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Friday 17 February 2023

Coronation Street Episode Review, Wednesday 15th February, 8 pm

Stephens's murky murderous tirade takes a different slant tonight as he uses Rufes’ Class A's to drug factory nemesis, Carla. Admittedly, as someone interested in micro-dosing psychedelics (I'm not kidding, I'm your multi-faceted Corrie fan) it wasn't the opening gambit I expected to use when reviewing tonight's Corrie but here we are. Tonight starts with Carla and Peter bickering over the motorbike bet in their swanky flat. It's very Carla in taste, isn't it? Also, nice to see that Dee-Dee has spiced up her and Paul’s flat, isn't it? Are we due some more interior work at other residents' houses? I'm thinking about Number one, specifically.

Back at the factory, Carla’s decided on a Rishi-style cabinet reshuffle, putting Sarah back into her old role whilst demoting Stephen. Feeling vengeful by her well-grounded accusations, Stephen remembers he has that LSD from Rufus, so he spikes her THE BOSS mug -partly in revenge, and probably to undermine her character. Considering he’s got two murders under his belt, isn't this all a bit bonkers? Carla feels the effects of the drug pretty quickly, and with the factory lot team bonding at the Rovers, THE BOSS is a bit out of sorts - much to Stephen’s delight. Can you imagine seeing Sean behind the bar whilst tripping your head off? I'm not surprised she felt off-colour. Stephen then sneaks back into work to shred some of Carla’s paperwork. Back at their flat, Carla is still tripping. Peter tells her to slow down with work before she has another psychotic episode. It seems Stephen’s plan has worked. 

Meanwhile, I’ve always assumed Amy Barlow to be quite a brainbox, so why she invited her old headteacher/corner shop proprietor to be her short-term lodger is anyone’s guess. I'm assuming this is Corrie having a crack at intergenerational humour via Brian’s rather unique characterisation. Tonight, he’s got in the kitchen to cook for Amy, stealing her chocolate, and the house kitty. Later, Brian replenishes his takings and then gets invited to a uni gathering of Amy’s pals and embarrasses them all by lecturing them on studying, before getting drunk and skiving off work, like a real student. Amy vows to get him back together with Mary.

Alya’s 30th birthday is upcoming with no mood to party, whilst Zeedan gets a blast from the past when his wife/ex-wife Marriam turns up at number 6, telling him she forgives him for her Dad's death, wanting to get back with him and live in London. Alya tells her brother to take the job, lying that she's okay now following the stabbing. She’s not, definitely, but is keen to please her brother no-less. 

I loved the Roys rolls scene tonight with Bernie, Gary, Maria, Spider, David, Todd, (and Debbie nosing in the background) We don't usually see that amount of cast in the cafe in one scene, do we? David’s still down in the dumps with all of the Max drama but good to see Maria defend him, and Todd’s sarcastic tea comment had me laugh out loud. Gary’s not laughing though and is displeased with his wife defending David’s fatherly skills, and with her covering for Audrey at the salon, it’s clear she’s drawn a line on where her loyalties lie. 

Audrey tells Maria to try and clear David’s head, ahead of Shona’s return. Later, Sarah tells Adam that, with her career back on track, she’s no interest in another baby.   

Elsewhere -Summer’s conditional offer for university inspires Paul to ask Billy for a drink. Paul fancies his chances at a reunion, but takes Dee-dee along as company, as Billy brings Summer with him. Paul denies his feelings for Billy to his flatmate making him think twice about how he should deal with them. 

What did you think of tonight’s Corrie? Let us know in the comments box. 

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