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Tuesday 21 March 2023

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 20th March


We start off with Nick hoovering the living room at number 8 in braces and slacks - a sight no-one was wanting to see. There are further horrors in store as he goes into work and finds Dastardly Damon sitting at his desk making his usual vague threats. More threatening though is his Montague/Capulet meet up with Sarah in Chariot Square hotel bar (does nobody drink in the Weathy Arms any more?) where Sarah has flounced off to after discovering that Adam intends to represent her brother's current nemesis. As an aside, Adam wanted to take on more criminal cases due to the solicitors not making money, but isn't bread and butter for the average back street solicitor wills and conveyancing? Or maybe he should start charging for the informal advice people ask him for in the pub? Although all Adam really needs to do is wait for the next round of murders, miscarriages of justice and Tie Rack workers committing fraud. I mean, Stephen's going to need a brief soon, isn't he?
Anyway, Sarah invites Damon up to her hotel room to drink champers but then asks him to leave when she realises she doesn't want to break her wedding vows. They later aggressively flirt in the ginnel. We all know Sarah's track record of bad decision making and terrible taste when it comes to the male of the species.


Also drinking a soupçon of fizz are Stephen and the factory "girls" to celebrate the American contract. Two flies in the ointment are Peter, complaining that the "girls" have stabbed Carla in the back by voting for Stephen to take over the factory and the world's worst mockney, Rufus, who blackmails Stephen into giving him sole rights to the American market of Nipper Snapper. Stephen picks up the hole-punch of doom! But Rufus is saved by Sean and the ad-break. As another aside, would the name Nipper Snapper even work as a pun in the US? I do 't believe they use the words nipper or whippersnapper to mean child. 
To the love islands. Love Island 1 is Daisy still trying to organise a wedding band and, to avoid booking Glenda to serenade the guests with her "Pound shop Jane Macdonald" musical stylings, books Ryan to DJ. From Cafe Del Mar to the Rovers. Once again though, I implore, nay demand, that Glenda get a storyline. She's hung around the stalking storyline, she got involved with Beth and Mario (to be continued....) but she really needs a meaty story to sink her pearly whites into. If it involves some singing, all the better. Also in the wedding storyline, Amy tries on her bridesmaid dress and it looks like she should be covering some toilet rolls. She also gets panicky when the hen night is mentioned and says she's not going. Daisy complains about her bridesmaid not attending her hen night, but really maybe she should make some friends that aren't a) her step-mum and b) her niece-in-law-to-be.

Love Island 2 is Billy and Paul as Paul says he will move back in to the florist flat when his compo comes through, I think "when my compo comes through" might be Paul's famous last words. He says he doesn't want to cadge off of Billy, but really he'd be cadging off God, so I think it'd be OK. Alternatively he could accept the money from Peter - robbing Peter to pay Paul?


Oh and Evelyn and Roy don't kiss, but do make up, although Cerberus eats something off the cafe floor and is later ill. Don't kill off Cerberus, Ian Macleod! The Dobbs-Stape-Plummer household has already had one pet death to deal with this year.

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Anonymous said...

Did Billy and Paul need have a snog in front of Summer? Bit weird.

Humpty Dumpty said...

The hole-puncher scene was surely the writers' in-joke. I laughed out loud. Nobody's taking Stephen's storyline seriously. Unfortunately, he's a terrible actor. He's not hammy enough to make it intentionally funny and he's got a silly script which doesn't help. Writers, you need to wrap this story up soon.

Anonymous said...

I am just fast-forwarding thru the Stephen scenes. They’re such a stretch and so poorly acted. I get it’s a soap and not always within the realms of reality but seriously - how silly is it that nobody is looking at Stephen through a different lense by now?

C in Canada said...

As a Canadian, Stephen makes me cringe. I know no one who talks or acts like he does. He's so transparent about his motives/actions that it's a wonder that no one picks up on it.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): I like the Stephen story line though I groan sometimes at how cliched and silly it is. Like the way no one noticed how he was hovering around Teddy, befriending him, and popping up instantaneously everywhere he was. But for the most part it's pretty funny/enjoyable. More in the hapless John Stape line than Phelan who was too scary and effective as a killer to make it enjoyable viewing for me.

And I find the actor pretty decent--all those unctuous and ingratiating mannerisms that cover the bursts of blind rage--nicely done! It contrasts well with some of the simpering idiots that surround him--Sarah, Michael, Elaine. You can feel his contempt for them boiling just below the surface and hidden by all his people-pleasing little gestures and words. Even that deferential, obsequious tone of voice!

And, yes, of course he should have been suspected by now, and why did Carla not keep him fired....? But it's a soap.

maggie muggins said...

C in Canada - Todd Boyce, who plays Stephen, isn't Canadian, but was born in the US, moved to Australia at 16. I don't usually like to criticize actors here, but he's just not my cup of tea. I have more of a problem with having such a long, dragged out storyline with a non-Brit in the lead. If I want to watch American actors in a soap, there's plenty to choose from here in Canada.


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