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Friday, 24 June 2022

Coronation Street Episode Review;Wednesday 22nd of June 8 pm

Remember when Kelly was persona-non-grata after Seb died, before retribution, and then we liked her again? Jacob, the county lines drug dealer, hated by all, but now Amy's comedy fodder boyfriend? It sounds familiar and especially where Max Turner is concerned. Reeling from being cornered in this internet blackmail plot, should we viewers feel sorry for the lad? It's a little bit too familiar for me to be bothered, and tonight, Max discovers that his sleazy classmates from the PRU are behind the blackmail plot. He tells them he can't give them the grand, but they humiliate him in a very public bullying submission. Max retaliates with Shona being caught in the crossfire, taking a punch on the nose. I hate to say it's a good thing, but Shona has been brilliant as part of the Platt clan these last few months, stands out in this storyline, and is perfect for keeping Max and David in line.  


Talking of the Platt’s (N0.1 family spot at the minute) Audrey’s alcoholism, and hugely unlike Peter’s case, appears to continue to fall towards comedy? Tonight, Aud’s bashing the Rover's door down at the opening time, fails to coerce Rita into another booze-up and seems hell-bent on growing old disgracefully. Taken aback by her friend's advice, Audrey decides to return to work at Trim Up North, and the boozy barbers are the perfect tonic for her! Some of the #Corrie online fan fraternity seem to have forgotten this place has a bar, but I distinctly remember it, although the clientele does seem to swing from Male/Female depending on the plot, cast, or content. A unisex rebrand is required, maybe? David spots his Gran's pickled personality and bans her from picking up the scissors. Audrey then continues getting drunk, taking another tumble over that ominous Thai elephant ornament, and bangs her head. 

Why does Audrey always fall over? Maybe the alcoholism explains that. She fell over outside the rovers about 22 years ago and nearly had those cobbles concreted over. Audrey drunkenly sacks David, Kelly, and Maria - has a good go at Gail - and then clears out the barbers so she can continue drinking on her own. Later, the Platts meet up in The Rovers (irony, I think), Sarah vowing to research the perils of old age drinking. I think the comedy element may now be disappearing to be replaced by some more sobering content. Later, as Audrey is readying to leave, she falls over again and gets trapped under the shop prop motorbike. I remember the bar and the weasel, but not the motorbike? 

Meanwhile, Tim and impotency problems see him and Sally meeting a sexual therapist tonight (the Donkey Sanctuary comedy bypassed me - I'll be honest) I do like humour, and these two are funny, but I think Tim and Sally can carry the seriousness far better. Those laughs they shared in those final scenes seemed far warmer, genuine, and humourful. I think that made my point. 

Meanwhile, Maria’s kept busy tonight as her successful petition to get Weatherfield Council into introducing recycling bins, causes the refuse collectors to call a strike. This is no place for political insight (although I do watch Question Time, Kirk) I doubt Corrie could have timed that one any better! Easy to forget that socially realistic dramas tell a story of our modern times: this is a prime example. Anyway, I digress. Maria is aghast at the militancy of it all, Coronation Street residents debate the good and bad of echo policies, and news reaches the Weatherfield Gazette.    

Elsewhere- Peter is losing his battle with Dr Thorne, and Carla wants new flooring, so I hope we see Barlow flat soon. Ryan Connor reappears for a haircut - where has he been? I know we have a new influx of returning characters, but there are a few regulars we rarely see these days! I am @rybazoxo self-styled cobbles connoisseur & Coronation Street superfan 

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Anonymous said...

I don't think Shona is 'perfect'for keeping David and Max in line.
Shona discouraged David from reporting Max to the police after Max drugged Amy when he spiked her drink with GBH[that was intended for Daniel].
Perhaps if Shona let David do the right thing.Max would have learned his lesson and maybe there would be more sympathy for him now.

Lenny Bruce said...

Carla wants new flooring....never thought I'd see Carla be jealous of someone's flooring, but Sarah and the Scotman have a pretty nice crib.

Anonymous said...

I missed three weeks worth of episodes, so I binge watched them, and I counted only 11 regulars missing out of 75 characters, so a lot of them did appear in the last three weeks.


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