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Tuesday 7 March 2023

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 6th March


We saw Amy falling asleep during her tryst with Aaron in Friday's episode, so we know she was too drunk to consent, no matter what Aaron says about her pulling him on top of her. I mean if you're too leathered to have a discussion, however brief, about contraception, you're too drunk to be going to bed together. I really don't like issues storylines (this is pure Corrieoaks) but this one has been done well so far with excellent acting from Elle Mulvaney. Some child actors do not necessarily make good adult actors but Amy's hurt and confusion and anger were well portrayed here. She's not made any happier by Aaron's complete misreading of the situation, saying it was a mistake, not because he basically had sex with a sleeping person who couldn't give consent but because he's worried how it will affect his relationship with Summer (if she finds out). He doesn't see that he made a mistake but that they did. Amy should hand him over to Tracyluv.

I'm not sympathetic about their hangovers though - their livers are still pink and fresh. Try being 50 and having a 3 day headache after 1/4 pint of beer. Also, Summer and Aaron's make-up conversation in front of their friends was well awks even if Amy and Aaron hadn't been in bed together the night before. Also again, aren't Aadi and Asha too young to be drinking (legally at least) in the Bistro? They were born in 2006, which makes them 17.


Over in the factory, the "girls" are discussing their final meal. Beth's would be paneer Rogan Josh and an Arctic roll. Mine would be pad Thai jay and a retro black forest gateau, but I don't think there's a full menu on death row; I read somewhere it's basically burgers or steak. Anyhoo, Kirk is already annoyed with Beth for talking about her former paramour Marco and is doubly upset when he finds out that she did after all hit Hope. He says he'll sleep in Peanut's room, which I can't help but think is what he wanted all along.

The devil child skipped school to eat Fiz's chocolate mousse that the latter was hoping to use during some lunchtime lovin' with her hubby and Hope flinches when she thinks Tyrone is going to hit her, which leads to Beth's fessing up. Beth says it was a clip round the earhole as an adult would routinely give to kids when she was growing up. I wonder if this episode is about things that used to be considered normal not being so any more. Society changes.

Coronation Street spoilers: Elaine exits and starts life with Stephen? |  Soaps | Metro News

Hope stops any sniff of parental sex and Sally and Tim's hopes to get it on are also ruined, this time by Elaine, who's all giddy at the thought of moving to a country cottage with her murderous paramour, Stephen. Tim tries to talk her fiance out of it and usually when family members interfere with their relatives' love lives, I roll my eyes, but in this case it seems wise on Tim's part. Not sure why Stephen is going along with this, he could easily renege on the basis of his "illness" in the previous episode or even use Tim's talking-to as an excuse. Is he intending to run off with Elaine's dough?


Finally an apology of sorts. Last week I was told off for calling Justin a "sexy stalker", with people in the comments pointing out that stalking is a horrible crime. Obviously I know this and apologise to anyone triggered by this storyline. What I should have said was something along the lines of "Justin the stalker who is also sexy". The actor, despite what hair and make up are doing to try and creep him up a bit, is very attractive! Corrie is quite a camp show, showing comedy within tragedy and that's the kind of tone I tend to use in these reviews. Is it funny that Stephen killed Leo? No. Did I laugh when he pushed him into a bin? Yes, because it was amusing. Is it hilarious that a woman found out she'd married a serial killer? No, if I read about in the media, I'd be horrified. Was it entertaining when the life-size cut-out of John Stape popped up in the Stape-Dobbs living room, making everyone jump? Yes, because it was a bit of levity in the darkness.

Anyway, Christina agrees with me, because she wants Daisy to meet her new toy-boy, who turns out to be Justin. Daisy leaves the Bistro, disgusted, but later discovers that her mum dumped him, not because she was alarmed that she was dating a stalker but because he kept talking about Daisy.

Two asides #1 Tracy and Amy discuss what they will wear as members of the wedding, but I don't believe that Daisy will allow anyone to choose her bridesmaid dresses. #2 Carla's lip curl when she saw Stephen flirting with Jenny in the pub was magnificent. She should really get a keypad for the factory door though, stop all and sundry wandering in.

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C in Canada said...

Didn't Christina know that Justin was the stalker? What was she thinking?
If not she should have dumped him on the spot once Daisy's horror was obviously shown.
(sorry, we're a few weeks behind in Canada, haven't seen the ep yet!)

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but anyone who is a stalker is certainly not 'sexy'so I don't think even using that word to describe Justin is right.
I'm on Beth's side on this one,Hope did deserve a slap for lying about Peanut biting her,
It seems Fiz ha already forgotten that the poor dog was almost put down due to her daughter's lies otherwise she would be more understanding of Beth's feelings?

Abercrombie said...

That's giving Fiz too much credit for emotional intelligence. She chooses to be blind to the real needs of a child who has developed sociopathic behaviour through the dopey and ill considered antics of Fiz and Tyrone. Their parenting has been abysmal in relation to a child who lost her birth father.
Let's face it any child would suffer by being mothered by a woman with a voice of unremitting whining.

Anonymous said...

No she didn't, and yes she did, well, almost

Anonymous said...

Ruby seems to be coping just fine, which the exact same set of circumstances that you've just stated here

Fluttershy said...

Asha and Aadi (still think of them as Aldi and Asda, thanks Corrie Blog!) suffer from Soap Opera Rapid Ageing Syndrome - you will recall they celebrated their 16th birthday when they turned 15. They've been aged to match the other young characters - no biggie, time works differently on the cobbles - events on the same day often span multiple episodes, and even weeks. We even celebrated VE day 3 months late! Soap operas do not take place in real time - they never have!


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