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Tuesday, 28 June 2022

Fiz and Phill’s Wedding Day Chaos? Corrie Blog chats to Jennie McAlpine

A summer wedding is always something to look forward to, isn't it? In recent Covid years, we Corrie viewers have been starved of any big cast ensemble event, so it's with some excitement that I look forward to Phill & Fiz's big day. Fiz however, has some hesitations and hurdles to cross before then!! 

Beset with DIY disasters at their posh new house, Fiz's pre-wedding jitters go into overdrive as she faces up to more Phill-sized problems! Firstly, matriarchal Mimi returns to cause more trouble, and then Phill's beautifully posh ex-wife Camilla arrives on the scene! Could she be a catalyst that stops the big day from happening? That could also be said of Tyrone though, who is encouraged by Kevin to tell Fiz his true feelings. Meanwhile, Cerebus causes Evelyn and Mimi to clash. Will the ceremony even go ahead? As I write this, I'm reminded of Eva and Aidan's big day, so let's hope that's not an ominous thought! 

With all of that in mind, I was ecstatic to be invited to an ITV Corrie press day to chat with Jennie McAlpine, who plays Fiz, to learn more about it! 

Hi Jennie, great to speak to you again. How does Fiz feel as the wedding day approaches?  

Fiz is sure that this is the right thing for her and that this is what is right. If Tyrone hadn't cheated, things would have been different, but of course, Phill is a lot better for her and is the antithesis of Ty. Fiz has no more doubts now. 

Mimi makes a return for the wedding. She caused a bit of trouble the last time she was on the street. How are things between her and Fiz now? 

Well, she wasn't nice the last time she was on the street, was she? Phill finally stood up to her and sent her on her way. Fiz is dreading her arrival, and thinks it's will be the same as last time. If you remember, it was the planning of Phill’s birthday, which she took over, but the wedding's a million times bigger! She (Mimi) is out to cause chaos and sabotage the wedding. 

Does Fiz think that Mimi will put a stop to the wedding?

Yes, I think she does - Evelyn certainly does. It doesn't surprise Fiz that Mimi may try and scupper the wedding. It doesn't go well. 

Phill’s ex-wife Camilla also arrives! Does this unsettle Fiz? Does she worry that there could still be feelings between Phill and his ex? 

Yes. Deep down she’s still quite fragile since Tyrone did that to her. There is an element of disbelief with everything she’s had from Phill, and then his successful ex-wife turns up! She (Fiz) thinks that Phill is going to go back to Camilla and that Fiz will be left on her own. Fiz is low on self-esteem as it is. 

To add to the mix, the registrar is cancelled on the morning of the wedding! Does Fiz feel that her big day is doomed?

Yes, and I think Fiz says exactly that to Evelyn, whilst in the pub! That was one of my lines. I do. I think she thinks it is: that’s a part of how she thinks about herself. It’s as though she thinks she doesn’t deserve the big house and the posh wedding, and that she should have just stuck with the cheating Tyrone, in the first place.  

Whilst she’s feeling vulnerable, Tyrone tells her he still loves her and on the morning of the wedding itself! How does she react? Does this change anything for her? 

No, it doesn't. She just tells him what we've already said before. Had he not cheated on her with Alina, things may have been different. It's not a total shock that Tyrone wants them to get back together - the timing is lousy. However, she still wants to marry Phill and goes ahead with marrying Phill. She takes little notice and carries on with it regardless. Tyrone also gives Fiz a pair of Vera’s beautiful pearl earrings! It's a nice nod to corrie's past, and something else to add to Fiz’s emotional wedding morning.  

Thanks, Jenny - looking forward to watching the wedding! 

Coronation Street isn't giving anything away here so we will have to watch and find out if Fiz marries Phill at all? The lead-up to this has included a lot of comedy; Phill and Ty’s fights, staunch matriarchs in the form of Evelyn and Mimi, trouble from Hope, and a tug-of-war for Fiz’s affections. I predict a culmination of all of these factors for the Wedding day episode? 

I shan't be showering the confetti about, just yet! 

Phill and Fiz’s wedding (episode 10685) is due to broadcast on Friday 8th of July 2022 at 8 pm, so make sure you're watching 

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Fluttershy said...

Phill isn't really enough of a character that we care about his and Fiz's relationship, we've hardly seen anything of their relationship to make us care about their wedding. It would have been nice if we'd seen more of them together to make us more invested in the as a couple. I wonder what excuse they'll come up with for why Ruh-BEH can't go to the wedding?

And I do wish people would remember Tyronne and Alina was ONE KISS. They didn't get together until after Fiz threw him out. Hardly an affair.

Anonymous said...

Why on earth would Tyrone give Fiz Vera's pearl earrings when she's about to marry someone else?
Those earrings should have been kept for Tyrone's daughter Ruby!
As for Ruby not attending the wedding,perhaps she'll be blamed for Hope's dress being ruined?

Charles said...

In the interview Jennie McAlpine says "However, she still wants to marry Phill and goes ahead with marrying Phill."

So it certainly sounds like she goes through with it.


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