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Sunday 19 February 2023

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 17 February 2023

Tonight I thought we would play a little game of What Would You Do?  For example if you were Carla and spent yesterday feeling unwell, seeing things and today you feel muddleheaded and unable to read a delivery list and then saw a stack of tyres moving, do you think you would ignore Abi's advice not to drive but instead jump into the company van and set off down the road?  And then there are flashing lights taking over?  What would you do?  I would stop and go home for a lie down.  But this is an entertaining drama so Carla turns the corner and then fails to make the next corner and instead goes straight ahead into Peter's new motorbike knocking Paul off - and the bike was not even moving.  Carla works out that there is "something wrong" and by the end of the episode she has decided to take a step back from running the factory - which Stephen (having been generously dosing Carla's drinks with LSD for the last couple of days) is entirely happy to do.

Next up is the case of Paul.  Apart from being knocked sideways by Carla his day has been a bit up and down as he was told earlier that in the light of Todd being so destructive with Mike (at least that is what Billy has been told) the hot archdeacon has declared his continuing feelings for Paul.  Paul feels they are better at being mates but after his sudden encounter with the ground he accepts an invitation from the hot archdeacon for a brew and it is not long before even more is on offer.  What Would You Do?  Quite right, pull back, remember that you smacked Mike, not Todd, and that the hot archdeacon is only cultivating these feelings under a complete misapprehension and make a run for it before any clothes are removed.  Paul has more morals than a hot archdeacon.

Now we move onto Dee Dee and Adam.  We know that the latter is lacking a moral (or any other compass) so it is no surprise that when they have a new client, Jayden, accused of a stabbing coming in, for which they are acting for the defence, they make sure Alya is not around by giving her her birthday day off (happy 30th Alya).  Now I know that solicitors need to earn income but is it really sensitive to be representing a knife wielder in this day and age, especially one causing GBH?  What Would You Do?  I cannot believe that Alya will not find out about Jayden and his case some time in the next six months.

More seriously What Would You Do with Zeedan?  He has obviously been contracted for the wrong number of episodes and you need to deal with it.  Alya summons Marrium from London and tells the two of them to make a go of it notwithstanding his inaction over the death of Hashim.  Alya goes to great lengths to assure them that she feels almost normal.  It seems that the lust which took over in London is still rampant and is stronger than her familial feelings for her poor departed crooked, nasty piece of work, father.  So they are gone in a flash. 

Amy is none too keen on her new lodger and works on Mary to repair the friendship between the two of them.  Relations are restored as Brian truly believes that Mary delivered an outstanding performance but it does not work out as Amy hopes as Brian is conscious that Number 11 (Eileen's) is already full and bursting and no more can be shoe-horned in!  So he remains at the builder's flat and has invited Mary to tea!  Aaron goes to check on Summer and Amy is not amused.

At t'other end of the t'Street we might all ask what we should do with the Platt family.  Max is being sentenced today and has a new solicitor who will be seeking to try and minimise any sentence - the judge listens to the prosecution barrister who seeks the maximum penalty and to the defence arguing for a lighter penalty as Max pled guilty and admitted the error of his ways.  On the whole I believe that the judge was very conscious of the latter points and a 10 month sentence of which Max will only serve half seems quite mild.  David is very concerned that Max does not want visitors.  However it also seems that Max's travails are not over as other residents of the institution start calling him a terrorist - and they do not see many of them inside as they usually blow themselves up.  They are merely credited as "Lad 1" and "Lad 2".  

I don't quite understand how Peter knew that the van was going to run into his bike - it could not be going so fast that it could not turn right - he must have an amazing sixth sense!  Apparently Abi will respray it tomorrow but we were not told if the bike was damaged.  I hope Zeedan and Marrium ate before departing for London - the food was getting cold on the table.  Paul seems to have been discharged very rapidly by the hospital given the usual A&E wait times - he was out before he would have been seen around here; I hope they have checked everything properly!  How much money will Stephen siphon off before Carla spots the fraud?

All this and much much more should be along next week.

Written by Ellen Taylor and Susan Oudot.  Directed by Stephen Rose.


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Humpty Dumpty said...

Corrie has a long history of serial killers. Their storylines are often full of plot holes and what makes them work is the character's personality. The actor playing Stephen is just dull, not hammy and not comical. Not sure if it's the writing or the acting but there's no depth to him as there was with Phelan and Richard Hillman. The writers could try to make Stephen a sympathetic character in the way soap villains often are. Apparently, we have another year of him so maybe there's still time.

Fluttershy said...

As a lawyer (well, ex-lawyer, but it never truly leaves you) I can tell you - knife wielding maniacs are entitled to legal representation too. If you practice criminal law, then you have to accept that your clients are going to be criminals. There seems to be an increasing view in society that accused people who are innocent until proven guilty shouldn't be entitled to legal representation due to the nature of the crime of which they are accused. Solicitors across the country face huge backlashes from angry members of the public for simply doing their job.

As for Carla's behaviour - well, she was tripping balls on LSD. of course a rational sober person wouldn't drive if they were feeling unwell. Your brain doesn't think that way when you're high on drugs. It's perfectly believable that she would get behind a wheel and drive. The only unconvincing thing was just how rational she was being - if she'd have been lying in the street shouting that the cobblestones were plotting against her and stealing her thoughts that would have been a more realistic LSD trip.

Anonymous said...

Another year?! I can't bear it. He is just so slimy. Even when he's supposedly being charming. How can folk not see through him?

Anonymous said...

What is it with the Platts and using drugs for revenge?
First Sarah planted drugs in David's drawer in the salon to steal the job Stephen offered him in Milan,then Max spiked Amy's drink by mistake as he thought it was Daniel's and now Stephen drugs Carla?!
I wonder if Stephen will then frame Sarah[who definitely has a motive]just as she did with David years ago?

Jeanie said...

Stephen isn't a Platt, not even close, and neither technically is Sarah. Only David and Gail really. Not sure why they are all grouped as Platts. The person who connects the all together is Audrey. So a better question might be how did such a lovely lady spawn such a group of unlovely people?


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