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Thursday, 16 June 2022

Coronation Street Episode Review;Wednesday 15th of June 8 pm

Imran is dead, Toyah facing a murder charge, and Abi is to have full custody of Alfie? Out of the three, it is the latter that I find to be the most inconceivable in Coronation Street of 2022. Yes, the kid's dad is dead, and Toyah faces a murder charge, but still, you wouldn't let Abi adopt a kid, surely? Arson, substance abuse, alcoholism, theft, forgery: it's a long, long charge sheet. And not forgetting an aborted abduction of baby Alfie, to add to the long list. Surely, surely (as much as I love Abi) not. Tonight, it would seem so. Tonight, we learn that Abi has reapplied for custody, and although she can only adopt her son, rather than fully, we still seem to be ignoring her criminal past - so that's alright then. 

Talking of which, Toyah is introduced to her duty solicitor, who's a bit rough and has a (shock horror) tattoo! The residents discuss the whys and wherefore’s of reintroducing the Susie subplot, and even I have trouble remembering what that was about! Toyah? of questionable character? The factory staff have got short memories! Tattoo aside, Toyah must be glad that Adam (and his crazy hair) arent representing her. She may have driven that car into a brick wall, but surely it's mitigated, and Toyah didn't do it deliberately? At least I think that's what the writers want us to believe?

Legal language is banded around in abundance, as always, and Nick was correct in his assumption! If you live on Coronation Street - you are more than used to that kind of talk. Tattooed she may be, but we still get the duty solicitor explaining Toyah's predicament to Leanne and it's explained rather well. Even yours truly understands by the end of it, which is surely a litmus test for all Corrie viewers. Overall, things do look bad - can Toyah’s innocence win things? If she is innocent? I’m still not convinced, and neither is Leanne, even though she ends up paying for her legal team by the time tonight's episode is over. As I have previously exerted on this blog, I think some hidden crash footage is yet to be seen, which will save Toyah from jail? I'm sure the lovely-looking DS Swain is on it. More of her, please! 

Cathy's calamitous cocktail class with Jim Fizz may have been full of comedy for us viewers, but the joke was ultimately on Brian. Cathy was drowning in sorrows upon discovering his Dear John letters to Julie Carp, and his hankering for Cornwall. Using Evelyn as a soundboard, tonight Cathy decides to confront Brian about the letters and confess her cocktail kiss with Jim. Meanwhile, Brian remains distracted by the Kabins magazine offerings, and after having a chat with Jenny, contacts Jim Fizz for a cocktail lesson. Unfortunately, Jim blabs about the stolen kiss with Cathy, and the truth is out. Cathy may have mocked up a headline banner proposing to Brian, but it's a different headline entirely by the end of the episode. It's obvious where this is going, but it's entertaining, all the same. 

Meanwhile - Gail struggles to steer Audrey away from post-op recovery boozing but lands a job at The Bistro, so Shona gets sent on the wine run instead. Comatose by the end of tonight’s episode, it does seem that Audrey has a drinking problem? Corrie has done this before with Peter, so Im thinking a) it's been done for the older spectrum, or b) it's been muted a bit for comedy value? I doubt it's the latter so we will see how this pans out. 

Elsewhere tonight - Weatherfield County unveil their new kit and Tim’s apoplectic! Roy recites his trainspotting memories, which is, of course, Corrie gold. Fiz and Phill’s wedding is confirmed for the 8th of July, and Fiz’s joy is dashed when it transpires that Mimi can make it after all, and plans to arrive early to cause mayhem, no doubt. Save the date on your kitchen calendar!

Brilliant writing again tonight, and following Monday’s hilarity, I think Friday night should be worth a watch! I am @rybazoxo self-styled cobbles connoisseur & Coronation Street superfan 

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Anonymous said...

Why would Abi have to adopt the child she gave birth to?

Anonymous said...

And why would Alfie be raised by the woman who killed his father?

Anonymous said...

I also have the same question about Abi having to adopt her own son?
I would also like to point out the irony that Abi for her part has followed the rules to get Alfie back while both Imram and Toyah who claimm they are better 'parents' for him have committed crimes[pejury,obstruction of justice,and murder]to keep him!
I think the moral is if you get pregnant on Coronation Street,don't be friends with Toyah as she'll find a way to take your child!

coconno196 said...

DS Swain seems a cut above the average soap police officer. Sensible questions based on actual evidence - it's almost like watching Line of Duty! Toyah's solicitor was impressive too. I agreed about the tattoo (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - LOL) but then she talked a lot of sense, analysing Toyah's situation and options perfectly. Can we keep her please? Adam needs a new business partner!
Loved Fizz's rants about Mimi, and her refusal to be bullied.

Charles said...

Not really sure how anyone can argue Abi followed the rules - she attempted to kidnap Alfie and flee the country with him, a far greater violation of the law than Imran committed. In real life, there is almost no chance that Abi would be allowed custody of Alfie. The fact that she wasn't allowed to retain custody of her twins, her endless patterns of reckless and criminal behaviour, her unstable relationship with Kevin, the fact that she was on drugs when Alfie was born, the fact that she abandoned him in the hospital and only claimed him after she was backed into a corner - all of this would prevent social services and the courts from giving her custody.

Although she's managed to stay clean for a few weeks, the unfortunate reality is that Abi's tendency is to relapse whenever things go wrong in her life. It's also very difficult to argue that when she planned to kidnap Alfie that she was looking out for his interests rather than her own. Imran clearly made some very bad choices but he didn't try to prevent Alfie knowing his mother at all, whereas if Abi had got away with her kidnapping plan, Imran would never have seen Alfie again.


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