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Monday 6 February 2023

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Monday February 6 2023

Monday February 6th

THE BISTRO DRUG DEAL GOES OFF WITH A BANG Nick calls Damon and confirms that the drugs have been delivered. Two masked men enter the bistro and pointing a gun at Ryan, demand that he hand over the drugs. Ryan’s terrified whilst Sam dives under a table and calls Nick. As he answers, a gunshot can be heard coming from the bistro. Nick, Leanne and Damon race towards the bistro fearing for Sam and Ryan. The gunman points his gun at Nick but Damon grabs him and pins him down. Eventually he wriggles free and the two men leg it. The police question Ryan who explains the men kept asking where the drugs are stashed. Having been alerted to the gunshot the police arrive, Nick watches nervously as a handler arrives in the bistro with his sniffer dog. Is the game up? With the police having gone, Damon hands Nick the holdall full of drugs and orders him to look after it until tomorrow.

A STRANGER WARNS OF DANGER FOR SEAN Todd pulls up in a taxi as Sean and Laurence head up the street.  The driver recognises Laurence and warns Todd and Eileen that their friend needs to watch his back. Todd tells Sean about the cab driver. Outside the Rovers, Sean grabs Todd’s phone, finds the taxi app and shows Laurence a picture of Mitch the taxi driver. Laurence makes out he’s never seen him before. At No.11, Eileen reveals that she’s found a picture online of Laurence and his wife with her arm round Mitch, the taxi driver.  Sean tells Todd and Eileen that they’re totally wrong about Laurence, and he’s booked them a minibreak.

BERNIE AND DEV ENTER THE ROUGH Bernie’s furious to hear from Chesney that Dev let her win at golf. Dev admits she was terrific and the team would be lucky to have her. Dev and Bernie return from the golfing range.  Gemma assumes Dev let her win again, but Dev concedes that Bernie’s a natural. At No.5, Bernie tells how the Ladies’ Captain reckons they’ll waive the membership fee and offer her a scholarship. Dev does his best to appear pleased for her. 

ELSEWHERE In the caf√©, Roy suggests to Evelyn that she might like to return to her job at the charity shop. Meanwhile Roy continually checks his phone for updates on the roman fort excavation. Carla confides in Nina that she’s concerned about Roy’s obsession with his smartphone. Adam tells Sarah he’s taking her for dinner as there’s something he wants to discuss. At No.3, Michael shows Sarah some more of his designs and suggests they think big and bombard all the retailers on the list Stephen provided. 

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Bobby Dazzler said...

It's too bad Damon is such a criminal, he's actually quite entertaining. Bit of a charmer in the rough


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