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Friday 17 March 2023

Coronation Street Episode Review, Wednesday 15th March, 8 pm

Tonight starts at the Barlow flat with Carla clearly worried about the van crash, and Peter pushing for her to see Doctor Gaddas. I’m glad we got a scene tonight with Corrie’s greatest Doctor, and she prescribes Carla some diazepam. With the factory gearing up for an American client visit, Carla obviously needs to be on top of her game. Meanwhile, Sarah is still pushing ahead at Underworld and trying out a few Americanisms on Adam ahead of the meeting. I’ve no idea what a ‘Monday morning quarterback’ is so that was a gag completely lost on me. I once told a real-life Canadian I thought he was American so you can imagine my confusion here. Anyway, Adam is enthusiastic about his wife’s ideas but is clearly blind-sided by a lack of business at the solicitors. The big USA meeting is due at underworld at 1 pm and Stephen tells Carla that they need to be at the ‘top of their game’ and Carla certainly is. She shows Stephen up in front of their clients (was that fella in ‘Hollyoaks’?) and verbally harangues him, reminding him of the Dick Haversham fiasco. 

By 2 pm the meeting is over and the deal is seemingly in the bag so the underworld gang have a party, but with Stephen drugging Carla with LSD again, she’s in less of a party mood - it’s less of a psychedelic trip and looking a lot more like another psychotic episode. Carla’s clearly distraught and quickly breaks up the party. 

In my opinion, I genuinely think this could be Corrie’s greatest drug-based storyline. For me, it’s (unintentionally, I guess) hilarious, and as I’m a huge Carla and Peter fan, it keeps those two on screen so I'm happy with that- the wobbly psychedelic direction - not so much. Guiding the stumbling Carla back to her flat, Stephen is spotted by Rufus. Peter thinks the diazepam has affected his wife, even thanking her business partner for his help. Later, Rufus tells Stephen he knows exactly what he’s up to and wants in on the Underworld subterfuge.

Meanwhile, Daisy’s still down in the dumps but pushes ahead with the reorganising of the wedding anyway. Craig tells her that Justin has been charged with assault but released on bail. Feeling shocked, Ryan offers her a shoulder to cry on, lending a non-judgemental ear and his thoughts on Justin. A reminder of his fondness for Alya ends a platonic chat between the two. 

Less platonic and more marital strife, Kirk and Beth take a trip down memory lane tonight, when Fiz reminds Kirky of his Eminem impression, in which he serenaded his red-haired ex out on the street (google it, it's classic) Bizarrely, Beth seems jealous by this but I guess it's more from guilt following her night out with ex-boyfriend, Marco. It was a good reminder though, that her 80s-themed wedding with Kirk was in fact an illegal one. A few nods to Corrie of old tonight, and this one was the most enjoyable. I'm unsure where her usual BFF Tracy Barlow is hiding, but Glenda is making such a good confidante to Beth and I'm interested to see if this is a new friendship being cemented on the cobbles. 

Elsewhere, Faye is in no party mood (what a surprise!) following Miley’s visit, and she’s fallen out with Tim. Boyfriend Craig tries to give her guidance, but just like his Mum’s relationship - the chemistry here is zilch. Faye eventually visits her father and makes peace, making plans to see her daughter. If my Corrie memory serves me correctly, didn't Craig help Faye deliver her baby girl? Meanwhile, Leanne’s annoyed at a school jumper order for Sam and uses it as an excuse to have another go at Nick 

My highlights tonight were The Beatles getting a mention (again) The Human League getting some more airtime (I'm a Sheffield lad), Carla’s drug acting, plenty of Glenda, and great to see Steve Mcdonald back in the cab office. 

I've still no idea what ‘Monday morning quarterback’ means. I am @rybazoxo if you wanna tweet to let me know!

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Rufus has back-up and Stephen can't afford to bump him off. Unlike Stephen's other victims, this (potential) one will ensure that there are documents everywhere on the theme of 'in the event of my death/if I go missing'. He will probably tell Stephen as much. I find the film noir-style camera work hilarious, as well. Reminds me of the 1945 'The Lost Weekend' with Ray Milland. All we need is a light bulb swinging ominously above the bed.

Sharon boothroyd said...

I am really surprised that Doctor Gaddas prescribed diazepam.
It's a highly addictive drug and I would have thought these days, GP's would hesitate to prescribe drugs like these. Why not suggset talkign therapy instead?
Then they wonder why people become addicted to what they dish out!
It must be great living in Weatherfield, when you can get to see a GP at time and date of your choosing and and quickly to boot.
If my town, the reception team will ask why you need to see a doctor, instantly breaking the doctor and patient confidentiality.
If it's classed as non urgent, the appointment will be made for 3- 4 month's time.

Anonymous said...

What's really impressive about Glenda is her splashability in terms of who they give her scenes with. There's lots of characters who can be really good given the right scenarios - see Todd, for instance, who's great in the No.11 setup but doesn't work as well with Billy et al. But with Glenda so far it feels like whoever they put her with doesn't matter, they can just splash her anywhere and she'll just make the scene work. Which is fantastic.

C in Canada said...

Further to what Sharon B posted - why on earth would they not be doing a blood test on Carla, which would show up the LSD?
Surely they'd want to check the levels in her blood before prescribing anything.
Having said that, I'm not a doctor, I just play one on tv. lol

Sharon boothroyd said...

I suppose with mental health disorders would they need to take a blood test?
I don't know but yes, C in Canada, you'd think the GP would want to rule out any secret drug taking by the patient, and that would show up in a blood test.
Sorry for the typing errors in the post above.
I'm not the best typist, plus my eyesight is not great and I don't know how to magnify the screen in the blog comments section here.
I'm not IT savvy but I'll try to type better in the future.
Good job I'm not a script writer, eh?

maggie muggins said...

How many times did Carla yell, in front of the others, for Stephen to make the tea? Spiking has been a part of storylines, thus life in Weatherfield, before. Carla has said a few times this feels different than past psychosis. Why hasn't she, or anyone for that matter, thought to delve into possible drug spiking? To jump to diazepam does indeed seem irresponsible for Gaddas.

Also, I'm sick of Stephen. American actors need only have short visits to the Street, not given major villain storylines. Has that ever happened before on Corrie? I can't wait for his to leave.

Anonymous said...

A Monday morning quarterback is someone who is judgemental & supposedly has all the solutions to a situation well after they were actually needed🙄

C in Canada said...

Stephen is Canadian, NOT American!
The only way to insult an otherwise polite Canadian is to call them American lol.
We are NOT the same!

Anonymous said...

Even with possible mental health problems, a blood test would be taken. Sometimes a UTI can be diagnosed as mental health issues, but with a blood test, this could show up


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