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Friday 24 February 2023

Coronation Street Episode Review, Wednesday 22nd February, 8 pm

Here we are for another Coronation Street Blog review in which I will try and avoid discriminatory language, violence, and scenes of panic or distress, which ITVX warned me of before I watched tonight's show. I normally take ITVX’s warnings with a pinch of salt but tonight’s certainly made a lot of sense. Some dark drama from Corrie this week, and as much as I enjoy reading Corrie fans tweet about their annoyance, and longing for days of old, I love this show a lot more when they delve just that bit deeper into Weatherfield’s darkest corners and modern society’s taboo subjects. 

We shall start with stalking. Tonight, Justin’s weirdo voicemails and texts continue but Daisy’s waylaid with her influencer wedding arrangements whilst Daniel is teaching Max’s English lessons at the young offenders unit. Daisy’s suddenly not keen on social media, with all things considered, and reopening her phone, she decides to take the latest batch of messages to show the police. again. It makes no difference so Daniel offers to screen Daisy’s messages for her until she realises the police officer has ‘liked’ all of her Instagram pictures as well! two words; met police. 

At the STC, (young offenders/grooming/grassroots racism strand) Daniel gives Max some Larkin to read which is an interesting choice, and kudos to Corrie for That literary reference. With Ken off-screen, it's nice to know we've got Daniel and Roy to keep the high brow on it. Daniel is forgiving of the young lad's predicament and tells Alya that she should pay him a visit. 

She responds by making it very clear that she’s still struggling following the stabbing, but Ryan manages to change her mind. As with all Corrie prison visits, the visit itself is only a few scenes further on (unrealistic or for dramatic purposes?), and she read him the riot act, though not the victim statement itself (which I expected at this point) whilst Max could only listen. Later, he calls David to tell him all about his braying from Alya and it seems her words have helped. He wants his family to pay him a visit. 

Fuelled by her opening up, Alya decides to take the statement and read it out at Blake’s sentencing. I expect we won't see that particular scene as we got to hear the statement tonight instead. I didn't take note of who wrote Alya’s words but that was an astonishing piece of drama and my scene of tonight, if not this week. I am going to disregard this carbon copy of the very recent Sam / Harvey prison face-off due to the top-drawer drama. This right-wing story really took up the majority of tonight's drama in fact. 

Spider is still trying to track down the mystery right-wing benefactor and decides to pay Griff a visit in prison to see if he can press him for information. Another prison scene. That's all I’m saying. Spider admits that the police have found Griff’s burner phone which could lead them to Griff's paymaster. Meanwhile, Maria is perplexed at councillor Len’s sudden change of opinion, just as Spider reveals that the police have a warrant ready to make an arrest. Spider tells Toyah that once the case is over, he may return to normal policing. I hope this means the return of his blonde boss!! David did try to get things back to normal tonight with Shona, but although she made peace with Maria, her husband was still in the doghouse and he even got an earful in the pub!  

Elsewhere, Billy and Paul announce their re-coupling, and I'm pleased Todd had a nice part to play, just annoyed that the Archdeacon appears to be avoiding church for another week! Also glad to see Evelyn back and bringing some comedic light into this week's darker drama. 

What did you think of tonight’s Corrie? Let us know in the comments box. 

I am @rybazoxo cobbles connoisseur & Coronation Street superfan. 

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Fluttershy said...

I find Corrie to be at it's best when it mirrors or contrasts one storyline with another, it did it beautifully here, with Alya confronting Max and reading her victim statement, saying how she wasn't afraid anymore while managing to convey so much fear in her voice - no one really believed her. And this was mirrored wonderfully with Daisy's story - another young woman been pushed into fear by an immature man-child. Both stories were written and acted beautifully, and both actresses did a stunning job. Corrie at its finest.

Plus Evelyn got a dart in her hat.

Anonymous said...

Yes. The quality of writing and acting is classic Corrie, and what has always put it streets ahead of Eastenders. Good to know they can still do it.

Sharon boothroyd said...

The actresses who play Daisy and Alya were fab!
I don't think Paul and Billy make a good re-united couple. Paul is pretty miserable and Billy seems petrified of upsetting him.
Do we really have to follow Max in the young offender's institute?
It'll drag the viewers down.
Seeing him being beaten on a weekly basis ands struggling with lessons won't exactly be uplifting.
More of Evelyn in the charity shop please, telling the customers off and making wry observations!
What's happened to Debbie Webster?
It's good to see Shona back and I'd like to see Glenda with a proper story. It'd be interesting to see her with a love interest.


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