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Thursday, 30 June 2022

Coronation Street Episode Review; Wednesday 29th of June at 8 pm

Peter has pulled no punches in his medical negligence case against Dr Thorne. That thorn in Barlow’s side certainly needed taking out, Tonight, Peter is awaiting the case results from the GMC and their investigation of the posh betting doctor. It's David V Goliath-type battle, and the odds seem to be against him. Working-class man versus upper-class twit. I had hopes up that Peter would win but without that dictaphone evidence, the case falls flat and Thorn gets away with a slapped wrist, remaining a prick on Peter’s side. Vengeful and angry, Peter cools off at the rovers when Dr Thorne visits him, antagonises him about his alcoholism, and pushes all of the wrong buttons. 

Peter plays right into his hands, and after confronting the doctor in his car, he takes a 3-iron to the car exterior and attacks Thorne. Adam arrives and mitigates matters - but it would have been better if Peter hadn't played up to the posh doctor. The social injustice rankles him - I wonder where all this will lead?


Maria’s rubbish time with the council continues tonight too. Even though she has this trolling/viral rap video/death threats /deepfake porn lying over her head, she still sees fit to head up a press conference to confront the striking refuse collectors. In the packed-out meeting, Maria is heckled and henpecked by the baying crowd, prompting her husband to revert to his own style of crowd management, by taking a pop at the refuse team leader, Jimmy. Gary is taken down to the police station, causing more trouble for councillor Connor, leaving Maria to conclude that she should just quit the council altogether. Gary, who isn't charged by the police, tells her she should continue, regardless of adversity. Sally is told the news and offers Maria some words of political advice and guidance. Maria decides to stay within the role, remove herself from social media, and concentrate on Liam's birthday party. Later, and in private, Maria continues to scroll, the vitriol remains in full flow, and she seems stressed by the online abuse. 

Toyah rejoins real life and heads back to Underworld, ready to repay Leanne and the flat rent. The factory girls, bosses, and clientele aren't that forgiving. Jo Lafoe (best Corrie name ever) tells Sarah she should reconsider Toyah’s position, who's subsequently fired and returns to the flat. 

Meanwhile -George investigates Frank, proving fruitful when he overhears him making a threatening phone call. Sean reels from the revelation and ends the relationship. Later, Frank explains to George that he has misconstrued the phone completely, and Sean reconciles with his fella. 

Elsewhere tonight - Pre-wedding nerves go into overdrive for Fiz as Mimi's arrival is imminent, Hope plays up, and she has wedding veil damage to deal with. Phill arrives to offer advice and support.  

PS - Redpilled100 sounds like the name of a viagra pill! It can't be Tim doing the trolling? 

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Fluttershy said...

Jimmy the Bin-man is so unbelievable, no council employee would be like that. I'm intrigued to know who the troll is, there's no obvious suspect. Could it be... Liam?

coconno196 said...

Peter's violent behaviour is completely unacceptable. Plus he has never shown signs of being a class warrior before.
Maria's political speeches are very well written, but out of character with Maria who hasn't usually seemed very bright or politically aware. The idea that she can get the binmen a pay rise is ridiculous. But I did like Sally's pep talk.


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