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Saturday 4 February 2023

Coronation Street Episode Review, Wednesday 1st February, 8 pm

As I sit down to write this Wednesday Weatherfield episode review, my kitten, who is in heat, is making a set of weird purring noises whilst rubbing herself against me. She’s furry, funny, and equally annoying, but I adore the ground she walks on! We can guess how Hope felt about her Chincilla and Beth's feelings about Peanut, but would I slap a child for my cat? No, and I doubt Beth did either. 

Tonight's Corrie starts with Tyrone discovering Hope harbouring David’s stuffed weasel and realises that she used taxidermy to create the bite mark, which led Fiz to report it to the police, putting Peanut in pet purgatory. Fiz reluctantly relays the truth to Beth and Kirk. Fuming with rage, Beth confronts Hope out in the street. We don't see what happens next, but Hope heads home and tells her parents that Beth has slapped her in the face! 

Meanwhile, drug dealer Damon, and his control of the Bistro are starting to grate Nick’s temperament. Sam’s charmed by his DJ lesson, and even Leanne has a cosy chat in the flat with him. Nick tells Damon his feelings, only for Damon to tell Nick that another drug deal is coming into the restaurant. Struggling to hide his problem with Damon, Leanne is slowly becoming suspicious of the animosity between the business associates. With the Bistro buzzing, Beth's also out boozing but is interrupted by a call from Fiz. At N0.9 - Beth tells Fiz and Ty a few home truths about Hope, and her parents seem as clueless as ever, married or otherwise. Hope struggles to get them to believe her. Elsewhere, Damon mingles with the bistro clientele, tries some flattery on Dee-dee and manages to get her number.  

Still smarting from her social media stalker, Daisy confides her worries in Glenda, whose presence in the Rovers (and with all the women in the backroom) makes her my favourite new barmaid in absolute aeons. Jenny and Christina’s vendetta, and barroom bickering, are also good to see; that bar has been too quiet for too long. Daisy decides she's had enough of the rabble and goes to the wedding fair (at the Chariot Hotel, obviously) on her own! She may have blocked him online, and Daisy thinks she’s gotten rid of Justin, until he turns up at the event, pretending to be Daniel. 

Disturbed, Justin believes that he will be the one to marry her whilst fantasising that Daniel is some control freak. Justin soon gets the message and leaves the venue, but Daisy is very scared. Later, Daniel tells Daisy all about it, only for her to receive another gift - funeral flowers. Fearing the worse, Daisy soon learns that the flowers are just a twisted gift from Tracy. Daisy confides in Jenny, leaving Christina to depart, and surrogate Mum Jenny sheds a tear over the heart-to-heart.  Ches and Gemma also head to the Weatherfield wedding fair giving Gemma a few ideas, but all are out of their budget range, so they decide to book the Rovers instead.

Elsewhere, Max’s guilty plea has David relishing in the realities of his premise, whilst Alya is forgiving, telling him that it's not his fault. David then receives a call from Shona, who knows about everything, and he tells her to stay in London. 

A lot to like tonight, but my favourite moment was Daisy dressed up at the hotel. That's some superb art direction -look at the colour match! Is that the first time we've seen the hotel logo? 

What did you think of Corrie tonight?

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