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Sunday 5 February 2023

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 3 February 2023

Welcome to what I think was a little bit of a mixed bag episode.  I cannot remember if we knew that Tyler Sam was being bullied at school but having taken some boxing lessons from Damon, plus being instructed on the power of threats, the young lad decides to threaten his oppressor with a telescope thumping.  Sam is sent home and explains events - with Damon getting the blame. 

Meanwhile Damon is masterminding the next drug delivery for Monday lunchtime and Nick is getting ever more rattled.  To the point where Leanne demands answers and Nick (to my surprise) actually tells her what is going on.  It takes Leanne a while to get her head around the money not coming from Sam's inheritance.

Daisy and her stalker are not getting on well - so Daniel seeing him on deliveries, delivers a piece of his mind.  Justin talks him down and over a brew they exchange some back story - apparently Justin's mother is in a hospice suffering from cancer - a story designed to gain Daniel's sympathy. Daniel believes Justin agrees not to see Daisy again.  Which lasts just long enough for Justin to walk around to the back yard of the Rovers and he uses the knowledge to tell Daisy that he knows why she cannot hurt Daniel and that he is prepared to wait until they can be together.  Daisy recounts her encounter to Daniel, explaining that Justin knew which buttons to press having researched their family histories.  They agree to report him to the police and we have a sit down with Craig who seems not to have made it out of uniform yet. The approved solution is a log of all future interactions to prove that Justin is a threat, to enable the CPS to prosecute.  Subsequently Daniel and Daisy agree to continue as normal - but it looks like it will be strenuous.

Eileen returns and Mary is trying to bring order out of chaos although the toilet might not be fit for use at present. Sadly Eileen is early and perfection has not been achieved.  Breakfast at Roy's Rolls enables Eileen to distribute presents and for us to see Alex hard at work.  Eileen has brought Muay Thai training gloves and handguards for Todd - a present soon allegedly confined to the bin - but once resurrected, an impromptu session leads George hitting Todd who suffers a broken tooth. The only dentist with space is of course Laurence. Todd does not trust Laurence and initially refuses but the family talk him into it.  It is fixed without charge.  Todd almost admits that perhaps Laurence is suitable for Sean.

Relations between the Dobbs and the Sutherlands are still at a low ebb and in an effort to put things right Kirk and Beth are invited for a brew (and pink wafers - Kirk's favourite) this evening and a proper talk about recent events.  Beth looks unaccountably shifty at various times and seems particularly discomfited when Hope arrives and objects to her presence in the house.  Hope storms out and Beth follows her - to our surprise to apologise for smacking Hope - for once the girl was telling the truth.  Beth also hands over some cash.  Beth thinks it is all over, Hope doesn't and calls Beth a cow.

In the absence of Dave cancelling his golf date Devendra decides to take Bernie for a round as there is an important competition shortly.  Inevitably she plays him off the course and is soon taking calls from Gloria Gullon, the Ladies' Captain, asking her to join some trials next week.  

Rita wanders into the Bistro and asks if that wonderful Danny Boy could be contacted and asked for his recipe for sticky toffee pudding.  And we get to learn more about Danny than we ever knew whilst he was on the show.  Leanne agrees to text him.  Apparently he was a lovely lad according to our Reet!

Leanne has summoned Damon to the Bistro to sort it out.  She proves that there is a power in threats as she will summon the police if Damon does not back off.  Leanne tells Damon about Oliver and she is not frightened of anyone.  Despite everything Damon tells them the drop will happen on Monday - but that is the end of it, as they are simply too much hassle.  Leanne has a bigger problem than trusting Damon to go away - can she ever trust Nick again?    

Written by David Judge and Jan McVerry.  Directed by John Anderson.


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Bobby Dazzler said...

Yeah... Damon's not going anywhere. That was a little piece of thug psychology....she thinks she's in control. She's not

Anonymous said...

I still can’t believe in Dev and Bernie as a couple. She always looks so scruffy and is quite uncouth. Surely Dev would go for somebody a bit more sophisticated.

Sharon boothroyd said...

I'm getting fed- up of Damon but apparently he's in for a long haul, as he gets involved with a mystery lady... is it Dee dee or someone else?
I think Debbie Webster would be more up Dev's street - and she'd like him too. But opposites attract, as they say!
I bet Bernie wins a female golfing tournament and brings in some money that way.
Hope goes from bad to worse... as the actress who plays Fiz is pregnant again, I guess another stay at a residential school is on the cards.
Has anyone noticed that the Kabin scenes have been gently faded out? Maria and David are both working at the barber's and Audreys!
Can't Maria do something with David's hair!

Anonymous said...

Yes. They have toned down Bernie since her arrival, so she now works hard to support her family, after abandoning the twins as children. She can also be quite funny. But far too uncouth for Dev.


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