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Friday, 10 June 2022

Coronation Street Episode Review;Wednesday 8th of June 8 pm

Aadi’s academic altruism, and his gift of colour coded revision cards for Summer, didn't give him quite the results he was hoping for tonight, did it? Getting accused of cheating has left him all high and dry, and by the end of tonight, we learn that Summer was attempting to cheat. With Aadi facing suspension or exam failure, will Summer admit the truth and derail her Oxbridge dream, or let Aadi carry the can? Less Grange Hill and more Hollyoaks, I can't pretend to be too invested in this at all, but I also can't help but wonder if Summer will ever make it to Oxford? 

Dev scorches Aadi for his cheating accusations, so he tells his Dad the truth about Summer’s duplicity. Meanwhile, Dev tells Todd that he thinks the truth lies with Summer. Todd tries to get the truth out but Summer lies again. Hardly a clever move from someone so intelligent...

ITV3 recently aired a Classic Corrie episode that saw Rovers landlady Natalie Barnes let barman Vinnie Sorrell sell his home brew over the Rovers bar. It was successful, and the punters lapped it up, raising cash for Gary Mallett after Judy’s untimely demise. Fast forward 22 years and tonight it's our current landlady Jenny who has the same problem. Yorkshire Leo, (yes, I'd forgotten about him as well) wants to sell his home brew to the paying public. The only problem is (unlike in classic corrie) Milk stout may well have been a hit for Ena, Minnie, and Martha in the 1960s snug, but in these craft beer hipster days, Jenny and Daisy’s modern-day tastebuds can't hack it. 

Struggling to cancel the homebrew launch, Brian enjoys the sour stout, but Daisy has switched pumps, so it's not Leo’s ale after all. Tasting the homebrew, Leo fails to recognise that it's not his brew he’s tasting, then decides to not take his new job and brew his home brew instead! Jenny admits the truth eventually and the romance seems to be now sour, too. Meanwhile, Cathy seems somewhat dismayed at Brian's idea of a homebrew launch as a date night.  

Last week’s climatic corrie car crash into the toppling scaffold has left Toyah struggling to hold everything together as revelations continue to reverberate around the street. Leanne is constant support as always, and tonight, she was in full throttle; lambasting all and sundry (Alya, Peter, Bernie, Adam) and defending her sister to the core. Toyah is nowhere to be seen, and Adam is questioning why Imran was changing his will. Peter makes a perfect soundboard to counterbalance any murderous claims about his ex and tries to get Leanne to see sense but to no avail. Zee overhears all accusations in Speed Daal and relays his suspicions to Alya. Later, Leanne takes stock, calms down, and tells Nick that even she has doubts about Toyah's innocence. Later, we learn Toyah is back at her flat, emotional turmoil clearly visible. 

Meanwhile - George struggles to contain his pain at Frank’s presence, so Eileen visits Frank and asks him to apologise for his past playground taunts. Frank apologises to George and invites them out for a meal at the Bistro. Frank plays it cool in front of Eileen but out of her sight, he craftily teases George by humming an old school song taunt. George then decides to move out of Eileen’s. 

Elsewhere tonight - Max gets cooking for his date, with Shauna and David playing the comedy embarrassing parent roles. 

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Bobby Dazzler said...

Really disliking the teenage storylines..Max and Summer are two of the least likeable and most boring characters ever.
I fear that I am fast forwarding through much of the program these days....the writing is terrible
Would it hurt to have people on set on a regular basis, not go months/weeks without seeing them or hearing a peep about their storylines (which we forget all about)
I am grateful that Faye and Craigy's storyline is on a breather though

Anonymous said...

Why on earth can’t Eileen go to George’s house? There is no realism in many Corrie stories.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately,this is not the first time that Summer lied to save her own skin as she let everyone believe that something was going on between her and Daniel[due to her crush on him]which almost destroyed Daniel's reputation and his career as a teacher and now she's doing the same thing to poor Aadi!
I think it's time for Summer's grandmother to visit and make things right!

I was surprised that Alfie's crib and toys were still in the flat as I assumed the social worker took his belongs when she came to pick up Alfie.
That being said,despite it being an emotional scene,I couldn't help but wonder who was Toyah crying for,her husband or losing Alfie whom she had no right to in the first place?


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