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Tuesday 28 February 2023

Rob Mallard interview: Can Daniel save Daisy from creepy Justin?

What’s Daisy’s and Daniel’s relationship like at the start of 2023? They were planning their wedding and they seemed like they were in a really good place, excited and ready to take on the year? 

Daisy and Daniel had their Christmas proposal and decided that they were going to make a go of things. They have been living together at the Barlows’ which cemented them into each other’s lives even more because before they were living at opposite ends of the street. At the start of the year, Daniel had just been caught up in the wave of Daisy’s wedding planning and it was pre-marital bliss until Justin turned up. 

How would Daniel describe Justin?

Daniel would describe Justin as creepy and a bit pathetic. When Justin mentioned that his mum had terminal cancer, that was an Achilles heel moment for Daniel because of what Daniel had gone through with Sinead. It’s Daniel’s soft spot and Daniel remembers how much he went off the rails after Sinead’s cancer diagnosis and during the aftermath he went and did some very unusual things. So Daniel certainly thought that Justin might be spiralling out of control at the thought of losing someone to cancer. Daniel checked himself in that moment and thought, “I need to sober up Justin gently and remind him that what he is doing isn’t normal and he will live to regret it.” However Justin exploited this because he knew that it would be a weakness for Daniel.  

What was the turning point for Daniel, when he realised that Justin is dangerous?

Daniel doesn’t quite grasp how dangerous Justin or the situation is, he feels like it is very much over in the digital world and it’s all coming through social media and text messages. It isn’t until Justin lets on that he knows where Bertie lives - that’s the moment when he starts to take things a lot more seriously.

What effect is Justin's behaviour having on Daniel and his relationship with Daisy?

The more Justin creeps Daisy out, the more she begins to pull away from Daniel. Daniel begins to get frustrated because they are in the middle of planning their wedding and all this other stuff is going on at the same time so Daniel is trying to focus and stay on track with what should be a happy experience. But the wedding planning starts to take its toll and he gets to the point where he just wants the wedding done and over with. Daniel starts to view the wedding as a race to get it done as quickly as possible before Justin has the chance to ruin it. 

How helpless does Daniel feel about not being able to protect Daisy?

Daniel feels really helpless and he suggests to Daisy that the way to solve this is to come off of social media but Daisy is having none of that. He particularly feels like he can't protect Daisy because Daniel is not in the online world so it is completely unknown territory to him. He feels like he doesn’t have a presence on social media himself to be able to wade in on anything. 

Tell us what happens when the company lending Daisy a dress refuses to work with her. Why do Daisy and Daniel lock horns?

Daisy is getting all these freebies for the wedding but when Justin starts to spread things about her she starts to lose all her freebies. Daniel starts to think that Daisy sees the wedding as a sort of military operation, that it has to be the way that she wants it or not at all, and for Daniel, that is really confusing because he thinks the point of the wedding is that they are getting married not that it needs to look a certain way. It’s a divide between these two characters because Daisy is more about how things look rather than how things actually are.  

Daniel comes across as a calm character however we have seen in the past when he feels wronged by someone, he can seek revenge, for example when he pushed Ken, his own father, down the stairs. Do you think that Justin has the ability to turn Daniel violent?

Yes because Justin is threatening the two people that he loves the most - Daisy and Bertie. 

Do you think that Justin has underestimated Daniel?

Yes. Justin hasn’t really had a reaction from Daniel other than Daniel taking him to one side to have a word with him. Justin thinks that he is not going to get any resistance from Daniel so he is going to keep pushing him. But Justin is about to find out that there is a line with Daniel and this week Justin will cross it.

Do you think that Justin could rock his and Daisy’s relationship and tear them apart?

Yes, if Daniel doesn’t respond in the way that Daisy needs him to. We have seen in the past that when she had the cancer scare, Daisy dumped Daniel because he didn’t react in the way she needed him to. Daniel is now very wary of how he responds to things, but I don’t even think Daisy knows what she wants from Daniel because she knows there is not much he can do about Justin. It’s a strange situation where Daniel is trying to do the right thing but he keeps doing and saying the wrong thing every time.  

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