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Friday 10 February 2023

Coronation Street Episode Review, Wednesday 8th February, 8 pm

One foiled terror plot, a stabbing, a murder, and a shooting! It's not even March, yet Corrie seems to be heading into the most crime fuelled year yet?

Tonight is the aftermath of Damon's dodgy drug shipment going awry, and although shots misfired, the dodged bullets have ricocheted into the drama, regardless. Sam, Leanne, and Nick are all feeling the fallout, and the drugs are now at their flat. Nick threatens to dispatch Damon’s drugs unless he picks them up, to which he complies. Surely not, I thought - the bad guy gave up a bit too easy there -, but then my Corrie brain kicked in and no sooner had Damon left the flat when PC Tinker and the cop car pulled up to arrest the drug dealer.

Ryan has an emotional meltdown from the shock of the gunfire, and tells Leanne he fears his life is going nowhere. He later apologises, telling his boss he’d rather stay put, but PC Tinker returns with questions for the Bistro owners. Craig tells the couple what we viewers already knew about Damon’s past. Nick and Leanne play dumb but are still invited down to the cop shop for questioning. Back at the flat, and after questioning, Nick lies to Sam and tells him that Damon is a drug dealer and they knew nothing about it and that he organised the bistro heist. Sam also discovers that Damon is Harvey’s brother, and blames Nick for lying to him. Sam tells his Dad he doesn't want Damon’s DJ gift in the flat and tells Nick to leave as well! 

Elsewhere, Eileen (who works in a taxi rank, remember)  and Todd take it into their hands to track down cab driver Mitch to find out what he knows about Laurence. The Mum and Son detective duo ( I preferred Evelyn and Roy, to be honest) soon tracks down Mitch, telling them he thinks Laurence pushed his wife off a mountain, as he was having an affair with him, and she was due to find out. Meanwhile, Laurence and Sean are out for a meal, discussing travel insurance whilst planning a romantic getaway. Back at work, Eileen and Todd visit Sean at the Rovers to tell them what they found out. Sean flounces around, disgusted by their assumptions and accusations, only for Laurence to turn up needing some holiday insurance forms that need signing - he's booked them on a mountain climbing holiday!! With one active murderer on the street, I guess this is all some big misunderstanding to ruin Sean's love life?

Setting up a business meeting, Sarah and Michael need samples stitching up in 24 hours, so they ask Beth Tinker, who’s obviously got some time free now she’s stopped slapping small people. A prediction I got wrong in last week's review, but I don't think we've heard the last of that yet. Anyway, back to tonight. Of course, Beth is free to do a side hustle and arranges an illicit night at the factory, whilst Adam feels inspired by a chat with Sam, telling Sarah he’s ready for them to have a child! Sarah refuses and returns to the factory for late-night sample stitching. Later, Sarah tells Uncle Stephen about her postpartum psychosis (which I'd forgotten about) and Carla’s psychosis following the factory collapse. Stephen seems intrigued by the latter of confessions. 

Elsewhere tonight - Roy’s obsession with his mobile phone leads him to let down Evelyn with the charity shop volunteering, and he’s late valuing a model train set - leaving it to be sold at a bargain price. Bernie’s unexpected (and definitely not unbelievable) golfing talent story continues tonight, and she’s got a trial at the club. Dev gifting her Aadi’s old clubs fails to ignite her lucky streak. Bernie seemingly fails the trial but we later learn she deliberately threw it so she could spend more time with Dev. 

What did you think of tonight’s Corrie? Let us know in the comments box.

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maggie muggins said...

It's bad enough with the guns, drugs and er, Stephen. This episode was filled with poor delivery of lines (talking too fast, bad enunciation, lazy acting) and horrible pacing of overlapping stories. It was like it was directed by a 13 year old.

And this Laurence thing - give me strength. And who cares about Sarah & Adam's baby issue, much less her fly-by-night business venture with Michael? I'm pretty loyal to Corrie, but man did I ever want to throw my teacup at the screen through the whole thing!

Sharon boothroyd said...

I was drawn to Ryan's brief 2 mins screen time.
It's great that he's finally been given focus but behind the scenes, I don't think they know what to do with him.
He could discover Chesney's burger dream and tea
m up with him?
They could buy Zeedan's van and give it a trial.
I can picture all sorts of comedy scenes with those 2 serving in the van, dealing with all kind of customers... but despite all the ups and downs, as street food is bang on trend, they do well and are in profit.
They could park in the precinct and it could be a kind of ongoing sub-plot.
Why can't Bernie be gifted at golf? I'm just puzzled about why she can't be.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Sarah's new 'partnership 'with Michael will lead to a one night stand with him and a 'who's the daddy'storyline otherwise why bring up Adam wanting to expand their family now?

Bobby Dazzler said...

Bernie is gifted at gulf...she threw the game to appease Dev's pride.
Great idea for Chez and Ryan. I like Ryan and his character is left doing nothing now that his family is gone. You'd think he'd be over at Maria's to see Liam now and again. why do we never hear Carla mention Chelle anymore? People leave and their names are never mentioned again....unless you're Auntie Em.

Sharon boothroyd said...

I don't know where the Lawrence and Sean's romance has led to.
Either he's a baddie and has killed his wife, or he hasn't. He's cleared off anyway, but that aspect is still not cleared up.
I wonder if it's going to be a long running on / off romance with them? To leave this plot dangling in the air for viewers is not good.
We don't know the result of Gemma's protest at the school, either. Why couldn't Gemma say 'The school are ok with pupils using BSL now?' Otherwise, what was the point of it?
That's all it takes - yet it's left unresolved.

Unknown said...

Sorry folks for being tardy to the party but I've just gone through this
Summer/Diabetes/child surrogacy thing and am truly embarrassed for Corrie St to show diabetics like that. It happens yes but not shown very well.

The whole story line is not realistic. As a diabetic I'm really appalled that they would show her doing some of these things on screen.

BTW what happened to the body of Leo?



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