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Tuesday 28 February 2023

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 27th February

Stephen and Carla in Coronation Street 

We start with a rare view of a Barlow chest. Ex-hunk Peter is flashing the flesh in his dressing gown and fingering a watch which is apparently worth £15K. I'm a bit confused about the watch; did we see Peter find it? Is it Rufus's? Is Peter going to get arrested for handling stolen goods? Later, he tries to persuade Carla to leave work and says he has fifteen thousand pounds in savings. I'm pretty sure you can't sell something for its full value unless you have proof of ownership.

Anyway, Carla's got other stuff going on as Stephen tries to launch a coup in the factory. Unfortunately (for him), hiss banana republic fails as a) Faye, returning from the menopause and still as sunny as ever ("we're happy!" she yells), tips off Carla by text and b) the workers reject his proposal. This is like a meeting of the Komisariat in 1936. Or maybe the 1922 Committee. But instant karma's gonna get Stephen as Carla majestically returns, humiliates him in front of Dick Cavendish, calls him "a scheming parasite", tells him to go and clean the counter tops and later sacks him. Sadly, by the end of the ep, he's reinstated as Rufus Cocaineface has refused to do the Underworld deal without him. Why is Rufus so invested in Stephen? Does he still think Mr Reid will tell Mrs Rufus about the blow 'n' hookers afternoon? Or is Stephen going to cut him in when he finally manages to take over the factory? Ever since it was Baldwin's Casuals, someone's been trying to take over the factory, which is surprising since it teeters on the edge of bankruptcy in an even numbered year and is burned down in an odd numbered year.

Also in Stephen news, Elaine continues with her doomed plan to make him hubby#2 by buying a flat with him! Unusual, but it could work (it won't).


And also in Faye news, Jackson has been in touch saying he, Miley and his parents are back in the UK and does she want to see Miley? No, says Faye, but I think we all see the upcoming storyline, non?


Over at no. 1, Double D have invited Ken, Jenny and, for some reason, Gemma to a wedding cake tasting session. I think Hilda Ogden on twitter said it better than I can:

Unfortunately, the deliverer of said cakes is Justin the sexy stalker and Daisy answers the door. Daniel contacts the delivery company to try to get Justin taken off the route, but they say there is nothing they can do. In the meantime, Daisy uses Gemma as a guinea pig in case the cakes are poisoned (Gem likes all of them apart from the ginger one) and the stalker storyline rumbles on.


Paul also goes back to work but it doesn't go well as he almost removes his finger cutting some wood and Ed sends him home. Billy declines to turn the other cheek and says they should sue Carla.

Finally, Daryan gets an exist storyline as he goes off to Nottingham, or possibly Waterloo Road, to find his brother.

Rachel Stevenson - on twitter

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Fluttershy said...

Thanks Rachel, your reviews are always the best, you always have an extra little humorous observation to make that elevates them just that little bit higher - keep up the good work!

"Finally, Daryan gets an exist storyline..." - I'm sure you meant exit storyline, but then again, it was a good reminder that the character existed, so perhaps you were right after all!

fairycake said...

Sorry, but Gemma forcing slice after slice of cake in her gob and continuing to talk and chew at the same time is disgusting! Let alone gagging and spewing up the ginger slice!! Please make that stop!!! X

C in Canada said...

"Teeters on the edge of bankruptcy on odd years, and burned down on even years"! OMG that made me laugh becuase it's so true!

Anonymous said...

Stephen has to go, character and actor are weak and wooden, nothing convincing about the storyline at all.
I agree also, Gemma, character and actor are both frustrating and distracting with the gobby and open mouth, the voice is distracting deliberately or otherwise, stuck in a time warp perhaps.

maggie muggins said...

Yea, I have to agree with fairycake on Gemma loudly chewing with her mouth open. It's just not funny and detracts from the character, which I actually like.
She even spit cake onto Daisy's face. Eugh!
Too bad Daryan's leaving, instead of developing a storyline about someone who doesn't own a gun, sells drugs and is a sex pest. I'd rather see Cheekbones McRaspy Voice leave as quickly as possible. He's a one-note character, equally boring and annoying.
Peter found the gold watch on the floor of his taxi. I guess the other charmer, Rufus, dropped it there.
Daniel doesn't seem very bothered about the horror show that is Justin (sexy? really?) The script shows he is, but his face reacts too calmly for the scariness of the situation.

Anonymous said...

Considering how well groomed and mannered Katy (Joseph’s mum) was I have no idea what Chesney saw in the awful Gemma in the first place but now he’s lumbered with her and their quads forever.

Sharon boothroyd said...

I agree. Sorry but there's nothing sexy about someone who stalks and harasess.
This causes deep distress and severe emotional and mental strain to someone. Daisy is living on her nerves.
To be honest, I don't know what Gemma saw in Chesney!
He's too boring for her.
Ok, her eating manners aren't great (I guess she was at the cake tasting at The Barlows because she looks after Bertie?) but at least she has spark and energy.
It was Gemma who stood up for deaf children at the school (even though we didn't hear the result of the protest).
Chesney is a plodder and has done nothing about pursuing his burger/ relish dream.
Like Sinead's beard oil business, I expect it'll get pushed aside and forgotten.


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