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Friday 17 February 2023

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Friday 17 February 2023

Friday 17th February

CARLA TAKES A TRIP IN THE VAN  As Carla checks her diary, she tells Peter she was convinced she had a meeting with Dick Havisham. In the factory, Stephen hands Carla a mug of tea laced with LSD and convinces her that she cancelled the meeting with Dick Havisham. When Dick Havisham calls wondering where she’s got to, Carla heads off to meet him, clearly flustered. Peter offers Paul a spin on his new motorbike. Carla calls at the garage to collect her car, but Abi refuses to hand over her keys.  Carla spots the Underworld van and starts the engine and careers down the street, crashing into Paul astride Peter’s bike. Paul winces in pain.  

MAX’S SENTENCING GETS UNDERWAY MAX’S SENTENCE IS THE LEAST OF HIS WORRIES David attends a meeting with Max and Kim, his barrister.  Kim tells them that Alya has failed to submit a personal victim statement and that could help Max’s case. David, Spider, Gary and Daryan watch as Max is led into court. At the court, the Judge hands Max a six month sentence. Outside the courtroom, David hugs Max and assures him he’ll visit as often as he can, but Max asserts that he doesn’t want any visits. In the secure training centre, a group of lads make it clear to Max they intend to make his life hell.

BILLY TAKES A CHANCE BUT PAUL TURNS HIM DOWN Billy approaches Paul at the builder’s yard and admits that he still has feelings for him. Paul asserts that it’s better if they just remain friends. After Paul is hit by the Underworld van, Ed takes Paul to A&E. 

ELSEWHERE As Alya sits down to her birthday dinner with the family, the doorbell rings.  Alya shows Marrium in and Zeedan kisses her. Amy does her best to convince Mary how Brian deeply regrets upsetting her. Mary joins Brian in the caf√© and wonders if they can be friends again. Brian tells Amy that he and Mary have made up and he’s invited her round for tea.  Amy’s annoyed to realise her plan to get rid of him has well and truly backfired.

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Cowks said...

The problem with demanding ‘lighter stories’ is that the writers respond by dialling Brian and Mary up to 10, or we get Steve and Tim fighting over a jacket and Peter’s motorbike. We can’t win!

Anonymous said...

When are the so called writers going to stop pleasing 18-35 yr olds while destroying the longest running soap. No area has ever had so many stories going on just because they want to cover every current thing going on while forgetting about there older fan base. Most of us are fed up and skim thru the soap we use to like only to get past Stephen etc

Anonymous said...

Have never commented on here before so I hope you don't mind me writing this. I really am so sick and tired of the story with Stephen - he (the character)is really getting on my nerves with his constant whispering voice conversations. Will someone please get to the end of his storyline before I have to stop watching Corrie. Oh and I've been watching it since the beginning!!!


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