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Tuesday 14 March 2023

Tina O'Brien interview: Sarah to dally with Damon?

How are things going between Sarah and Adam? There’s been a bit of tension over possibly having a baby and the fact Adam has agreed to legally represent Damon despite what he did to Nick, but are things otherwise good for Sarah?

There is a little bit of tension but no more than in any standard marriage. I think they're at a bit of cross purposes with the whole baby thing. Sarah understands that he wants a baby but she's in a bit of a difficult position because her career is going really well and she wants to prioritise that. I think maybe Adam doesn't sometimes quite understand that and so she's getting a bit frustrated. Then Nick drops Adam in it by saying he’s agreed to represent Damon, who Sarah's never met but has heard what he did to her brother, and Sarah's absolutely fuming that Adam would get involved in this guy. Adam understandably says it’s business and he needs the money but Sarah says look it's not about the money, this is family and you’re basically siding with the guy that's made my brother's life hell.

After a bit of a row Sarah decides she’s going to the hotel they’d got booked as a treat on her own doesn’t she, what happens there?

Sarah storms off, heads to the hotel on her own, goes and has a few drinks at the bar and bumps into this guy and they end up getting chatting.

Is there an attraction there?

I think there probably is an attraction there. It’s that freedom that he doesn't know anything about her life, she can put all her life stress to the side and just have a bit of meaningless flirt at the bar, basically.

Does she not intend it to go any further than that?

No, definitely not. She does invite him up to her room after a few drinks but I think she's just got caught up in the moment. He also does goad her a little bit, reminding her she said she was an independent woman who can make her own mind up. For a minute she just thinks screw you Adam, because he has said a few mean things to her in the Rovers. So she invites him up but I think once she gets him up there, reality kicks in and she realises this is a bad idea. It’s then a matter of whether she’ll back away from the situation before more damage is done. 

So how is she going to feel when she realises who this guy is (Damon)?

Oh, she's gonna feel sick. I mean, like, literally feel sick to her stomach. It's all kinds of messy and complicated. Obviously, what she did was wrong to begin with, and she probably feels really guilty anyway. But the last thing she needed was the complication of it being Damon.

Things are generally pretty good with Adam aren’t they, she's not out there looking for an affair is she?

No she's quite happy in her marriage, this definitely isn’t something she’s looking for, she’s well aware it’s all kinds of wrong.

How do you think Damon is going to react when he finds out who Sarah is because I'm guessing he's not going to feel quite so awkward?

I think he'll find it hilarious, I just don't think he’ll care, he's got nothing to lose and will think it's funny. 

How are you enjoying playing this next chapter for Sarah, maybe a minxier side than we’ve seen for a while as she’s been very career focussed lately hasn’t she?

Yeah it’s interesting, I’ve been trying to find some moral reason as to why Sarah would behave in this way and actually I’m not really sure there is one. So I've just decided to play it as an opportunity that's presented itself, she's at an age where maybe life feels a bit sensible, a bit boring, and then something has come along that's kind of caught her eye a little bit. She knows she shouldn't, but she's tempted anyway, and it’s as simple as that. These things happen, I’m not saying it’s right and Sarah knows that but I’m guessing she’s going to go there anyway.

How are you enjoying working with Ciaran? You go back a long way don’t you?

Yeah, it's weirdly full circle, we started working together when we were 14 at drama school and now I feel like I’m about 102 back working with him again. It's really lovely to work with him again, it's lovely to work with both Sam and Ciaran, there are a lot of scenes coming up that will involve very awkward situations for Sarah and that’s always fun to play.

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Anonymous said...

let me guess... Sarah gets pregnant with Damon.

Anonymous said...

So Sarah sleeps with the enemy again[and probably will get pregnant]?!
I wonder what is the point of Sarah if the writers have sleep with every straight bloke on the Street?

Anonymous said...

How original. And probably what is planned. 3 children by different fathers - quite an achievement.

Bobby Dazzler said...

I think she'll not sleep with Damon..but will be pregnant, with Adam's child..little twist

Sharon boothroyd said...

I agree bobby dazzler, but I don't think she'll want the baby and maybe has a secret abortion behind Adam's back.
What if she does have 3 kids by 3 different fathers? Why does it matter so much and why is Sarah judged so harshly for it here?
Gary has 2 kids by 2 different mothers (That's quite an achievement too) so has Tyrone, as Alina left while pregnant by him.
Kevin has also got 3 kids by 2 different mothers.
Chesney has 5 kids - 4 by 1 mum, 1 by another mum.
I don't see anyone judging their morals.. as for Ken, Dev and all their various love children off- spring- well, has anyone slated either men for that?
I don't think so!
It's funny how the judgment is aimed at women, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

100% agree with you on that one

Anonymous said...

Sharon Boothroyd,I think the difference between Sarah and the male characters you've mentioned is that whenever there's a problem with her relatiosnhip,Sarah decides it's time to cheat and look for attention elsewhere.
She dumped Gary for Adam when Gary was going through a rough time,cheated on Scooter with Jason and even tried to seduce Jason away from Violet.
Sarah also went after Callum whom she knew was a drug dealer and was causing problems for David.
I don't believe thar Sarah doesn't know who Damon is,I think she doesn't care less as long she gets his attention.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to sound judgemental, and I totally agree about double standards. Bad wording on my part. It was more about the accidental pregnancies. Which apply to the men too, except for Chesney - all his children were born within a proper relationship. As were Dev's twins and Kevin's daughters with Sally.


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