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Tuesday 7 March 2023

Ellie Leach interview: Faye reunites with daughter Miley

When Jackson first started contacting Faye asking to see her with Miley, what were Faye’s first thoughts?
When Faye first gets the message from Jackson, she immediately wants to say no. She does not want to see Jackson and Miley because she feels like it would have an extreme effect on her life, which it obviously would because she has not seen her daughter Miley since she was born. So her initial reaction is, “No, no , no,” but in the back of her mind she begins to question herself. She begins to think, “What if? What would happen if I did meet Miley? Would she like me? Would I like her? Would we get along?”

Remind us the last time that Faye had seen Miley.
Faye gave birth to Miley and she knew in her heart that she didn’t want a baby at her age because she was thirteen years old. She knew that she could not look after her daughter because she was so young and still a child herself. 

What is the turning point for Faye that makes her open to the idea of meeting Miley?
There are a few nice scenes with Sally where she tells Faye that she has not seen her kids for a while. Sally confides in Faye that her children mean everything to her and this warms Faye up as she starts to imagine that she could have a relationship with Miley. Faye also feels like Tim deserves to have a relationship with his granddaughter if he wants to so Tim and Sally both have a massive impact on Faye’s decision to meet Miley.

Has Faye experiencing early menopause affected her decision?
When Faye first hears from Jackson, she is very adamant that she does not want to meet Miley. But then she thinks this may be the only chance that she is going to get to have a relationship with her child that she gave birth to. Meeting Miley again is a really big deal to Faye and she doesn’t want to mess this opportunity up.

What is Faye’s biggest fear about meeting her daughter?
Faye’s biggest fear is that Miley won’t like her and will resent her for abandoning her and Jackson. Faye is also worried about meeting Miley and realising that she loves her so much that she can’t let her go again. Faye is scared that she will build a bond with Miley and it will be taken away from her again.

What’s going through Faye’s mind the moment she is about to Miley?
Faye is excited but the nerves are so much greater than the excitement as she is desperate for Miley to like her. Faye is also questioning what she will be like around Miley because she doesn’t know this child and she doesn’t know how to be a parent. It’s like they are both strangers meeting for the first time but Miley is still Faye’s daughter.

How would Faye feel if her first meeting with Miley didn’t go to plan?
Faye would definitely be upset because she plays down her feelings quite a lot. She puts up a front so she doesn’t get hurt because she has been hurt so much in the past. But she also doesn’t want to get her hopes up in case they come crashing down, I think she would be really, really hurt. 

On the other hand, if Faye’s meeting with Miley did go well, where would her head be at?
Faye has a real fear of realising that she still loves Miley and realising that she wants to be a mum to her again because she is scared that Miley will be taken away again. So if it does go well, Faye will try to be a mum to Miley for as long as she is in Weatherfield but it would be playing on her mind that Miley might go back to Canada and she would be constantly thinking about when that may be. 

What was your reaction when you were first told that Miley, Faye’s daughter, was going to come back into the show?
I was really excited. I feel like it will be good for Faye to try and build a bond with her daughter after she has had so much heartbreak over the years. Faye has had such a tough time and it would be great for Faye to have a relationship with Miley.

As an actor, what has it been like to revisit this storyline after playing the teenage pregnancy storyline when you were younger yourself?

It is crazy. Colson Smith and I have been looking back at pictures of ourselves from the teenage pregnancy storyline and we can’t believe how young we look! It’s crazy to think that in that storyline Miley was born and in this storyline, she is here now as a child. I have looked back at pictures of the scenes of when I gave birth as Faye and some christening pictures and I was holding a baby and now it’s like, she’s all grown up. Frankie Simmonds who plays Miley is so good and I look at her and think, “Oh my god, you’re my child, I gave birth to you!” I just can’t believe how long ago the teenage pregnancy storyline was because it literally feels like two minutes ago. 

Does it remind you and make you reflect on how long you have been in Coronation Street?

Yes, definitely! I feel like I don’t realise until I say it out loud! I have been in Coronation Street for twelve years but it literally feels like I started yesterday. Twelve years! That’s like, over half my life! It’s mental.

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C in Canada said...

How old would Miley be now?

Llywela said...

Miley was born in April 2015, so she should be almost eight years old. The actress playing her looks older than that, though. She might have been SORASed, or it might just be a Jack Webster situation where we aren't supposed to notice that the actor is several years older than the character!


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