in the news.
Of course I agree that acid attacks are truly awful and have devastating effects which is why there are documentaries about this.
(I do have a remote control and sometimes I have fast forwarded through so much of the programme there is not much left.)

Fluttershy said...

It does seem to be that every story these days has to be issue driven, but this issue of toxic masculinity is an important one. My problem with the issue based storylines is that they seem to resolve very quickly - how long will it be before Daisy is back to her old self? (Remember Todd's facial scarring, or Shelly Unwin's plastic surgery?) Soap characters can have the most awful things happen to them, then take 2 weeks off and come back right as rain with no further mention of the huge event that has just happened to them that would take most people a lifetime to recover from.

Cowks said...

In the Corrie tradition of 'feckless men'? The stereotype itself belongs in the 1960s but he seriously claiming this character is a reincarnation of Jack Duckworth and Stan Ogden or representative of men in general?

popcorn said...

What Anonymous 10:22 said - plus, I think this show will help to provide already unbalanced individuals to plan a new, previously unthought of way to cause havoc. I actually think it is socially irresponsible, not helpful as is suggested.

Sharon boothroyd said...

Me and my hubby are watching Waterloo road on i- player, as we didn't watch it when it was first broadcast.
It's amazing how Corrie and W road cover the same issues and plots.
It must be difficult, at times, for the Corrie team to think up new plots and stories, so at least this is new and I feel it's important to portray it.
Yes, I agree fluttershy, characters seem to recover very quickly from their ordeals.
There's plenty of Corrie actors and actress in W road, too.
Poor Melanie hill (Kathy in Corrie, dinner lady Maggie in W road) her characters seems to end up with a middle- aged, miserable men with personal problems, who like wearing slacks and saggy cardi's!

C in Canada said...

I agree with Fluttershy - characters have horrific things happen to them, and in a week or two, they look completely normal!
I also wondered how Daisy will recover from this. Depends on how bad the attack is...we'll wait and see I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Whilst I feel that story line (referring to the acid attack) might be step too far in soapland I admire them not shying from it. What does concern me is the aftermath. Is Daisy badly scarred and if so will she leave the Street and the storylines move on or will she remain in the cast dealing with the issues she will so obviously have. ?


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